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Vitamin D Pills Triggered Acid Reflux

Big weekly dose of vitamin D triggered acid reflux symptoms.

Q. My blood level of vitamin D (16) is very low. A few years ago I was prescribed 50,000 IUs once a week, but I had to quit after just one month. It caused severe acid reflux that took me several months to get under control.

I’d feel a lot better if I could get my vitamin D levels up, but how can I manage that with my hypersensitive stomach? Using acid suppressors over a period of time creates a rebound reflux that really makes things worse. I’d appreciate any suggestions you can offer.

A. With such a low level of vitamin D in your body, you would probably feel better if you could bring it up. Low vitamin D has been linked to asthma, infections, depression, joint pain, heart disease and high blood pressure, among other problems.

You might want to try a lower dose of vitamin D3 to see if you can tolerate it. The earlier medication you took was vitamin D2. Vitamin D3 is available OTC in doses such as 1,000 or 2,000 IU.

Now that spring is here, you might also want to get 15 or 20 minutes a day of sun exposure. We are sending you our Guide to Vitamin D Deficiency for more details on the pros and cons of this essential nutrient. We also describe the appropriate levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D, the test that showed your body is so low in this vitamin.

Although vitamin D is not supposed to cause side effects, you are not the only person to report difficulties, particularly with the high-dose once-a-week regimen. Anyone else who has had a reaction to vitamin D may report it in the comments below.

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I have acid reflux after taking vitamin D capsules. They helped with my energy, as have MS but now stopped them as the heartburn is too debilitating all day, even having to get up in night

I am taking the Vitamin D 3 and had the same experience. Its the worst acid reflux I had experienced, and at first I didn’t know it was from that supplement. Now I see these threads and regret drinking it just now.

I have acid reflux and take esomeprazole for it. I took only one pill of vitamin D3 1000iu after lunch, and my heartburn is worse a day after. I hope it will be under control again soon.

I’m also taking this pill once a week, and my heart burn is ridiculous. Talk to your doctor about lowering your dosage.

Yes am taking 50,000 mg of vitamins D and it cause me to have acid reflux.

My Vitamin D level was 17. I was put on 50,000IU twice a week for three months. I couldn’t take this pill. I did manage to get about 3 down, one week apart. Then went to ER and had CT. Was diagnosed with Esophagitis. My throat was also tight. There must be a better way to get my Vitamin D up. I know how to do it in the summer but not winter?!

My Dr prescribed vitamin D when my level was 14. I took the 5000 dose, but it gave me indigestion. I stopped taking it. Indigestion went away. Next test, level at 20. I we finally able to take it if took the side with a high protein breakfast. All was well, but my levels stubbornly stay low. Now at 28 he increased it to 10,000.
So, I have been having some chest discomfort. Not what I would say is indigestion, but a gnawing discomfort or like air and I need to belch. It is scaring me. I’m 62 . I’m going to take it back down to 5000. See if it goes away.

Low Vit D level put on 50000 units. Made me really sick. Gerd upset stomach headache loose stools felt flu like symptoms
Started 5000. First one seemingly little problem. Waited several days and took another 5000. Sick again just like the 50000. My mother started the same5000
And she has low back pain. Do not know if connected to D

I started rx D2 50,000 IU 3 weeks ago. I’ve had 2 severe incidents of reflux so bad I’m in bed and weak and have a terrible sore throat. I have bad reflux, and it flared right before the first dose, I think, from taking Aleve for foot pain. But now it has happened again after taking Aleve for bad back spasm. I have to think now that the vit D may be playing a role here. Should I stop it? My vit D is 21, and I have high Pth and exhaustion, etc.

I began taking 2000 IU daily of D3 (vegan formula) in April 2018 after a blood test showed a low reading (don’t know the number). Within 30 days I started having occasional heartburn, never before an issue with me. Started to think my age (63) and all the soda drinking I’ve done finally caught up with me. Then the 800-pound gorilla in the room hit me that the heartburn onset was soon after I began the 2000 IU. Just wanted to chime in in case it helps others. Will talk with my doc tomorrow about the connection and getting a follow-up D3 test.

For my vitamin D deficiency (17) I was initially prescribed 50000 IU’s of vitamin D one time a week as well as 2000 IU’s on the days I didn’t take the prescription dose. Two months later due to continued vitamin D deficiency I was prescribed 50000 IU’s 2 times a week and 2000 IU’s on the days I don’t take the prescription dose. On the days I take the prescribed dose I have severe heartburn! I’ve spoken to both my physician and my pharmacist, and theyve both said there are no side effects to taking the prescribed 50000 IU’s of vitamin D. The pharmacist suggested something else in the makeup of the Vitamin D gelcaps may be causing such severe symptoms. If anyone else has any other suggestions as to what could be causing this, please share!

