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Article imageTerry Graedon - March 23, 2023
Article imageJoe Graedon - January 23, 2023
Article imageJoe Graedon - April 3, 2023 - 3 comments

Did Generic Adderall Shortage Cause Amphetamine Withdrawal?

The FDA lists a generic Adderall shortage. Some people complain about generic Adderall quality and report symptoms of amphetamine withdrawal.

Terry Graedon - November 9, 2022

Does Acetaminophen During Pregnancy Lead to Cranky Kids?

Karen Berger, PharmD, RPh - August 1, 2022

Do You Know Someone Taking Stimulants for ADHD?

Terry Graedon - July 6, 2022

Do ADHD Drugs Help People with Alzheimer Disease?

Terry Graedon - November 26, 2020

Show 1237: Improving Your Mood With Food

Joe Graedon - March 26, 2020

EMF or Magnetic Field Radiation and ADHD in Kids

Article image
Terry Graedon - August 15, 2019

Don’t Count on Stimulants for Better Memory

Research shows it's a mistake to take stimulants for better memory and attention. The gains are tiny, and the drugs interfere with getting good sleep.

Article image
Joe Graedon - December 31, 2018

Failing After Switching from Concerta to Generic Methylphenidate

What happens when a child who has been doing well in school while taking Concerta can no longer get that medicine? Failing on methylphenidate is not right!