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Cholesterol Control & Heart Health

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Download the guide: Heart disease is still a top killer, and high cholesterol is an important risk factor. 8 pages on the pros and cons of statins as well as non-statin drugs for cholesterol.

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Our 8-page Guide to Cholesterol Control and Heart Health features drug and non-drug approaches to lowering cholesterol, including supplements, home remedies, anti-inflammatory foods, red yeast rice, statins, and other medications.

It includes information you need about the latest cholesterol drugs and non-drug treatments. Find out how Laura E. lowered her LDL cholesterol 44 points in 5 weeks without medications!

Product Reviews

  1. Has this Guide been updated?


    Is there a date on these People’s Pharmacy Guides so I can tell if I have the latest one? I downloaded this in 2014. How do I know if any new info? Thx.

  2. It Works


    My doctor said that I would probably need to go on statins if my cholesterol did not come down. I got this guide and read it thoroughly and then crafted a strategy that involved reducing fats, red meat, and white flour and sugar. And, I began taking 3600 mg of fish oil each day, along with ginger, turmeric and cinnamon in my tea. I had great success in dropping my cholesterol 60 points in 3 months, from 247 to 185. My doctor was very impressed.

    I found that this is a regimen that I comfortably follow, even when I travel.

    Thanks for this great information.

  3. Lola
    New jersey

    Please someone help me I have extremely high ldl almost double and tryclirides.i had a pulmonary embolism and now on xarelto 20mg.i want to do naturally however I am afraid to take krill oil and flaxseed oil because it’s a natural blood thinner please what can i do help.

  4. C. S.
    Wilmington, DE

    I am 55yr old black female. I am obese (211 lbs). At 183 lbs, 1yr ago, I had a mini stroke/TIA. I have been put on lipitor by VA to prevent another stroke and for high cholesterol. Lung cancer was found when stroke happened and was removed. Unable to exercise I gained more weight though I ate healthier. I am thankful for this information because I am going to try the krill & flaxseed oils and start exercising because I don’t want to get diabetes due to this medication. My husband is so scared of another stroke. He insists I take the med. Wait till I show him your info. Gonna look out for myself. Thanks, and God bless.

  5. Confused

    Rick F.
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    I have been told if I don’t take drugs for my cholesterol I will die .The statins gave me terrible muscle cramps and now they want me to inject myself. It all really depresses me, and I am at a loss. Thank you for your stories and I will find my own way without drugs.

  6. Cholesterol Madness

    I McNee
    South Africa.

    It is hard to believe that this cholesterol arguement is still going on but since pharma make billions out of it, they continue to promote their statin poisons. It has been shown repeatedly, that cholesterol is not implicated in heart disease, just read one or two of the well researched books on the subject.

    Very low density lipoprotiens (VLDL) are part of the problem and these bad guys are encouraged by consuming a high carb diet. Eating saturated fat reduces VLDL levels. Another problem may be high homocystien levels, easily controllable with Vit. B6. supplement.

    There is no good or bad cholesterol, it is all cholesterol, a vital substance needed everywhere in your body. Reducing cholesterol can do HARM.

  7. Leg pain ended after stopping cholesterol control drug

    Marcus Silva
    Sri Lanka

    I was told I had to take tablets to control my cholesterol level. I took it for about 3 months and felt pain in my left leg and it soon spread to the right leg too. I couldn’t sleep as the pain was worse in the night. After three days of continuous pain, I stopped taking tablets. On the second day, the pain came down and on the third day, there was no pain at all. I’m to find out what to do to control cholesterol but at least now I can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

  8. Statins, dangerous to muscles!!!

    Marilyn K. D.
    Simi Valley, CA.

    Again I am wowed!!! I love this story!!! So very uplifting and informative. I have been struggling with high triglyceride numbers for a long time now. I will do the same thing, I will get back on the Krill oil and add the Flaxseed oil. I agree with the article. I take lots of natural vitamins for my health then the Dr., prescribes to me 80 whopping msg of Ovistatin!!! :( wow!!! Really? My cholesterol is only 118, I’ve been dropping my numbers fine with, Red Yeast Rice, diet, and exercise!!! Plus I eat healthy. My good cholesterol is 65!!! :). So why so high? Wow. I really question this amount. I was already on my way with what I was doing. When I started working on my cholesterol four months ago it was 239!!!! I was working hard to fix it all naturally!!!
    Thanks for the great article again!!! Marilyn, Simi Valley, CA.



    Statin drugs are a Killer!

    I have been told since my early thirties that my cholesterol and tryglicerides were off-the-wall. At one point and time in my life, right around 2002, I was given statin drugs. I remember the year because I was the Caretaker for my baby granddaughter and she was born in 2002. Well, anyway, in a very short time, the fingers on my left hand became totally numb. Little by little, I then began discovering that I could not walk up the steps leading into my house while holding my baby granddaughter. My legs would just not carry me! Somehow, I knew it was all attributable to the taking of statin drugs which I had never, ever, wanted to take in the very first place. At the time, my heart doctor stated, “You have got to take these drugs or you are going to die!”

    Through my own volition, I stopped taking statin drugs because common sense told me, “Anything that makes a person feel this bad, CANNOT BE GOOD!” Because I was then old enough to have Medicare as my primary insurance, I told all the doctors to more or less go to hell and went to a Neurologist at Saint Louis University located in St. Louis, Missouri. My suspicions were confirmed. Not only should I never have been taking any drug which affected the muscles, it turned out after having had a biopsy that I have a Mitochondrial Myopathy, a very, very rare and uncommon medical condition. The Neurologist wrote me a letter in which to show all physicians from now until eternity that ‘I SHOULD NOT HAVE STATIN DRUGS OR ANY DRUGS THAT AFFECT THE MUSCLES. ‘

    The letter in question has undoubtedly saved my life. Why? Because any physician I have ever know or dealt with refuses to believe that statin drugs, I believe, do the body more harm than good. I am now 76 years old and I would have been dead a long time ago had I not chosen to be my very own health advocate. I still continue to raise eyebrows and make a lot of people mad when refusing to believe only what they say. I go with my gut. My “gut,” is the very same thing that saved my life as a policewoman in the past.

    I still have extremely high cholesterol and take nothing at all for it! However, I do take Artichoke Leaf Extract for high triglycerides. It helps. I can only assume that what life I have been living thus far, has been “Quality Life.” When my number is up, God and only God, will determine when. In-between time, I choose to “Go out, the very same way I came in.” Neither no statin, nor any other kind of drug is going to save our life. It is all in God’s Hands. From Dust Thou Art! Until Dust, thou Shalt Return!

  10. Krill and flaxseed Oil lowered Cholesterol

    James Kantor

    I like to let you know that I lowered my cholesterol from 225 to 150 mg/ dl , by losing weight and taking Krill oil capsules 500mg and Flaxseed oil one tablespoon each day. This occured in six months and had remained steady after a year. Triglycerides also dropped from 150 to 58 mg/ dl.
    This is without medication to lower either .

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