I’m having the same thing on 50,000 iu weekly. Worst reflux ever, and I have severe GERD. I also took some Aleve but this has to be from the Vitamin D. I’m in bed with severe sore throat, etc. I never get that from reflux. This is week 3, and I’m stopping it for good.

I, too, started taking prescription Vitamin D, and I’m having terrible GERD! I have to be careful as I’m post gastric sleeve. It’s terrible, and 2 doses of carafate and a Prilosec are not helping.

I started taking Vitamin D 5000 about a month ago. I then I’ve been SO tired somedays. I also take Aciphex & have twice now gotten the worse heartburn. Is this because of the D3? I don’t know if I want to keep taking it.

I asked my doctor to check vitamin D level. It was 18, and I was prescribed weekly Vitamin D supplement. After three weeks of this, I began having a feeling like a throb under my breastbone, mid-chest, occasionally. Thinking it was trapped gas, I didn’t do anything about it (I have had cardiac tests due to sports, and all were negative for any heart issue). After a few weeks I began to have burning esophagus, a feeling of something in my throat and a cough. I NEVER have any kind of stomach problems. I began taking Zantac and cut WAY back on caffeine and have calmed it all down, but still have a bit of pressure feeling and the feeling of a bubble in my throat. Cough and burning have stopped. The ONLY thing I have done differently in my life is begin to take the Vitamin D supplement. I began researching, and found this and other anecdotal evidence that the supplement may be causing my symptoms. My doctor scheduled a GI scope with gastro doctor. I am feeling better now, and think I may discontinue weekly Vitamin D and wait on the scope.

From reading most of these comments, it does not sound as if most people are reacting to the added Vitamin D. They are diagnosed at extremely low levels, start on Vitamin D and have reactions of acid reflux very soon afterwards. Instead of reacting to the supplement, it seems they are just finally getting the symptoms that occur with too LOW of vitamin D for too long, and it is more a matter of timing. It takes a while for vitamin D levels to build up, and it can take a while for them to lower enough to create the acid reflux problem. Stick it out, basically. And, some people are saying their symptoms improved but they want to go off the vitamin D. Why on earth do that, when the symptoms improved ? As for amts like 50,000 iu being taken in suddenly from nothing at all, that is insane. One wants to build up more slowly, not overdose. Overdosing can create its own problems, and, yes, one could have very poor reactions.

Initially, despite taking 2k iu D3 5x a week, I scored a 19. I was upped to 4k iu 5x a week *then later went to 6x wk), and was told to be patient. Due to other symptoms I am guessing I was quite deficient for at least a couple of years (without prior testing) before the extreme acid reflux aspect set in, and when it did, my acid reflux was insane, with constant burping and regurgitation. People were scrabbling for answers, but after retraining my muscles a bit with temporary Omeprazole, then shifting off with tons of friendly bacteria and some digestive enzymes, I’ve drastically improved (and am now off of the Omeprazole completely). My rib pain/memory issues etc have also improved. HOWEVER, it has been taking MONTHS. Not weeks. I was warned of this from the beginning.

If a person starts taking D then has the acid reflux/GERD only within 1-4 weeks, the MORE likely (Occam’s Razor) issue is the LACK of vitamin D kicking in, NOT the supplementation itself (which should eventually improve the situation). As noted before, it takes a while going both directions for these effects to evolve. If the person is being tested for such things, there is most likely a symptomatic reason for the testing to begin with, which indicates things can readily degenerate to the ‘next level’.

Vit D3 needs to be gelcap/oil form to be best assimilated. It also is best taken with a little bit of fat for optimal absorption. One needs to keep magnesium levels up as well. Not just for absorption, but on its own, low magnesium can contribute/cause the problem of acid reflux. B-12 is another one. (All of these, note, also affect energy levels.)

(Basically, here is the irony. Vitamin D interferes with some medications prescribed for acid reflux, yet, those same medications will deplete vitamin D, which contributes to the acid reflux to begin with. (Those same medications also tend to deplete magnesium and B-12, which, again, contributes to acid reflux if deficient). Catch-22? You bet. I say, go as natural as possible. However, I am grateful for the temporary bout with medication, because it is also necessary to retrain the muscles if the situation has been going on for a long while (mine had been). I reduced to 5 days a week, then 4, then 3, then eliminated the meds altogether after that, utilizing only friendly bacteria (shelf stable form, not fermented food) and digestive enzymes.

