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Why Don’t Doctors Like to Prescribe Desiccated Thyroid Gland?

Armour brand desiccated thyroid extract

Q. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a long time ago and prescribed Synthroid (levothyroxine). It improved my lab numbers (TSH) but never got them to normal.

As an aside, I have been under treatment for depression for decades. A new psychiatrist recently checked my thyroid and determined that the levothyroxine was not doing the job and recommended desiccated thyroid. Within a month the depression lifted, I started losing weight and am feeling better than I have in decades. Why don’t doctors prescribe desiccated thyroid more often?

A. Many doctors believe that desiccated thyroid (Armour, Nature-throid, Westhroid) varies too much from one batch to the next to be reliable. But a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (May, 2013) revealed that when Armour Thyroid was compared to Synthroid, almost half the participants felt better, scored higher on cognitive tests and lost more weight on the natural thyroid supplement.

Here are some other stories from visitors to our web site:

“My hypothyroidism was initially found before I was 20 years of age. Nothing was done about it because the tests did not show that it was ‘out of range.’ Skip from 1966 to 1991 when my TSH was at 224 and I was immediately put on Synthroid. The Synthroid brought the TSH down, but not enough to get me anywhere near normal;  changes in the dosing were made to see if that would work. Because I was also one of those women who had been told that my long term chronic depression needed treatment, I had been under the care of various psychiatrists since 1981.

“In 1999, I started with another psychiatrist and told him of the medical history and the trials with Synthroid that were not having a good outcome. He tested for T3 and determined from that and the other Thyroid tests that Synthroid simply was not doing the job. He contacted my Internal Medicine specialist and requested that I be place on ‘dessicated thyroid’ immediately. The psychiatrist actually warned me that it could take years for my system to have a full response to the attempts to normalize things again.

“The amazing thing is that the depression lifted within a month and was noticed because I had just had a death in the family (my dad) and I had lost my mom the year before. Friends noticed that I was not depressed. I was handling things extremely well and was displaying far more energy than they had seen in years. The huge amount of weight that had been gained is slowing going away. I don’t miss it. I am having a great time trying on clothes that have stayed in my closet waiting for me to fit into them.

“I am now almost 67 years old and haven’t felt this good since I was in my 20s. Whether Armour was the answer is no longer a question. My current doctor knows that he can adjust the dose, but he will never get me onto a synthetic levothyroxine. How stupid of the research people to not want to chase down the cause of so many problems that could so easily be helped by simply letting go of the ‘rote’ lessons learned from the big pharma sponsors of the medical schools and medical specialty groups.”


“I have been on thyroid medication since the 1960’s. I was started on natural desiccated thyroid. I had to be tested regularly to make sure my levels were OK. Then a doctor decided to put me on Sythroid (levothyroxine) because it was easier. I have had all kinds of problems since.

“I cannot get the doctors to change it back to desiccated. I have talked with them about it. I have fatigue, hair loss, arthritis problems, finger nail problems, memory problems, nerve problems, etc. A neurologist told me that most of it was due to the thyroid and the medication I was on. I wish I could just find a doctor who will change it back to desiccated thyroid. Maybe then the rest of my life would be a little better.” Dolores

Not everyone benefits from desiccated thyroid, but some people notice a marked difference between such a formulation (that contains both T3 and T4) and synthetic levothyroxine (that only contains T4).  People who would like to learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid problems and details on natural approaches may wish to consult our Guide to Thyroid Hormones. 

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I had the same problem 39 years after my last baby was born. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was started on Armour brand thyroid. It worked fine. I felt almost like my old self until a few years later I could not get it any more, and I was put on Synthroid. Then I took a nose dive and became tired, sleepy, and depressed. This went on for years until I talked to my pharmacist, and he said they still make Armour Brand. I ask my Dr to prescribe this to me, and it worked. I’m feeling almost normal again. Betty

My Mother has been on thyroid medication her whole life (which is why I read this). Found this study and thought it may interest folk with the problem:

Agree with Lonie from Texas: if Synthroid funds studies, the result will be favorable to Synthroid. Interestingly enough, recently I saw an article (can’t remember where) that recent research has discovered that SOME patients do not convert the hormone that is Synthroid (T4, unusable by the body) to T3, which is the usable form of the hormone. Big Shock!!

Years and years ago I found that despite blood tests showing normal levels while on Synthroid due to my Graves Disease and total thyroid removal, I had all the low thyroid symptoms, felt awful; gained weight with no diet or exercise changes; dry skin; fell asleep if I sat for more that a few minutes, etc.etc. It was logical to me that if diabetics could have adequate insulin in their bodies but not use it, that supposedly adequate levels of thyroid hormone (Synthyroid) could be showing on the blood test but maybe not converting it to the usable form. So I researched and found that (then) Armour Thyroid was a good, natural medicine; found a doctor that would prescribe it; went to that doc and asked if my thinking was reasonable. He said Of course it was and put me on Armour Thyroid.

Immediate improvement and I’ve been on it for over 20 years. Now Armour Thyroid has gone out of sight in cost so I am considering changing to bovine dissected thyroid. Gotta talk to my doctor first but might make the change.

You know why I believe doctors don’t like to prescribe NDT? Because the guideline research done by the American Thyroid Association is funded in part by the makers of Levothyroxine. Sadly, doctors can be susceptible to propaganda and false information as easily as anyone else.

I’ve been struggling with hypothyroid symptoms all my life that get more severe as I get older, and the only doctor who took my suspicions seriously checked only my TSH levels, said they were fine, then gave me a round of Synthroid, which did absolutely nothing, so I stopped taking it. Now here I am, 46 years old, feeling worse, and getting sicker with every year. I’m looking into OTC NDT and have decided to self-educate & self-medicate. The results can’t be worse than the nightmare I’ve been living.

I have been on Armour Thyroid for over fifty years. Up until about ten years it had worked perfectly for me. About that time their thyroid medications were reformulated. Since then I have severe hair loss, fatigue and weight gain. I had a goiter that was a minor problem until it became a major one requiring surgery. I want to try Nature-throid next. Their product seems to be consistent. Getting my Doctor to see my way of thinking is another hurdle.

I did a lot of research on Armour Thyroid before I asked my doctor to change me from the synthroid to Armour. He was resistant at first but I had done my research and knew what I wanted. He switched me over and my life changed from night to day. I felt better and was able to do more. I have always advocated to others the benefit of taking Armour and to ask their MD to change them. They almost all wanted to change but every single person told me the MD would tell them the same story….. It’s not regulated in dosage consistency, it doesn’t work as well…. blah, blah, blah.

Not only did my hair get healthy, but I truly felt healthy. To me that was the only thing that mattered. If any doctor ever tries to change it I will immediately become allergic to anything else. As long as it’s available I don’t ever want to change.

I was diagnosed hypothyroid with Hashimoto’s Disease two years ago. My PCP refuses to consider a natural thyroid medication. I was on levothyroxine for the majority of these two years and recently started a trial of Synthroid to see if the subtle change would make any difference in the way I have felt the past two months. To be honest, I barely feel like I’m living. I’m very open to literally any possibility. I just want to feel a little better before I go to grad school next fall.

If anyone has opinions or comments that would be of use to me I would appreciate it a lot.

My doctor was also resistant to “allowing” me to try desiccated thyroid and gave the same reasons as other commenters. I did ok on synthroid, but hated being at the mercy of doctor for refills and many times I was left without medication waiting for “approval” to refil the prescription I desperately need. I also was experiencing high blood pressure and a jittery feeling and worried it was the medication.

I found a company in Thailand called Pim Pom products that sells and ships desiccated thyroid without a prescription. I was scared to try it, but it had good reviews on a thyroid message board I was on so I ordered some. I have now been on it almost two years and I love it! My blood pressure is better and no more jittery feeling. I feel a lot more normal now. Best of all, I can buy a year supply at a time and I AM in control of my medication!

I would fire that PCP for not listening to your request to switch to NDT. It is your body, not theirs. Don’t let them make your health decisions for you.

I am really interested in Thyrovanz. I have been hypothyroid for 5 years , am constantly tired, swollen ankles restless legs, overweight ( despite regular gym and exercise ) . I take 75mcg levothyroxine and feel this is not fulfilling my need and fully treating my symptoms.
I want to try Thyrovanz and wonder is 100mg is the best dose to start with ?


We really think that it makes the most sense to work with a health care provider who is knowledgeable rather than taking NDT on your own. Getting the dose right will mean testing, and unless you order your own tests and are confident in the interpretation, you won’t know if the dose is appropriate.

Be advised the price of Armour went up 200-300% over the last year or 18 months (depending on mail-order Rx or local drug store prices). I asked my doctor to switch me to a comparable dose of Nature-Throid, which costs much less and yet is also NDT, and I feel fine. (I went the synthetic T4 and T3 route, but after trying the NDT, even as a vegetarian I had to admit it works better for me.) There is no good reason given for Armour’s price rocketing up, even my local pharmacist was baffled.

@ Erika “There is no good reason given for Armour’s price rocketing up, even my local pharmacist was baffled”

Apparently Forest Labs was acquired by Activas in 2015 thus the change to the formula and price, patients reported a return of symptoms and tripling of price. :(

I was diagnosed with hashimoto’s back in 1994. I am sick of weighing two tons of fun, hair loss, and depression. I recently got my pcp to put me on armour. I don’t have much of an appetite now. So much easier to stick to a liquid diet. I am hanging by a thread. I will report back later.

I have been hypothyroid for several years and when it first began it was difficult to get any help from doctor’s I eventually found a doctor who allowed me to do a trial of NDT, it changed my life and that is what i rely on daily for very stable energy. I have never found the dose to be so varying that it has caused any problems and i also read somewhere that even the synthroid can have significant variation in dose anyway…so the idea that pharmaceutically prepared thyroid is a more standardized dose is not even accurate.

I found 100mg is equivalent to about 1 grain of armour. Armour and the product I use are basically the same thing, therefore desiccated thyroid gland of a cow. So simple really.

Armour is desiccated pig thyroid. Some people would doubtless prefer cow thyroid.

Well after read all the comments on NDT, I am very angry because I have been on Synthroid close to 35 yrs now and I have depression, muscle aches, swelling feet and angles, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, can’t lose weight, sleeping problem, restless legs, and now I have a problem with breathing (COPD) and hoarse voice for the last 3 to 4 years.

And all of this is because I do not take NDT, I have since close too 10 to 12 Doctors and not one of them mentioned to me about NDT I am so upset that how much money I have spend on Meds and different Dr’s and the side effects I have gotten from all the meds I am on, it just doesn’t make any since that all the Dr’s are getting away with this, well I can tell you as of this point my primary is going to here an ear full from me when I go back to him this month. I am done not feeling good!!!! Oh I forgot, I am tired all the time.

I would be interested to read the article you mentioned: ‘a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (May, 2013) revealed that when Armour Thyroid was compared to Synthroid, almost half the participants felt better, scored higher on cognitive tests and lost more weight on the natural thyroid supplement’ – can you provide a link? I haven’t been able to find it on the web and it would be useful to show to my GP. Many thanks.

Here is a link to the abstract:

I’m hypothroid & I have elevated antibody levels (275) and I’m guessing that this means that I have hashimotos. My lethargy, fatigue, hair loss, body aches, ankle swelling, and yes-weight gain are all but ignored by my endocrinologist. You can’t tell me to just get another one because it took 4 months just to get in to see this one (either the other ones weren’t taking my insurance or they aren’t taking new patients) so I’m stuck with this one. Because I’m not morbidly obese (5’2 & 145 lbs) and attractive I believe I’m being brushed off ! My issues aren’t “bad” because the physical manifestations haven’t gotten bad enough. I feel horrible-so horrible that sometimes I want to wrap my car around a tree. What can I do besides asking her to get me on armour? I’ve done that and said that if it didn’t work I’d do whatever she wanted….why is so being so hard to work with.

Oh, and my hair grew back in :)

They have been making it again for quite a while. Also available from Canada with a prescription.

Great discussion

If your MD won’t prescribe Armour thyroid then go to a naturepathic doctor.
People’s Pharmacy response: It makes sense for doctors and patients to discuss the best treatment. Armour isn’t necessarily for everyone.
Here’s a link to a thoughtful article on the topic:

Is there any truth to the rumor that desiccated thyroid might come from England & might possibly be tainted with Mad Cow disease?
People’s Pharmacy response: Standardized desiccated thyroid (Armour, Westhroid, Naturethroid) comes from pigs. Getting the dose right can be a challenge with any thyroid hormone treatment.

I just refilled my prescription for Armour at Costco last week. It’s not covered by some insurance plans (like mine), but it wasn’t expensive. It requires a prescription, however. If your doctor is saying they no longer make it, that is untrue.

I thought Armour was no longer being made. Is it back on the market? Where can i get it if I can talk my doctor into changing.

I have been on Synthroid for 40 years. I definitely have problems that have grown over the years.. I have had two doctors. The first one retired and the second one is obviously not interested in learning about alternative methods for treating hypothyroidism.
I go for my TSH blood test and it comes back within the normal range. So the Doctor prescribes my usual .125 mg synthroid and sends me on my way. When I show him my swollen feet and legs and the stasis dermatitis now forming on my lower legs..he says..”oh you have venous insufficiency. Wear compression stockings and elevate your legs as much as possible.”
When I had two separate incidents of depression and anxiety, the first doctor had me on Paxil. I took myself off that after one year when my legs swelled up even more than usual. Then with the new doctor in 2009, I was put back on anti-depression medication Cipralex for another year..Once again my legs swelled up and I took myself off that one as well. I suffer with constipation, osteoporosis, lack of energy and lower back pain and have not been able to lose weight for years. My muscles ache all the time and my feet hurt constantly when I walk very far.
If only my doctor would let me try the natural desiccated thyroid or at least let me try a combination of Synthroid and cytomel (T3). I am 66 years old in a few weeks and I feel like I am 80. I read all the articles and am very aware of the foods I should and should not eat. I go to the health store and buy the thyroid support remedies that include iodine, selenium and copper, zinc etc.. This is suppose to help T4 to be converted to T3 so that the hormone can penetrate the cells.
I don’t think I have Hashimoto’s disease..but I really don’t know because the doctor has never had my thyroid antibodies tested. All he asks for is the TSH and as long as the result comes back within the normal range which in Canada is .3 to 3.00 then he is happy and assumes all is well with my thyroid. I asked him if I could try the Cytomel along with Synthroid but he felt I was doing just fine and didn’t want to make changes. It is not an easy matter to ask to switch to another doctor here in Canada either.

You can order your own labs through several companies you can find online. I ordered my own last year in May, and found that my TAA was 2x high range (as well as 2 readings at the very top of the range), but my Endocrinologist (no longer) still said I didn’t have a thyroid problem. I asked my GP to sign the order for an MRI from a different (and less expensive) diagnostic facility than my Endo’s, and found, surprise, cysts on both lobes of my thyroid. Several years prior to that, I had an MRI that indicated that I had a slight goiter. And, I’ve had a sore throat for 6 years. Despite my Endo having these tests and symptoms, “no thyroid problem”. PROBLEM! I just yesterday had another set of tests drawn (blood and urine) for follow up. It cost me $230 out of pocket, but sometimes you have to take things into your own hands. A small price to pay, I’d say.
I’m also dealing with Lyme/possible co’s, but that’s another story and another set of labs yet to be ordered. Then comes the hard part… finding a good LLMD/Endo, and dealing with having no insurance (I had insurance only Dec-Feb this year…), along with inability to work and increasing illness and all the things that come along with those. I have filed for disability. Hope it comes through quickly…
Wishing you wellness soon.

KH, my first reaction was to get another doctor, but you have different circumstances. In the US, it is a matter of picking up the phone and making an appointment. But back to the point of doctor preferences – Here in the US it seems as though doctors from the North or North East are more likely to support the natural route, Armor. Otherwise, doctors in the South and West prefer synthetic hormone, Synthroid. It is a controversy within the field of endocrinology.

Perhaps a good first step for you is to have an open discussion with your current doctor to let him know you are very serious about this issue. See if he will do labs for Free T3 and Free T4, just ask, with resolve! The “Free” labs will tell you how much of that hormone is available (Free) in the blood (versus it being bound to the blood vessel walls). Another good tip from my doctor was to not accept results “within normal range” (WNR) Because let’s say your result for TSH is .4 – well that is WNR, but it is on the very low side, which tells you that you can increase your dosage for a better norm.
Just FYI – I am a thyroid cancer survivor, 12 years now! When all of my symptoms started I did a ton of research. My mom (also had thyroid cancer) did much better on Armor, but when I tried it I didn’t feel any better. Every one of us is truly unique. The best you can hope for is developing good communication and relationship with your doctor. Sounds like it will be hard, but so very important! Best wishes!!

I read this article about desiccated thyroid (ArmourThyroid) which I was taken off of by my doctor and put on Synthroid, because I was told they no longer make Armour–true? if not, were can I get it?

The more I read about people being told this, the more it sounds like the doctors are in cahoots with the pharmacies. Ridiculous! It definitely is still being made, and not only that but there are now several non prescription options as well. I just bought mine from Nutri Meds but I’ve bought previously from Thyro Gold as well.

Is dessicated thyroid available over the counter or generally available at Health or Herbal stores? Would this be an appropriate treatment for a dog diagnosed with hypothryoidism but extremely allergic to Soloxine the canine equivalent of Synthroid?
People’s Pharmacy response: Rather than dosing your dog with a “supplement” of unknown strength, we recommend discussing this problem with the veterinarian.

As a psychotherapist, I ask each new patient during the assessment interview what their thyroid and vitamin D levels are. If they have not had a physical in the past year I ask them to make an appointment and to specifically ask the doctor to check these two functions.
If they have had a recent physical I ask them to have the lab results forwarded to me. I have found patients with depression who are suffering from thyroid disease and/or low vitamin D levels (I explain that Vitamin D levels need to be at 50 or over for mental health). Often, when these thyroid and/or Vitamin D deficiencies are treated, the depression also is healed.

Is there a referal site of some sort that lists MDs who are known to prescribe Armour? I’m needing to find a Doctor who looks more at symptoms than at set lab ranges… I feel I’m being misdiagnosed because though my labs do fall within the “range”- some are definitely at the very low end.

I hope that if you are having people supplement with Vitamin D, that they are also supplementing with magnesium. Processing D requires magnesium, as do a lot of other processes in the body, and many people are already deficient.

I have been on Armour thyroid for over 40 years for low thyroid and have never had to vary the dosage from the 1 grain I was originally prescribed. I have tried synthetic thyroid and always had heart palpations no matter how low a dosage was prescribed. I now refuse to try synthetic thyroid and luckily my doctors are ok with that because my thyroid tests always come back good with the Armour thyroid.

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