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Blood Pressure Treatment

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Download these eight pages on the pros and cons of the various medicines used to lower blood pressure. Details on non-drug approaches to blood pressure control such as diet, supplements and special foods.

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One in three American adults has high blood pressure, and getting it under control is crucial for preventing strokes, kidney disease and heart attacks.  Because hypertension (high blood pressure) has no symptoms, it is often called the “silent killer.” Hypertension is usually treated with medications, but finding the right drug or combination of drugs can involve trial and error.

Every medication has side effects, but they don’t affect everyone equally. The 8-page guide offers information on the pros and cons of each type of medicine along with details on non-drug approaches to lowering blood pressure with diet, supplements and special foods such as chocolate, pomegranates and beets. The guide is downloadable only.

Product Reviews

  1. Blood pressure smoothie


    My husband has suffered with blood pressure for years and has had heart bypass. He does not smoke and has a drink occasionally and is slim build so they say is problem is hereditary. I have found a smoothie made with 2 sticks celery 1 apple 1 carrot and pure apple juice seems to help lower blood pressure apparently the secret ingredient is the celery. He still has to take ramipiril and felodopinine but at a lower dose .

  2. ME
    Yorktown, NY

    I was on Amlodipine just for few weeks, and my feet got swollen to the point that I needed to buy shoes one size larger. I switched to a different physician, who after seeing my feet asked me to stop taking this drug immediately. He prescribed me HCTZ drug. I feel side effects of HCTZ drug just little bit in the form of once a while slight dizziness.I recently changed my eating regimen in the order to lose weight, and I hope my BP will get lower too, and I will be able to get rid of medication for good.

  3. Amlodipine 10 mg and Losartan 100 mg

    Indiana USA

    Amlodipine causes extreme ankle/feet/lower leg swelling. Doc switched me to losartan, and now my scalp itches constantly with much hair loss. What’s the deal with these drugs? I’m losing 20 lbs. so I can stop taking B/P meds. Don’t take any other meds and don’t want any! I’d rather be dead than suffer these darn side effects.

  4. medication cough

    Susan H.
    New Mexico

    I was prescribed Lisinopril 2 months ago after a sudden unexpected spike in blood pressure. The cough started immediately, and after the 2 months time I went to the doctor. She took me off lisinopril ad put me on hydrochlorothiazide, which I’ve only been on for 5 days. I’ve noticed my hair is falling out, and my cough is terrible and uncontrollable.

  5. Hair loss and Sotholol

    Yorba Linda California

    I was taking Sotholol for Afib and still was having a fib 17% of the time.
    What is bad is that I am losing my hair. I started lowering the dose down on my own. I am an RN. My cardiologist wanted to give me another drug. I told him “How about no drugs?” I was having afib 8% of the time without the drug. With Sotholol it was 17%, what kind of help that is? It has been 4 days I have stopped the Sotholol altogether.

    I still have afib and hair loss. It takes a week or so to get all the drug out of your system. Will see what happens then.

  6. renee west

    Am going to try hibiscus tea for high BP. It is supposed to work almost as well as meds. Tried taking Chlorthalidone and felt like I was dying. Could not tolerate the side effects (doc said keep taking) so I stopped after 3 days and was sick for 2 whole weeks after. My body felt like it had been poisoned. Slowly got better.

  7. I wonder how many people who are having trouble with other meds are also on a statin? My husband had a heart attack after only 3 days on Lipitor. He was taking several BP meds. He stopped taking lipitor right away but had damage to his heart.

  8. Valstartan with HCTZ

    Kathleen Hansen

    I’m taking Valstartan with HCTZ 40 mg. I had used Lisonopril but it made me very tired. My pressure has been very low because I am on a high fat low carb diet. I am hoping to be off of the Valstartan sometime this year. I also lost 30 lbs which has helped me feel good, more energetic. I am 79. That is the only med I’m on right now and the only med I have ever used.
    I started weight lifting in my 50’s and I think that is why I have been in good shape for most of my life since then. I’ve also been a user of vitamins since that time. Before bed I take Valstartan, potassium, fish oil, magnesium, biotin and calcium. I started doing this about 10 years ago. I had read that some vitamins make you tired. I often go to Peoples Pharmacy to see what other people are doing to help themselves. I believe in natural medicine/care. I also read all I can about how to stay healthy and I don’t believe in the SAD diet. I do not eat anything with sugar. I’ve been off sugar since February and feel much better. I am buying the Blood Pressure Treatment, not only for myself but for others in my family. I did stop using BP medicine and used eggplant water but It was a problem when traveling and went back on BP meds. It was ok when home but if you’re traveling for a week or two it didn’t work for me.