I too have a low vitamin D level, 15. I was told to take 4000iu a day for three months. I started with 2000 iu 1 week ago and was taken to emergency yesterday severe chest pains and short of breath. I was diagnosed with GERD. I already took my vitamin D today but will stop it tomorrow to see if calms the reflux. It’s almost spring so I will start sitting out in the sun when I can to get my D.

Vitamin D interferes with my proton pump inhibitor. Only use it under medical supervision.

Yes I started vitamin d2 same thing my chest bone was so sore from acid reflux, I stopped taking them, I have no pain anymore or acid reflux, it’s over prescribed.

if you are Vitamin D deficient also crucially check your B12 levels! You should watch the youtube videos by sally pacholok or her interviews re B12 deficiency. Vitamin D and B12 deficiency seem to coincide a lot. B12 depletion can literally kill you, cause all sorts of neuro problems, so check it out. Also, vitamin D is FAT soluable, not water soluable, so taking a tablet has to be taken with something fatty like fatty meat, butter, oils etc. But that can be icky so you can get D3 in MCT oil with K2 as well. look it up on the net, you’ll find it, it’s drops so it’s already in an oil based state, and you absorb it easily. I get throat irritation from the D3 tablets every time, but I’m thinking it’s not the vitamin but perhaps some additive or some weird thing IN the tablets that cause that. Tablets have fillers usually, and you never really know what fillers are, some prescription drugs even contain bark I kid you not, or shellfish etc.

A note on B12, if your doc says you’re in the normal range, ask what your range is! Then compare that to the “gray zone” of 250 to 900 where most neurologic and fatigue, aches, pains, memory loss, etc start, and treat yourself with B12 sublinguals, higher dose…if you’re in the gray zone, treat yourself if they are not willing. you can’t overdo B12 either. lots of information on the net about that too. I take sublingual liquid 6000 mcg a day as a loading dose, wonderful results and now I’ve started the D3… so I’m getting back on track.

Hello everyone,

I think a major issue could potentially be that vitamin D supplementation can deplete magnesium levels, with higher supplementation levels corresponding to a more rapid magnesium depletion. After having done some research it seems that side effects of vitamin D supplementation actually coincide with magnesium deficiency. This is because magnesium is essential for the absorption and metabolism of vitamin D, so when you start increasing your vitamin D intake, it uses up magnesium in your body and if you do not factor this in, results in magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency impairs the effective emptying of the stomach, leading to reflux and the uncomfortable symptoms with it. It seems that the best way to prevent this from happening is to supplement magnesium with the vitamin D. I recommend some individual research on supplement dosages.

It seems that a lot of doctors these days are deficient in knowledge about nutrition and the interdependence of nutrients in the proper functioning of the body. What is interesting is that some medications used to treat acid reflux (like PPIs) can actually deplete magnesium long term, and if magnesium is already low and causing the acid reflux, this is a nearly guaranteed path to more health problems long term. I believe many diseases could be easily prevented, treated and possibly reversed (in the case of nutritional deficiencies being mistaken for chronic diseases).

Hope this helps someone solve some problems!!

I am having acid reflux from 3 months and finally the thing which is helping me is early morning empty stomach 1 spoon of organic wheat grass powder in a half cup of water. Hopefully it will help plus it will fuel the body with some calcium.

I take a Vitamin D 1000 UL a day and even the one seems to cause acid reflux. Feels almost immediate. I try not to stop taking it as my test showed extremely low levels of Vitamin D.

I had a Vit D level of 15.3 and was prescribed 25,000 IU twice a week (total 50,000 IU/week) for 6 weeks. I completed the course 2 weeks ago now. I didn’t seem to have too much problem while I was taking them other than slightly bleeding gum and metallic taste and benefits were I got less achy bones and muscles and seemed to have a bit more energy than I had done after about 4 weeks of taking them. While I was taking the supplement I never thought anything of it but I did start getting acid reflux (which I’d never had before). It seems to be from certain triggers (mainly coffee/caffeine it seems) so I’ve ditched caffeine and replaced that with hot water and the last 2 days that I’ve made that change it’s been much more controllable, even to the point of eating curry/spicy food hasn’t triggered it. As others have mentioned I now do feel quite ill (bloated, dull pain in stomach, fatigued, a cold, sore throat and headaches) just over the last week or 2 since I’ve stopped taking the tablets, which again I didn’t really link to a strong dose of Vit D but it seems very much like it!

I have been tested for vitamin D deficient and was at a 22. Started on D3 2 weeks ago and have severe indigestion and heartburn to the point thought I was having a heart attack. I switched and tried taking it at night as suggested and was even worse. I read that you should not take the prescription one, but one with betters oils for your body to absorb. I will be switching as well as adding calcium and mag. Anyone else have this issue?

