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Thyroid Hormones

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Digital ProductWhat symptoms signal thyroid trouble? The 25-page downloadable Guide to Thyroid Hormones has critical info on testing, treatment, and side effects. © 2015

What are the symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland? How would you know if it were pumping out too much thyroid hormone?

Thyroid problems appear to be more common now than in decades past, though the causes are uncertain. This guide describes the tests doctors use to determine whether thyroid function is out of balance and discusses the controversy behind the changing criteria. Although many physicians rely on just one test, the TSH, you will learn of others that can be very helpful in making the diagnosis and tracking progress.

Check the list of drugs that may affect thyroid function or alter test results, as well as those that may interact badly with thyroid hormone. Find out how underactive thyroid glands are usually treated, and what some of the alternatives may be.

Should you be using synthetic or natural medications? Is T4 alone adequate, or might you benefit from the addition of T3? Find out how thyroid imbalance may affect pregnancy, bone density and high cholesterol.

Learn about the autoimmune conditions that result in HashimotoÕs or GravesÕ disease. What should you know about diet and dietary supplements?

Hyperactive thyroid glands also need treatment. The guide discusses a range of options doctors use in diagnosing and treating this condition. It also considers the treatment of thyroid problems in either children or older adults.

Please note: this Health Guide is designed to be downloaded as a pdf. Upon completion of your order a special link will be emailed to you to access the guide.

© 2015

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