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Public health officials concerned about the epidemic of diabetes and pre-diabetes have focused on weight loss through exercise and healthy eating. A new study suggests that routine water-only fasting one day a week can pull cholesterol out of the fat cells.

During the 24 hours of the fast, blood cholesterol levels rise. But with periodic fasting once weekly over six weeks, cholesterol levels actually fell slightly. The individuals with pre-diabetes also had less insulin resistance. The study volunteers included both obese and normal-weight people. They lost an average of three pounds during the study.

[American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions, San Francisco, June 14, 2014]

In the People’s Pharmacy perspective, this sounds like an interesting tactic to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of progressing from pre-diabetes to diabetes. In pre-diabetes, blood sugar is elevated, but still falls below the cut-off for a diagnosis of diabetes. We discuss other ways to ward off diabetes or reduce the likelihood of complications in our Guide to Managing Diabetes.

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      Dr. Ronat, the report was presented at a scientific meeting and hasn’t yet been published. That is why there was no link; it should also serve as a bit of a red flag. Peer review of research sometimes catches flaws that are not apparent in meeting abstracts.

  1. pp

    I would like more information about this.

  2. PattiC

    Very Interesting news! I found articles on google news and they said it lowered the cholesterol about 12%. I used to fast to lose weight, can’t say as it helped that much but one day is all I’d be able to handle now. :-) Thanks for the heads up!

  3. paul43

    I would appreciate more info on this subject. Thank You

  4. cara

    I knew it would come to this some day. People telling us not to eat. The body was made for food. We need nutrients. It’s true if a person doesn’t eat they won’t get fat nor have diabetes. I realize not eating one day a week isn’t going to harm a healthy person, but some people should never fast. When is common sense going to prevail?

  5. anvelaga

    We, Indians, have religious belief of water only fasting every 15 days – the trend which is declining because of ‘modern’ life style and following blindly the ‘fast food’ culture (no offense but it is the truth). Since there is no ‘scientific evidence’ like above it was never considered a beneficial habit just like the new found “Squatty Potty” (which is the old fashioned way of going to potty in India), benefits of Yoga/meditation as well as using herbs/kitchen ingredients for home remedy. I do appreciate people’s pharmacy for providing the beneficial articles/information. – Thank you

  6. Cathie

    Does this mean no food for the 24-hours or does it mean tat the only liquid we should’ve is water during that time? I am concerned about having no food in a 24-hour period because that makes me feel a bit sick.

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