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Home Remedies for Hiccups are Fast, Inexpensive and Effective

Have you ever tried to stop hiccups? Who hasn't? But some of the remedies are silly or ineffective. Others work almost every time. Here are our favorites.
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If you have ever suffered from hiccups you know how darned disruptive they can be. Most of the time a bout of hiccups is mildly annoying. But sometimes hiccups hang around, not for minutes or hours, but for days. Whenever someone suffers persistent hiccups they should get a full medical workup to rule out something serious.

Garden Variety Hiccups

When there is nothing really serious going on, there are scores of home remedies for hiccups out there, but which ones work and which ones are a waste of time?

The bottom line is that what works for one person may not help someone else. That is why we put together this video from The People’s Pharmacy to describe and demonstrate some of our favorite hiccup remedies. Just click on the arrow at the top of the page.

Let us know what works for you. And if you love home remedies you will not only find our favorite hiccup remedies but dozens of other simple solutions for common ailments in our book, Quick & Handy Home Remedies from The People’s Pharmacy.

Other Home Remedies for Hiccups From Readers:

Don’t forget to share your own favorite hiccup remedy below and please vote on the video at the top of this article.

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I’ve been using a teaspoon of sugar to cure hiccups since I was a very young child. It was my grandmother’s and my mother’s favorite remedy. I still use it today with great success and I’m in my late 70’s.

The only thing I have ever used that stops hiccoughs in their track is to swallow a tablespoon, or less, of vinegar… works like a charm.

A few years ago someone told me to stop hiccups is to swallow your saliva 3 times and the hiccups stop. AMAZING! Every time I get the hiccups that is what I do and YES IT WORKS. Try it, you will be amazed!

I was wondering if anyone out there has back problems, such as decinerating discs, and herniated discs.? If so, what do you do for the pain, and is their any exercises that I can do to alleviate the pain and maybe help in some way? I know that it isn’t going to get any better just worse. Is their something, anything, that I can do to stop it from getting worse? Please let me know anything that you know that can help me in this crippling pain??? Thank-you for anything that you share…

Oh thank you for this video. I sometimes get the hiccups and they can last for hours.

An easy trick my mother taught me that always works for me is to get a glass full of water and bend forward from the waist into a right angle. Start drinking the water as you slowly rise up until the glass is empty when you are fully standing again. This always works for me and some others I’ve told about it.

Hello Terry and Joe,

Really enjoyed your video–short, well-presented and informative. You guys are great!
Although I never have had a hiccup, my wife has often used your suggested remedy of a small taste of mustard for leg cramps. She keeps a few packets of mustard from restaurants near her bed and it works, literally, within a few seconds.



Just say COW WITH A LONG SOUTHERN DRAWL. CccccccOoooooWooooooo. IT WORKS!

If I start to get the hiccups, I exhale thoroughly, then hold my breath for a few seconds. If it doesn’t work I do it a second time. Voila!

Hiccup remedies are so vast and yet so similar. They all involve having the brain think of something else (interrupting the thought pattern). I have used a method to stop them. All I do is swallow a breath of air.through my mouth. That is if you can remember to do it!

Hold your breath for as long as you possibly can (even if you turn blue!). While you are holding your breath, take a tiny sip of water every ten seconds. Works every time.

I am a retired teacher and this is what I taught my students to do to stop hiccups. It worked every time. My understanding is a hiccup is a spasm of the diaphragm in your chest. If you happen to be swallowing at the time of the spasm, you counteract the spasm. So note the amount of time between hiccups and just before another hiccup is due, start taking lots of continuous small sips of water. (Small sips so you don’t fill up.) If you don’t happen to be swallowing when another hiccup occurs, wait and try again. It may take a time or two, but as soon as you make a swallow happen when the hiccup is due, the hiccups stop.

Here’s one I learned in an “Accupressure” class…it’s always worked for me and is worth a try (easier than a enema–yikes, really?!)

With your two hands, reach behind your ears and find the two ‘knobs’ on either side of the base of your skull.
Apply gentle pressure (not more than you would if you were pressing on your eyeballs).

Take a glass of water. Put a paper towel over the top. Drink the glass of water through the paper towel. ‘Has always worked for me but I don’t know why.

I have also used that method with great success ….. However once I realized that it was the slow breath control that was doing the trick …. I learned to just inhale & exhale very,very slowly through my nose , and …viola ! hiccups gone……

Suck on a small piece of chocolate to get rid of hiccups. Stops them immediately. The chocolate can be the size of a chocolate chip or even a bit of chocolate syrup on the roof of your mouth.

You know: if you would explain exactly what causes a hiccough it would be simpler for plain folks to stop their own. All of the methods might stop them if they went after the root cause. Explain what the digesting food, or lack of it, is doing in your stomach, and what your stomach is trying to do. We can do the rest.

My mother always had me take a teaspoon of damson preserves for hiccups. It works immediately and is quite tasty as well. I think T.W. Garner in Winston -Salem, makers of Texas Pete Sauces and Garner’s Preserves and Jellies, still package damson preserves.

I was giving this remedy by my sister. Eat a couple of ginger snaps. It worked for me, I hope helps someone else.

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