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Dr. Joe Murray, Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist, expert on celiac disease

Show 1221: What Explains the Recent Increase in Celiac Disease?

Has there been a dramatic increase in celiac disease? Many more people are now aware of the condition and eating gluten-free.

A close up of a canker sore (aphthous ulcer) on a child's lip
Canker Sores (aphthous ulcers)

Can Vitamin B12 Prevent Recurrent Canker Sores?

Vitamin supplements might help prevent recurrent canker sores that run in a family. Are there other remedies that might help?

Gluten free red prohibition symbol illustration with text.
Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease Diagnosis Is Not Just for Babies

Some people earn a celiac disease diagnosis even when they get up in years. The treatment is the same at any age: avoid foods containing gluten!

Gluten free red prohibition symbol illustration with text.
Celiac Disease

Is Celiac Disease More Common in People Exposed to Pollutants?

Research in children, teens and young adults finds that those with high levels of some pollutants in their blood are far more likely to have celiac disease.

Nicholas Shaheen, MD, GI expert
abdominal obstruction

Show 1179: What Should You Do About Digestive Distress?

Listen to find out when your digestive distress might signal a serious problem and when you could manage it at home with simple remedies.

Gluten free red prohibition symbol illustration with text.

Will Gluten-Free Diet Ease Arthritis Pain?

Joint pain is common, but one possible cause is less common. Will following a gluten-free diet ease arthritis? One reader reports benefit.

leaky gut syndrome graphic
Celiac Disease

If Leaky Gut Syndrome Exists, How Can You Test for It?

Is there such a thing as leaky gut syndrome or intestinal permeability? How would you know if you were dealing with this condition? Find out about testing.

child with thermometer in their mouth
Celiac Disease

What Is the Link Between Infection and Celiac Disease?

Norwegian scientists found a connection between infection and celiac disease among childre with genetic susceptibility to this autoimmune condition.

Dr. Joe Murray, Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist, expert on celiac disease

Show 1100: What Is the Story on Celiac Disease? (Archive)

Get the full story on celiac disease and learn when you should and when you should NOT follow a gluten free diet for your health.

Gluten free red prohibition symbol illustration with text.
Celiac Disease

How Much Gluten Is in a Gluten-Free Diet?

Even a purportedly gluten-free diet may have enough gluten contamination to cause problems for those with celiac disease.

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Celiac Disease

Will There Be a Vaccine to Prevent Celiac Disease?

A reovirus infection that does not cause symptoms revs up the immune response against gluten. A vaccine against the virus might prevent celiac disease.

Peter Green, MD, Gluten Exposed

Show 1049: Do You Need a Gluten-Free Diet?

Celiac disease is not rare, but it is not common enough to account for the popularity of gluten-free products. Do you need a gluten-free diet?

a basket with loaves of bread
Celiac Disease

Why Are More People on a Gluten-Free Diet?

Many people are following a gluten-free diet even though they do not have celiac disease, which requires gluten-free eating.

a selection of different pastas and breads
Celiac Disease

Is Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity a Figment of the Imagination?

We have observed health professionals laughing at the idea of "leaky gut." New research suggests this condition exists, in part from gluten sensitivity

a selection of different pastas and breads

Feeling Better on a Gluten-Free Diet

Why do some people feel much better when they avoid eating foods containing gluten, even though they don't have celiac disease?


Could Floating Poop Be A Sign of Celiac Disease?

Should you worry about floating poop? The answer is complex. It could be nothing or a sign of something serious like celiac disease or pancreatic cancer.

a selection of different pastas and breads
Celiac Disease

Nerve Damage Higher in Celiac Disease Patients

People diagnosed with celiac disease have more than double the risk of developing neuropathy later than people without this autoimmune condition.

man with a clothespin on his nose

Celiac Disease Leads To Smelly Poop and Gas

People with celiac disease may suffer from smelly poop and gas. Eliminating gluten may solve these problems.

woman with headache, migraine
Celiac Disease

Gluten-Free Diet Stopped Chronic Migraines

Migraine headaches could be a symptom of celiac disease, an autoimmune condition triggered by the gluten in wheat, barley and rye.

a baby eating baby food
Celiac Disease

No Magic Window for Infants’ Gluten Exposure

Research shows no magic window for introducing gluten into babies' diets to lower their risk of developing celiac disease.