  9. Statin interaction


    Noticed a comment to use grapefruit to reduce BP. Check for interaction with statin drugs. Supposedly, grapefruit should not be introduced with statins.

  10. Blood pressure

    Robert B.

    I’m on Ramipril and Amlodipine. They swell up my ankles and cause a dull constant ache in my hips which restricts my mobility and gives me shortness of breath and severe fatigue. I’m at a loss as to what I can do and would love some feedback to help me on this dilemma, please.

  11. Jerry

    I am supposed to take lisinopril but kind of scared to because of the side effects. I think I am going to try and bring my bp down naturally by changing my lifestyle.

  12. Telmisartan


    I felt very lethargic on lisinopril and losartan. I switched to telmisartan and feel great. In fact, I can honestly say that I feel better on it than I did before I started taking bp mess at all.

  13. drugs are dangerous


    My thoughts is that I have been on medication for years, for bp and blood sugar. I am concerned with all these side- effects in any kind of meds. They tell you it is safe to take it, and later down the road you find out it has been killing people. I think I need to go to a doctor who uses natural meds for these illnesses. I really don’t like taking it any way.The side effects are worse than the ailment, I think this is big pharma pushing drugs.

  14. The Benazpril makes me cough. Told my doctor he told me this was rare which I know is not true. My first ever BP med did exactly the same thing until it was changed to Losartan which stopped working for some reason.

  15. Arlene W

    I take three bp medicines. Amlodipine, Atenolol, and Indapamide.
    I have been taken these medications for over 10-12 years if not longer. I have a cough so severe that it keeps me awake at night. I cough so hard I need to wear depends. My throat gets so irritated. I do have sinus problems and I try to stay on top of my medication.

    I feel like I want to get off and try something else. Help, I’m so miserable.

  16. hypertension

    M L
    Buffalo N Y

    Grapefruit and red beets can be used to lower blood pressure. All prescription medications have side effects and are often touted to benefit various conditions which they don’t.

  17. Chastity

    Went to the doctor’s yesterday for bp check, and my regular doctor was not in. The physician who was standing in for him recommended that we change my bp medicine because he said that Lisinopril is not a good medicine for African-Americans. He went on to explain why it is not a good medicine and also explained the side effects that it has caused in people. I have been taking Lisinopril for over 10 yrs. with no problem but now that I have done my research I see that all he was tell me is true. So I just don’t understand why my doctor had not informed me on this?

  18. Lisinopril cough same with similar meds


    Discovered I had A-V block and had a pacemaker put in June 2016. Prescribed Lisinopril and coughed a lot. Then prescribed Losartan and same cough occurs. Met a nurse at a dentist appointment and she told me her mother had same cough no matter what med prescribed. So I went back to my DR. and asked to be put back on the original Lisinopril because it was much less expensive. I figured if I coughed no matter which med I was on I might as well take the least expensive. So far so good…

  19. Pristiq


    I was on Pristiq for a few months until I began noticing how miserable I was. I was never happy, wondered what suicide would be like which I had NEVER thought of.

    I am also on Metropotol and am wondering after reading comment above if after all this time being on it if I can get off of it is I would generally feel happier and more content.

    Can others share their experience with Pristiq (hope I’m spelling it correctly) for depression and Metropotol for BP?

  20. Lisinopril & Hair loss


    I’m 41 and was prescribed 10mg of Lisinopril. I had a cough for about 1 week. Then it subsided but the med didn’t work so dr. upped it to 20 mg, which wasn’t consistent in lowering my bp. So he then combined it with 12.5 hctz. After a month my hair was falling out in bundles. When I told the doctor he said my hair loss wasn’t a side effect. But upon researching I found that it has an ingredient that can cause severe hair loss & baldness. Needless to say, I’ve changed doctors to one who actually listens. I’m now on Amlodipine besylat 2.5 mg (norvasc) which also can cause hair loss. I’m frustrated, which doesn’t help my blood pressure. Helpful advice is needed. I don’t want to be a pharma guinea pig.

  21. Help!


    I do not like Amlodipine at all. It is strange, but I now wake up with hand and ankle swelling. It is very odd because every time I wake up in the morning I am all swollen and uncomfortable, which only used to heppen after a long day of being on my feet with Amlodipine. It was never a problem, until now.

  22. Osei kissi
    Accra -Ghana

    I had never taken the drug but only amoldipine which has not given me any serious side effects

  23. I give it 1 star

    odie Joann Moore
    Fouke, Arkansas 71837

    My doctor told me I had a side effect of lisinopril with coughing. At first I didn’t believe it but had other people tell me of their problems with the medication. She said this should be out of my system in a week not to
    take it anymore. She gave me another medicine Losartan but it also has side effects of coughing so don’t know if I should continue with it. The cough is really bad but maybe it will out of my system next week.

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