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What Are the Pros and Cons of Drinking?

Deciding whether drinking alcohol has greater risks or benefits is tricky. Drinkers are more likely to have hypertension, but less likely to break a hip.

Male doctor and senior female patient discussing osteoporosis drug options

How Well Does Vitamin D Help Fight Osteoporosis?

Instead of helping fight osteoporosis, high dose vitamin D supplements resulted in lower bone mineral density in leg and arm bones.

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Drug Side Effects

FDA Approves Evenity to Build Bone Against Osteoporosis

Romosozumab (Evenity) just received a green light from the FDA for hard-to-treat osteoporosis. What are the pros and cons of Evenity? Beware the black box!

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Are Dog-Walkers at Risk for Broken Bones?

Dog-walkers get more exercise, but they must take care not to end up in a tumble that could break a bone.

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Drug Side Effects

Are Older People More Likely to Fall on Antidepressants?

A Swedish study finds, as previous research has, that older people are more likely to fall on antidepressants. Anti-anxiety drugs also pose a fall risk.

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Will Long Term Exercise Help You Avoid a Fall?

An older person who keeps exercising diligently is more likely to avoid a fall. Regular exercise has other benefits as well.

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Acid Reflux

Will You Get Osteoporosis If You Take Omeprazole?

People who take omeprazole or a similar PPI for acid reflux are susceptible to a range of side effects, including weakened bones.

x ray of a broken hip with steel pins
Drug Side Effects

An Old Drug (Zoledronate) Offers New Hope Against Osteoporosis

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has orthopedists excited. Zoledronate (Reclast) reduced fractures in older women!

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Alternative Health

Can You Boost Your Bone Density with Exercise?

If you can't tolerate bisphosphonate medications for osteoporosis, you may be able to boost your bone density with weight-lifting and weight-bearing exercise.

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Drug Side Effects

Could Vitamin B12 Deficiency Make You Fall?

A vitamin B12 deficiency has many potential symptoms. Among other things, it could interfere with your balance and make you fall.

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Colorectal Cancer

Should You Worry About Calcium Side Effects Like Colon Polyps?

Do you take calcium to keep your bones strong? How good is the evidence that it works? Do you know about calcium side effects such as colon polyps? New data are worrisome.

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Drug Side Effects

How Did Doctors Go So Wrong on Calcium and Vitamin D for Bone Strength?

Every day millions of people swallow calcium and vitamin D for bone strength. How well do these supplements work to prevent fractures? What went wrong?

two seniors practice tai qi (tai chi) outdoors
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Will Magnesium Help Prevent Broken Bones?

People getting at least 400 mg of magnesium daily are less likely to suffer broken bones. The mineral can come from both diet and supplements.

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Will Testosterone Therapy Strengthen Your Bones?

Testosterone therapy resulted in better bone mineral density after a year. Bone in the spine and hip responded especially well.

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What Is the Best Diet for Strong Bones?

The best diet for preventing bone loss is rich in vegetables, fruit, fish and whole grains and has very little processed food and saturated or trans fat.

x ray of a broken hip with steel pins

Will Antidepressant Medications Increase Your Risk for a Broken Hip?

Antidepressants are thought to be highly effective and quite safe. Millions take such drugs. An unexpected complication of antidepressants is worrisome.

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Drug Side Effects

How to Avoid a Fracture by Changing Your Medicines

Many older people who suffer a fracture are taking drugs that may contribute to their risk. Changing their medications might help them avoid a fracture.

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How to Avoid a Broken Hip with a Mediterranean Diet

Older women who want to prevent a broken hip do well by following a Mediterranean diet full of vegetables, fish and fruit and low on sweets and meats.