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How Could You Forget Castor Oil vs. Warts?

What can you do for warts on the bottom of the foot (plantar warts)? These warts can be quite painful and hard to treat, though people use a range of home remedies to treat them. One reader champions the use of castor oil vs. warts.

Does Castor Oil Help Plantar Warts?

Q. PLEASE tell the people who are suffering from plantar warts on the bottom of their feet to use castor oil. Your newspaper column did not include this cure. You mentioned soaking warts in hot water, taking desiccated liver tablets, coating with turmeric paste, and covering the wart with the inside of a banana peel. But you did NOT discuss castor oil.

I suffered for years until I found this, and my warts are completely gone and have never returned. That was 10 years ago. It must be COLD-PRESSED, cold processed. Heritage is the best. Apply every day for as long as it takes, and cover with a bandaid or cotton ball. It does take several weeks, but the castor oil starves the virus that the wart is made from. If you could publish this, it could save many people from this awful pain.

Other Readers Share Their Stories on Castor Oil vs. Warts:

A. We have heard for decades that castor oil is amazingly effective against all sorts of warts. Here are just a few stories.

Paul remembers:

“When I was a Tenderfoot in the Boy Scouts (about 1948), we had to hold hands for the opening or closing ceremony every week. I had a big, fuzzy looking wart at the juncture of my ring and little finger and the other boys hated to hold hands with me.

“Somewhere, my mother heard that castor oil would remove warts. I was VERY motivated and applied it possibly 4 or 5 times a day (I kept the little bottle of castor oil in my pocket).

“After just a few weeks, as I applied the castor oil one day, the wart just “rolled” out of its socket. The little socket it left gradually completely healed so I had normal skin there.”

Mary reports:

“I had a wart on my thumb since childhood. I tried everything but it always came back. I read on People’s Pharmacy about using castor oil on knees and joints and started using it. My joints were feeling so much better. While telling a friend about using the castor oil, she said her grandmother had put it on the warts on her hand as a child. In a week they were gone. I then looked at my thumb and lo and behold the wart on it was gone. The skin is smooth with not a trace of roughness:-) Thanks to the castor oil I think it is gone forever. I don’t know if it will work for plantar warts but castor oil is cheap and worth a try.”

Share your favorite wart story below. Let us know what worked and what didn’t. There are a few reports in the medical literature of people developing allergic reactions or rashes to wart removers containing castor oil (Lodi et al, Contact Dermatitis, Apr. 1992; Tabar et al, Contact Dermatitis, July 1993).

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i had a very painful plantar wart in the bottom of my heel. I had a doctor remove it. It retuned in six months. I put duct tape on the spot,leaving it on and changing tape every two to three days. In two weeks the wart disappeared.

Has anyone tried castor oil or lecithin to remove a colorless mole on the face?

Is it possible for you to absorb the castor oil into your system? I was rubbing it on my feet at night for a few nights to soften the skin, and developed diarrhea. When I stopped using it, the diarrhea was gone. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but am afraid to try again.

Castor Oil may indeed be effective against wart but as most of you know, Castor Oil is a powerful, stimulant laxative that can be absorbed transcutaneously or through the skin, so beware!

When a small child both of my hands were covered with warts. Several home remedies were tried. One I can remember was placing an old dishcloth under the step stone going into the house. It was not effective. My paternal Grandmother was living with us and she suggested that at bedtime each night I rub castor oil on both hands and pull a sock over each of them and secure with a string. The warts began to gradually disappear and after about three weeks there were none.

I have used oregano oil (dilute it in a carrier oil — it’s strong). I read somewhere that the way it works is that the oil erodes a coating that the wart cells make for themselves which basically cloaks them to the immune system. So the oil isn’t actually killing the wart; it’s just allowing your own immune system to get to it. I mentioned this to a dermatologist once, and he mentioned the name of that coating (some protein) and said that if it did erode it, that yes, that should work. Put it on at night so you don’t rub it off all day in your shoes.

I am applying castor oil on my very stubborn verruca for the first time today. I think I’ve got the right opportunity to have a go with it. Just before my bath I noticed thick like white scab come off my verruca as I had been applying coats of Verufilm. I removed it and it seems a little tender. Verruca is still there but roughened up not its usual white smoothness. I will let you know in a week what happens.

I had problems with warts on the palms of my hands which were zapped by a dermatologist and they would return in a few months to get zapped again. This went on for a couple years until I heard about castor oil. I put a drop of castor oil on a band-aid pad and kept the application for a couple weeks before giving up. On the third week the warts just peeled off and never came back. I keep a bottle of castor oil in my cabinet ever since. This was fifteen years ago.
Dermatologist never saw me again.

I have seborriac keratosis (wart-like growths in clusters) on my back which my dermatologist says many people do as the age. Insurance wont pay for burning them off and they itch terribly! Has anyone used Castor Oil for this condition?

Castor oil finally got rid of a wart on the end of my index finger. It had been frozen off numerous times by my dermatologist only to return. The wart extended under the nail, was rough, and a real nuisance. After medical treatment failed, and the rounded nature of the finger made it impossible to keep duct tape on the area, I decided to try castor oil after reading about it in People’s Pharmacy. I saturated a small wad of cotton, covered the area with it covered the finger end with a bandage. After doing this faithfully for a week, I thought it wasn’t working so gave up treating the area. One day shortly thereafter, I was pleasantly surprised to find the wart was gone with no evidence that it had ever been there. It certainly is worth a try if you’re coping with a stubborn wart.

castor oil no way, has this been medically tested? i am all for home remedies but i need some proof

Of course it hasn’t been medically tested! Why would doctors test something that might take away their fees.

I can attest to the fact that it works. My daughter’s foot was completely covered with plantar warts. Our chiropractor told us to cover it with castor oil, wrap with saran wrap, and redo that every night. She kept the saran wrap on 24/7. After several weeks, the warts all turned black and fell off. What more proof do you need than this and other testimonials you read on this page?

I have never heard of using castor oil for warts, how amazing. To think when my kids were young they had to have treatments with that ice stuff. It would come in a thermos flask and the doctor would dip a very long cotton bud in and then apply to the wart.

Where do you get liquid lecithin? I want to try castor oil AND lecithin on the wart on my dog. (It keeps me from enjoying stroking her head.) Since she can’t lick it, I think it will be fine to use for a few weeks.

A long time ago I applied liquid lecithin, a thick sticky substance. to a wart on my middle finger, it went away rather quickly and never came back. It was a regular rough eruption that one day appeared and got bigger. I keep a small amount in the fridge in case it comes back but it’s been over 10yrs since.

YES, YES, YES I am a living witness that it does work for joint problems. I rubbed it on my knee for a couple of nights at bedtime and the knee pain went away, but it’s good to keep rubbing it in. Hope this helps, because I use the same kind as in the picture above, which I get from Wal Mart.

Where do you get Heritage?

I have also used the essential oil of cinnamon. It was so effective that my podiatrist uses it too. Careful as it can burn unwarted skin. lol

Re: Plantars Warts on bottom of feet
Many years ago my wife had several good size plantars warts on the sole of her feet. She had surgery but that either didn’t remove it all or it returned. They were both painful and itched.
That summer we went to an ocean beach and she walked on the sand in the shallow surf. She said she recalls rubbing her feet hard into the wet sand to relieve the itching. Shortly thereafter the warts went away. She recalls the relief was almost immediate.

Does anyone know if the castor oil also works on flat warts? Or, of any other remedy that might?

I have the same question re: Flat (pink) warts. Any natural remedies?

I have a question about CASTOR OIL. Does it REALLY help with joint problems? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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