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Dead Sea Salts Vanquished Resistant Warts

A Dead Sea salt soak home-remedy was just the trick to get rid of stubborn warts.

When a wart refuses to go away, frustration grows with each passing day. There are many ways to treat warts, from liquid nitrogen to freeze them off (don’t try this at home) to simple home remedies like banana peel. Finding one that works at last on resistant warts is a huge relief.

Dead Sea Salts for Resistant Warts:

Q. I read in your column about a person who got rid of warts using Dead Sea salts from Israel. It sounded crazy, but I tried it.

I had 12 warts on my hands and feet. I had tried duct tape, banana peels, Compound W and having the dermatologist freeze them off and use a laser. NOTHING WORKED.

I got some Dead Sea salts and bathed for about 15 minutes with six spoonsful in the water. The results were visible immediately. Within two weeks, all my warts were gone, though I only bathed in the solution once or twice a week. Incredible!

Other Wart Remedies That Help Resistant Warts:

A. No one understands why wart remedies work for some people and not for others. Yours is not the first success story we have heard regarding sea salt soaks. How this works is still a mystery. We have no better explanation, however, for most other wart remedies, such as banana peelcastor oil, lemon juicemilkweed sap, turmeric or vinegar.

DBK reported results after persisting with a home remedy:

“White vinegar and duct tape was the quick cheap cure for my finger wart. Previously, I tried Salicylic acid (Compound W) and after I priced freeze treatments (at $25), I decided there must be a cheaper better way. This finger wart was painful if I accidentally brushed it against something and it was unsightly. I used the vinegar to soak the wart and put a small bit of paper towel soaked in vinegar (1/2” square) on the wart to stay.

“The duct tape on the finger secured the vinegar pad and made an airtight seal. The vinegar does cause some stinging initially but that means it is killing the wart. Soon the wart was less painful to the touch. Within a day there was skin material to scrape off (with a #11 Exacto craft blade) and I am convinced that is part of the solution. That is you must remove the hardened skin so the vinegar can penetrate deeper into the wart. I wore the vinegar and duct tape on my finger part of the day and then removed it part of the day. This allowed the finger wart to be exposed and dry out at night. Daily I would cut off little bits or slices of the wart that had hardened. If the wart was still sensitive or bled, I stopped scraping and applied more vinegar. It was apparent within days that the wart was ‘dead’ and left just an ever smaller callus.

“The duct tape keeps the wart from ‘breathing,’ hastens the penetration of the vinegar, and I am also convinced that removing the very sticky duct tape helps remove virus laden parts of the wart out of your finger wound. Any dark material should be gently scraped or picked from the wart wound with a vinegar soaking to follow.

“This vinegar method worked for me. This treatment was done in August 2012 and I had the wart off in a week with some additional skin healing that is to be expected. I would also add that I tried using black electrical tape previously and this material did not work as well as plain old duct tape.”

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I second this method after I had a very small something that seemed to be a wart appeared on my foot and began giving me pain, disappeared after a day at the beach. I was only in the ocean for maybe 15 minutes max and the wart started to feel funny, now a week later I checked it and it looked like a scab all dried up. I proceeded to peal the scab and it came right off, no force needed. Underneath the skin is perfect, soft and normal looking like it was never there. If you have a wart or warts of any kind and a beach nearby, I would say take a dip, it can’t hurt.

How much water do you use with the six tablespoons of salts from the Dead Sea. Thank-you, Bonnie

I had a wart that I had removed twice by the Dr. but it came back both times. So I tried compound W and the duct tape, neither worked till I tried compound W and covered the wart with duct tape. Together they worked for me and it has never come back. It’s been years now.

Another “oldie but goody” home remedy that works often enough: Tape an uncoated aspirin tablet over the wart. One day on, one day off. Usually works within a week.
BTW: A wart is not a virus; rather it’s your skin, “disfigured” by a virus.

I have many various skins growths on my body; from skin tags to moles to what “appear” to be warts. I’ve also had 2 painful plantar warts on my feet, which were surgically removed & never came back. (Oddly enough, the wart-like growths on my hands are at the same exact areas on both left & right hands; they mirror each other.) Since I have so many growths to “experiment” with, I will be trying some of the following “solutions” as carefully (and as controlled) as possible and report back the results: Dead Sea Salt; Epsom Salt; banana peel, duct tape and one “holistic-type” of method I found from the “Father of Holistic Healing,” world-reknowned Psychic Edgar Cayce — rubbing the warts with my fingers with the psychic intentions/thoughts of healing them…. (that one should be interesting)… I consider myself an “open-minded skeptic” so I straddle both a questioning mind but one that is open to possibilities…

I also go to a dermatologist to check on alot of these different skin growths/have had some removed. (I strongly suggest that others do the same if they are not already doing so.) I wonder if some of the growths mentioned in the posts are really warts at all; maybe they’re different kinds of growths caused by different types of viruses which is why they all respond differently to different solutions. I have tried other solutions to other health problems from The People’s Pharmacy, and they have actually worked, (like using coconut for diarrhea.) God bless the person(s) who somehow discovered that solution! I will return and post my results as soon as I can. And “Thank You” to The People’s Pharmacy for helping when nobody else could….

A good friend of mine from Kentucky said that the home remedy they always used was “fasting spit”~ meaning your spit from 1st thing in the morning. This made a wart I had on my thumb go away for good. It has also helped two other friends.

I would love to see some home remedies for removing moles, particularly on the face.

I have some warts on my hands that I’ve had since childhood. Doctor after doctor has failed to remove the persistent buggers. I’ve also tried banana peels, compound w, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, invasive cutting and scraping, burning.. all to no avail.

I had almost given up. These things have brought me so much shame.. they have taken a large part of my life away I feel, from all the shame in public places.

But then I heard about bathing in dead sea salts. I have taken 2 baths in two days, and so far the results have returned LIFE to me! Every single wart is fading. And the best part is, there is no pain (such as the great pains I felt when suffocating them with banana peels or vinegar pads). Instead, I get a nice bath tied to a meditation and bodily cleansing. If I have ever witnessed a miracle, this is one.

How can I get rid of a callus on the side of my big toe and on the bone just below the big toe? (side of the foot) I wear good shoes and don’t realize that the shoe must be rubbing my foot.
Even in the summer when I don’t wear shoes that rub that area they don’t seem to reduce in size. I use a puma stone also.
Thank you. I enjoy your new articles.

WELL WARTS ARE VIRUSES… so anything that kill or suffocate the warts will cure them. the vinegar with the pad is strangle them or suffocate them. and you probably could use tea tree oil or vick varporob or anything similar and tape it on… it will get rid of them, probably.

I developed a wart above my right eyebrow. Freezing was out of the question.
I applied a triple antibiotic ointment and covered with a bandage. Uncovered and peeled off the excess dried skin and recovered.
Within 2 weeks it was gone.

Interested in following the information on this subject.

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