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Soy Sauce Helps Ease the Pain of a Burn

Numerous readers have found that soy sauce helps relieve the pain of a burn, after cold water has cooled the injured skin.

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Will Soy Sauce Ease Your Burn Pain?

For a minor kitchen burn, ease your burn pain with cold tap water. Then apply regular, not low-sodium, soy sauce for longer-lasting pain relief.

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Do You Know About Soy Sauce for a Blister?

One reader tried soaking a blister in soy sauce. The condiment helped heal the hurt skin quickly!

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What Can You Do for a Kitchen Burn?

First aid for a kitchen burn is cooling it under running tap water. Then, consider soy sauce, yellow mustard or vanilla unless it is too severe.

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Why Cold Water Is Great First Aid for a Burn

Research has shown that the best first aid for a burn is cold water, not ice water. After 20 minutes under the tap, you might treat the burn further with soy sauce or mustard.

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Will Soy Sauce Cool Your Burn?

Many readers have found that splashing soy sauce on a burn after treating the injury with cold water makes a great remedy to take away the pain.

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Soy Sauce to the Rescue to Cool a Burn

You can cool a burn quickly with cold water. Then soak the area in soy sauce to ease the pain and reduce the likelihood of blisters.

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Licorice Oil Calms the Heat of Fire Ant Stings

Licorice oil applied to cold sores, stings, burns and bites helps ease the pain and speed healing.

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Here's a list of items you'll want to include in your first aid kit and take with you on your adventures.

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Soy Sauce Burn Remedy Saved Dinner Party from Disaster

We once heard from an Army Ranger that soy sauce saved him from a bad burn caused by a smoke grenade. Many others also swear by the soy sauce burn remedy.

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Yellow Mustard for Frightening Glue-Gun Burn

Putting yellow mustard on a household burn can ease the pain and reduce blistering.

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Using Vanilla as a Burn Remedy

Some people report that they pour on vanilla as a burn remedy to ease pain and prevent blistering.

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White School Glue for Kitchen Burns

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AmLactin Cream Soothed Hands Jalapenos Hurt

Handling jalapenos with bare hands can result in a long-lasting burning sensation. To ease it, apply something acidic or a dairy product containing casein.

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Sodium Solution Said to Help Heal Burns

Soaking kitchen burns with cool salty water may help speed healing.

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Soy Sauce Can Ease the Pain of a Kitchen Burn

Dousing burned skin with soy sauce can often relieve the pain and limit the redness.

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Mustard (without Bun) for Burn

A common kitchen burn will often feel better and heal more quickly if mustard is applied after the initial cold water treatment.