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bitter melon Momordica charantia
Alternative Health

Can Indian Fruit Fight Off Cancer?

An Indian fruit known as bitter melon appears to block some cancer cells' ability to get energy from sugar or fat. Watch for further research!

Dr. William Li

Show 1161: What Is the Evidence for Food as Medicine? (Archive)

In examining how our diets can alter angiogenesis, Dr. Li has turned up plenty of evidence for using food as medicine to beat cancer.

Greek yogurt with fresh vegetables and fruits; dairy, combat constipation

Yogurt and Fiber Lower Your Chance of Lung Cancer

A study of over one million people found that those who ate the most yogurt and foods rich in fiber had less chance of lung cancer.

Meat on an outdoor grill

Is Meat OK to Eat Now? Do Food Flip-Flops Make You Mad?

Public health experts have told us for decades that red meat causes heart attacks and cancer. But new studies question that dogma. Is meat OK after all?

market display of apples, eggplants, peppers, grapes, green beans, colorful vegetables

Why Should You Eat Colorful Veggies?

People who consume a flavonoid-rich diet full of colorful veggies, berries and fruits are less likely to die prematurely from heart disease or cancer.

Assorted soy products: soybeans and soy milk

Is It Better to Get Protein from Plants or Animals?

People getting most of their protein from plants and consuming a healthful plant-based diet are more likely to live longer and less likely to get diabetes.

Timothy McCall, MD, Medical editor of Yoga Journal

Show 1175: How to Mix Conventional and Ayurvedic Medicine for Cancer

Hear how an American physician decided to mix allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine to treat his metastatic neck cancer. Should we all learn to combine them?

Friends having fun while preparing fresh vegetables
Breast Cancer

Are Organic Food Enthusiasts Protected from Cancer?

People who eat organic food more often are less likely to come down with cancer, according to a big French study.

potato chips, junk food
Breast Cancer

Will Eating Junk Food Put You at Risk for Cancer?

A diet high in junk food like soda pop or salty snacks can increase the risk of cancer significantly.

market display of apples, eggplants, peppers, grapes, green beans, colorful vegetables

Can What You Eat Change Your Risk of Cancer?

An anti-inflammatory diet rich in vegetables and fruits, even spices, can help reduce the risk of cancer of the colon. Soda pop and refined grains are pro-inflammatory.

black cumin seeds (Nigella sativa) in white ceramic bowl

Blackseed Oil Saved Knee and Lowered Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

Blackseed oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It may also have anti-cancer activity. Does this natural product have any scientific support?

Loving Couple Strolling Hand in Hand on Beach

Why You Should Exercise and Eat Right, Now

When colon cancer patients exercise and eat right, they are less likely to have the cancer return and more likely to survive.

man with burning mouth syndrome breathing fire
Cancer Diet

Hot Pepper Lovers Live Longer So Fire Up Your Tastebuds

Do you like salsa? Do you cherish chiles? If you are a red hot pepper lover you could be lengthening and strengthening your life. Read the latest research!

Fresh rosemary herbs

Can Herbs Prevent a Recurrence of Prostate Cancer?

Evidence is limited but growing that some culinary herbs like turmeric or rosemary may help prevent a recurrence of prostate cancer.

Spice Up Your Health
Alzheimer’s Disease

Save Money on Fall Special to Spice Up Your Health

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme taste great and are good for you. Scientists are rediscovering the healing power of many culinary herbs and spices.

Fresh chili peppers rich in capsaicin
a plate with fish and veggies, typical mediterranean diet
Cancer Diet

Fish-and-Veggie Diets Cut Cancer Risk

Vegetarian diets that included seafood offered the best protection against colorectal cancer in the Adventist Health Study.

lettuce in a garden
Cancer Diet

Plenty of Veggies and Whole Grains Help Ward Off Pancreatic Cancer

The AARP Diet and Health study shows that maintaining a normal weight and eating a healthful diet reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer.