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Home Remedies for Holiday Hazards

The holidays seem like fun and games--time to hang out with family and friends. Beware the dangers. We offer home remedies to the rescue.
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Coughs & Colds:

As much as we look forward to Christmas and New Years, this time of year can be fraught with unexpected hazards. For one thing, there is the traveling to gather with family and friends. Planes, trains and buses can be incubators for infection. Coughs and colds are easily spread at this time of year. How can you avoid catching something on your way to grandmother’s house?

Burns & Cuts:

Then there are all the kitchen hazards. When you are cooking like crazy, the chances are pretty good there will be nicks and cuts. How do you stop the bleeding? And don’t forget the burns. Removing the turkey from a hot oven is just one obstacle. How do you treat a minor kitchen burn?

Cramps & Gout:

With all the standing around cooking, chatting and partying, you might aggravate your plantar fasciitis. And later, you may discover that leg cramps wake you up in the middle of the night. There is even a chance of a gout attack from eating the wrong foods and drinking too much wine. What to do? And all those carbs and sweet treats could make your blood sugar climb. How can you keep your glucose levels under control?

Sandpaper Skin:

Let’s not forget dry skin from washing your hands too often. Trying to prevent a cold or the flu means you are washing your hands repeatedly. And if you have been working in the kitchen washing pots and pans, your hands could be a mess. How do you avoid the look and feel of sandpaper on your skin?


Oh yes, and let’s not forget the overindulgence problem! It is hard not to overeat at holiday parties and family get-togethers. That means indigestion. The powerful proton pump inhibitors (like esomeprazole [Nexium], lansoprazole [Prevacid] and omeprazole [Prilosec]) may not provide instant relief. What else can you do to ease your discomfort?

Migraines & Constipation:

When you travel, constipation is a common complaint. What simple home remedies can ease that uncomfortable symptom?

And finally, all the stress of cooking, cleaning, and dealing with relatives may bring on a headache or, worse yet, a migraine! How can you get over that horrendous head pain quickly?

In our book from National Geographic, The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies, we offer hundreds of home remedies to help you get through the holidays! And it would make a fabulous gift for a friend or family member.

Simple Home Remedies For Holiday Health Hazards:

  • Kitchen cuts: ground black pepper or thyme on the cut stops bleeding instantly
  • Kitchen burns: cold water & then cold yellow mustard or soy sauce on the burn stops pain and speeds healing
  • Indigestion: a handful of almonds; a banana; broccoli; or chewing gum to stimulate saliva that neutralizes acid
  • Nausea: ginger tea or pear juice
  • Diarrhea: coconut macaroon cookies; pomegranate juice
  • Constipation (due to travel): blackstrap molasses; flaxseed; sugarless gum; “power pudding”
  • Migraines (from stress): eat ice cream quickly to induce brain freeze and stop a migraine
  • Dry skin (from washing hands frequently): vinegar; olive oil; barnyard beauty aids (Udder Cream)
  • Blood sugar elevation (from too many sweets & carbs): vinegar; cinnamon
  • Plantar fasciitis (from standing in the kitchen too long cooking): cherry juice; fish oil
  • Gout attacks (from eating and drinking the wrong foods): celery seed extract; sour cherries
  • Leg cramps (from standing too long): magnesium; soap under the bottom sheet; tonic water; turmeric

Details of how to use all these home remedies are in The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies.

If you would like our special Holiday Gift Pack, consider our bundle of Quick & Handy Home Remedies plus 50% off Recipes & Remedies From The People’s Pharmacy with delicious recipes for common conditions. This 174-page book is not available in bookstores and has wonderful ideas for how to use food as medicine.

You may also find our natural lip balm a wonderful stocking stuffer. It may seem crazy, but The People’s Pharmacy MoM (milk of magnesia) roll-on deodorant is a quirky gift that people will thank you for. Here’s a link to the special sampler package.

Don’t let the holidays overwhelm you. Find a home remedy to help you enjoy the next few weeks without suffering from cuts, colds, burns, dry skin, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation or leg cramps!

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