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Colds, Coughs & the Flu

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Download 8 pages of natural approaches to treating colds, including zinc, vitamin C and herbs. Recipes for ginger tea, hot toddies and a powerful chicken soup.

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This downloadable 8 page pdf covers a range of natural approaches to treating colds, including zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D and herbs such as Andrographis, Astragalus and Echinacea.

What are the cautions you should know about cold remedies for kids, and what approaches are safe to calm a child’s cough? (They work for grown-ups, too.)

Learn about prescription antiviral medications that can cut the flu short if taken early enough in the illness.

Plus, recipes for ginger tea, hot toddies and a powerful chicken soup.

Product Reviews

  1. Marlene Collard
    Port Coqitlam,B.C. C anada

    When we were kids Vicks was the number 1 thing my Mom would use
    She would rub our chest with Vicks, then rap my chest with some soft
    cloth, then rub my forehead with it, & put some in my nose.. By that time
    I was already falling asleep, & believe me I always have it in our house, &
    use it regularly for many things..
    Now the Foot Thing, I will try that as well.

  2. Another way to relieve a cough

    Raleigh, NC

    I have a dry cough every year when the weather turns cold. I asked my Pharmacist what to take and he said Delsym. Well after three hours I started coughing again! I asked another Pharmacist and she said take a Benadryl before bed with some cough syrup. I have and it works!

  3. Vick's Vapor Rub on feet

    United States

    My son hasn’t been sick many times in his 5 years. For some reason though, with every cold he coughs a lot. Usually, at night he will cough so much sometimes it makes him throw up. He doesn’t get much sleep and that makes getting over the cold harder without adequate rest. I don’t really like giving little one OTC meds. However, I did give it to him a few times only at night and less than they said to give. It helped at times but not enough to give to him often. I have sat in the bathroom at 3 a.m. holding him with the hot water on in the shower running for humidity, (it helps more than the meds but not for long).

    Then I read an article about 2 years ago about putting Vick’s Vapor Rub on feet and cover with socks. Weird, my husband and I thought but we would try anything to help him at night. (I still don’t give anything during the day so he can cough out the yucky stuff making him sick). I was amazed, it actually worked! Sometimes it takes about 20 mins., sometimes instantly. Either way it helps him get rest and saves the middle of the night laundry and cleanup sessions during colds.

  4. vick's vapor rub

    vicky b.

    Well when my friend said about it laughed but when you have a hubby with man flu you will try anything, my hubby thought it was the craziest thing ever to do but after 10-15 minutes fast a sleep and had the best nights sleep, this will always be on my cupboard from now on

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