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Milkweed Juice Banished Warts

Q. After reading about using milkweed juice to get rid of warts I wanted to put in my two cents. My husband and I have both had success with milkweed juice to cure warts.

I got rid of a plantar wart by exfoliating the surface layer of skin with a pumice stone to expose the wart and applying the milkweed juice, then covering the wart with a bandage. My husband had an outbreak of warts on his arm and applied the juice once, then forgot about it. Two weeks later he realized his warts were gone.

Something in milkweed is poisonous. When monarch caterpillars eat the plant, they too become poisonous to their predators. Maybe this is what makes it work on warts? Both of us had warts disappear with only one application!

A. Milkweed latex (juice) is a time-honored wart remedy. You are right that milkweed plants contain natural poisons (cardiac glycosides) that make the butterflies taste bad to predators. How milkweed works against warts remains a mystery.

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Milkweed sap absolutely destroyed Molluscum Contagiosum, aka “water warts,” on my 7 year-old daughter without paining just two applications. Warts gone without scarring in ten days.

Milkweed or Petty spurge has worked on Basel cell carcinoma on my wife’s ear one application and gone in 1.5 weeks It turned black then scabbed and returned to healthy skin

Please be very careful when handling milkweed. Be sure to wash your hands very well after touching it. I wasn’t where I could wash my hands after handling, and was blind for 2 days from wiping sweat from my forehead with my unwashed hand. Thankfully, I regained my eyesight, but it was a very scary experience that I will never repeat.

My daughter has a wart on her knuckle and two little ones on the same finger. She too tried to have the larger one frozen off which only increased the size of the wart. Same with the beetle juice.
I have tried repeatedly apple cider vinegar (ACV) on her warts which dried up one of the smaller ones, it turned black, fell off and has never grown back. We soak a small piece of cotton ball in ACV, put it only on the wart with a bandaid over it before she goes to bed.
These last two are much more stubborn and they do get very sensitive. I am going to try milkweed. Luckily we have them where we live. Also I always take an emery board and file her warts before I treat them. This has helped. ACV definitely will rid warts, just be patient and expect a little discomfort.

1063- Our neighbor farmer saw my warts and came over with milkweed, which worked- they disappeared from my palms in a week. Fast-forward to 13 and I have gone to my dermatologist for help with a wart on my finger. 3 times she applied a solution from the blister beetle (Painful, takes 10 days and causes the wart to come back stronger.)
Next she injected the wart with the virus, candida. More expensive, and more painful and again, the wart grew larger. now I am using the method I used as a child and the wart is shrinking and less sensitive, but not gone yet. I need to do this more frequently because the milk washes off easily and needs to be re-applied.

My wife and I were talking about this issue this morning so I looked it up and found this site. Years ago as a child I had 63 warts on my hands and lip… my great uncle told me to spread the milk from a milk weed plant on them… 1 week later all 63 were gone and have not returned in 45 years now. This works!

Same here Tim, as a small child I had a wart on my upper lip, my dad put the milk of a milk weed on it and it was gone, never to return. There are so many different types of milkweed and I have no idea which one it was. I know it was in a ditch by our old farmhouse in central Ohio. Don’t know if all milkweed will remove warts or just certain ones. But like you, no pain and gone in a week.

Hi Donna,
I have been researching (OK Googling) everything I can find about Petty Spurge and the milkweed that is so commonly found that Monarch butterflies like. I want to know if one works like the other.
However, I do know that Petty Spurge works like a charm and I now have some of it growing in a pot that I will try to keep over the winter. There are plenty of places to get seeds and it is easy to grow.

Milkweed sap certainly does get rid of warts. I have had several quite large ones on my back. It takes about 5 applications over 10 days for the wart to dry up and drop off. There is absolutely no need to exfoliate or do anything to the wart beforehand. The only thing you should definitely do it to check out that they truly are warts and not cancerous before attempting this remedy.

I’m looking for a milkweed with ingenol mebutate, in the sap, like the petty spurge plant but one that grows in the united states or that I can find in a Nursery in California. Thanks for looking, Donna

I used this on my 4 year old. He had planters warts and none of the prescription stuff worked. It took about 3 months of applying 3-4 times a week and they disappeared. No blisters, and no irritation of any kind.

It really does work. I have used it many times when I lived where milkweed grows wild. Now I live in Florida and I got a tropical milkweed plant from the nursery. I can’t find them now at the nurseries so I am ordering the plants online and having them shipped. Plan on planting 3 to 4 plants so I have plenty to snip the stems to get the juice. They have pretty flowers in the summer and attract butterflies and hummingbirds as well!

