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Beware Routine Stents or Bypass Surgery for Stable Heart Disease

Heart patients have been told for years that stents or bypass surgery prevent heart attacks and prolong life. A $100 million study contradicts that belief.

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Are Optimists Protected from Heart Attacks?

A meta-analysis of 15 studies finds that optimists are less likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes. They are also less likely to die prematurely.

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Show 1182: How You Can Use Exercise as Medicine

Doctors who use exercise as medicine offer personalized prescriptions for activity. This can be as powerful as medications for promoting health.

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Is White Meat Better for Your Heart Than Red Meat?

Should you choose white meat such as chicken instead of red meat like beef or pork? To lower cholesterol, pick plant protein in a low sat fat diet.

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The Shocking Results of a Heart Stent Experiment

People who have chest pain after exercise often get an angiogram. If there is narrowing in an artery they may be told they need a heart stent. Is that true?

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FDA Approves a Stent That Can Disappear Like Magic

The first bioresorbable stent will soon become available, allowing treatment when it is needed without patients taking an anticlotting drug for life.

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Do Peas and Beans Help You with Weight Loss?

In 21 studies, people who ate more peas and beans lost a little bit more weight than those whose diets did not contain legumes.

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Stents Ease Angina but Fail to Stretch Survival

PCI techniques to place stents can reduce pain from angina but don't help people with stable heart disease live longer than those being treated with drugs.

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EDTA Chelation Effectiveness Challenges Doubting Cardiologists

EDTA chelation therapy is shown effective in heart patients despite doubts from the cardiology community.


What Cardiologists May Not Tell You about Getting a Stent

An innovative study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that many cardiologists overstated the benefits and downplayed the risks of stents.


Problems Stopping Beta Blocker Suddenly


Gout Drug Benefits Heart