It is not called milkweed juice the liquid inside is white like milk so you call it milk from the milk weed. It does cure warts it is a known cure for over 60 years that I know of.

I was able to find Milkweed extract on I am still using it on my son and will report back when i see whether or not it is working

Use caution, for milkweed sap is poisonous internally (especially for smaller animals like house pets) but very very effective externally. Also, if you don’t want to go find the plant every day I’ve found it lasts at least a week in water, though some parts will dry out; just keep pulling off leaves or snipping the stem in sections until you get a good quantity of juice. Excellent, go herbal wisdom (aka witchcraft)!

Another natural remedy – Dandelion milk. Same style of applying as the milkweed milk. And Duct tape – cut to 1/4″ larger than the wart – also seems to work as described previously.

Milkweed sap is toxic and many people, including myself, find this out the hard way. It can cause blisters and an excruciatingly itchy weeping rash. Please google ‘milkweed handling hazards’ before applying it to your skin.

I worked in the natural gas field for 38 years. An old man told me about milkweed when I was young and I remembered it when I developed a bad nasty looking wart on near my right eye. I scraped the wart and put some milk from the weed on it.The milk weed was a prickly plant so I used gloves to keep from getting the small needles in me.
The wart disappeared. I have several others on the sides of my fingers and have treated with milk from the weed and they too have gone away. Some of the milkweed I found in Texas while others I found in New Mexico.

Hello, I was reading that milkweed herb extract removes moles in a weeks time. Is this true?

I have tried everything. I even had them removed by a Dr 2 times and their
back. If we cannot locate the milkweed does anyone know of anything else we could use?

I found Milkweed – 4oz liquid extract and milkweed seeds on ebay. Liquid extract work?

Milkweed is everywhere in Iowa. Drive down a dirt road and you will find it easily!
Plant has great big leaves on it, varies in size. Make sure you view a picture of the plant, because poison ivy is everywhere this season…
Anyway, you should be able to get a picture of this weed. Milk is in the stem of the plant and also in the stems of the leaves. You cut into this plant to get the milk out. Use plant milk immediately because after you kill the plant the milk will dry up quickly. You can find it in fields also. But I just drive down a road around farm land. Didn’t take me more than 2 minutes to find… of course it is everywhere in Iowa. Ask a garden person where to find it in your state. Good luck and make sure you get the right weed. :)

I tried duct tape on my son’s plantar wart. Kept it on continuously and kept changing with fresh duct tape for about 20+ days. It’s been over 6 months and has never returned!

To find milkweed juice, talk to your gardening friends, especially those who are interested in native plants and/or butterflies. (Gardeners are the most helpful, sharing and friendliest people anywhere!) You can get enough juice – the white sap – from pulling one or two leaves from a milkweed plant.

My son had a wart on his leg last year that would not go away even after I took him to his pediatrician where she tried a liquid made from a type of beetle. That only made things worse! The wart treatment was painful and made the wart get 3 times bigger!! Needless to say, he was embarrassed to wear shorts and have his wart seen. I waited several weeks after that treatment before I researched online and found a home remedy that called for apple cider vinegar (Braggs). It is applied directly to the wart with a piece of cotton and covered with a bandaid overnight being careful not to get the healthy surrounding skin. After three applications the wart died and fell off and has not returned since.

I believe that you will have to find the plant growing near you, since the sap coagulates quickly. It is usually found growing in pastures, roadsides and waste areas. If you have monarch butterflies near you, you probably also have milkweeds. Do an internet search for images. The flowers are very distinctive.

If you know anyone who lives in the country, ask them if they have any milkweed. If you have Monarch butterflys around there must be some milkweed around. To get the juice, just pull a leaf off and it is the white stuff that comes out. Good Luck!

I have milkweed growing in the yard. Does the juice come from the leaves or flowers?

Okay, I know this is crazy but it works. I have no idea who would even think up doing it. My grandson had a bad wart that he medicated and had burned off and tried several things. Nothing worked. I had heard of a remedy about putting a cut of white potato on it overnight and then burying it in the dirt the next morning. Dig it up and the wart has grown on the potato and is gone form the sight.
Well, my grandson who by the way is a teenager thought I had lost my marbles for sure but was desperate to get rid of it. So he tried it and it worked. He doesn’t think Grama is so crazy now. Well, still a little maybe.

I, too, would appreciate information about purchasing milkweed juice.

I am looking for milkweed juice too. Do you know where I can find it? Thank you. gjh

Where Can I buy Milkweed Juice??

Have had warts on my face for several years and nothing has helped, so this sounds great, but I can’t find it at any stores in Dallas, including Health Stores. No one knows what it is or where to buy it. Would appreciate any help concerning that.

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