OMG!! I have never in my life suffered from reflux but am taking Vitamin D & have experienced horrible reflux for weeks now. I decided to google if vitamin D may be linked & was surprised to say the least. I am going to stop until I speak with my GP

I’m 28 year old and I faced similar condition like increased heart rate, acidity and got tensed.

3-4 hours were terrible after taking a medicine.

Blood work from a wellness exam 6 or 7 yrs ago revealed a vit d level of .07. The doctor was shocked that I was able to function and told me to take like 5000 IU a day. I tried but almost immediately noticed it increased acid reflux.

The highest my D level has gotten is 13 but every time I try to take the vit D3 supplement, the acid comes back. I’ve had to go to the ER because I thought I was having a heart attack but was diagnosed with esophageal spasms and prescribed a PPI.

I have read articles about vit D deficiency being a result of some other process in the body and oral supplementation of vit d is not advised. I believe it after all these years of acid reflux being aggravated every time I give it another try. I also don’t think my doctor believes me when I tell him the vit D causes reflux.

I also showed very low vitamin D levels in a blood test my doctor ordered. She had me take 50,000 IU’s once a week. This was a prescription vitmin D. I started taking it Around Oct 19 last year. The Monday after Thanksgiving, I woke up with what I thought was the start of a cold. I had a sore throat, coughing and constant mucus in the back of my throat. My voice was rough as well.

I finally figured out the beginning of February that I didn’t have a chronic cold, I had acid reflux. I have never had this before. Only recently have I figured out that this could be from too much vitamin D! Can anyone tell me how long it took them to recover? It seems to be getting better now that I haven’t had vitamin D in 10 days or so.

I had awful acid reflux, so bad it caused mast cell activation. My Chromogranin a level was 110, which is high. Chromogranin a is co secreted with pth, so its obvious that I have hyperparathyroidism. So I took vitamin d3, and no good response… I took vitamind2, and BOOM…. no more acid reflux….HEY EVERYONE…it might be your parathyroid being overactive and shooting too much hormone, that is highly acidic. Do your homework…lol and try d2.

Hi, I suffer from the same symptoms as you after using more than 5000 iu day for several months. How long did it take for the pain in your throat and mucus to get less?

Laurie, it’s like I’m reading my own story. I also have severe reflux (lpr with burning throat), high chromogranin A, and high pth (also possible mast cell activation). No joke, I live in OKC. Can you tell me who in OKC diagnosed your Mast Cell Activation, and which doctor are you working with for your hyperparathyroidism? Did you have surgery to have it removed, and if so, did your reflux resolve?

My Vitamin D level was 6.24 so my doctor prescribed Vitamin D2. She told me to take 50,000 IU’s once a week and 2,000 IU over-the-counter everyday. However, after 10 weeks of taking so much Vitamin D I started getting sporadic pain in my throat. This lasted for about 2 days then immediately after that I developed a sore throats with lots of mucus and a constant mild cough throughout the day. This lasted for a couple of weeks.

Although the mucus has mostly drained now I have a persistent loud barking cough that occurs mostly at night (sometimes sporadically during the day) when I go to bed. I can’t seem to find any relief for it. My doctors say I’m fine and that my lungs sound fine and that my throat is a little irritated which could come from acid reflux. However, they immediately stopped my Vitamin D2 (prescribed) usage and told me to continue with taking the over-the-counter Vitamin D3 once a day.

I’ve since stopped all of my Vitamin D usage until I can get some relief from this cough. I’ve had this annoying hard barking cough for weeks and I can’t get any sleep at night. I tried over-the-counter cough medicines but nothing has worked. I too really need relief from this Vitamin D side effect.

My symptoms are exactly identical to yours. I too didn’t have this problem until I started taking the 50,000 IU’s once a week and 2,000 over-the-counter everyday which was my doctor’s instructions. For weeks I have been dealing with a barking cough that keeps me up at night. I am also trying to find relief because nothing seems to work.

I have taken vitamin D for over a week now after seeing the benefits on Trust me I`m a Doctor. My father who was also taking them asked me if I was having constipation. I was suffering constipation the most awful acid reflux & for days thought I was having a Heart Attack I was in such pain. Needless to say the tablets have been thrown away. I shall never watch that stupid proggramme again.

I also took vitamin d3 and had chest pain and gerd after only 3 days of 1000iu per day stop ped taking them and in 2 days feel pretty normal no gerd or chest pain.

My mother was low in Vitamin D. About 3 months ago she started taking 2,000 IU of liquid D3 sublingual everyday.

Last week she started getting severe heartburn at night and after minor heartburn after eating.

She will be stop taking the Vitamin D.

Does anyone have any advice for quickening her recovery?

I heard that, mine are in the trash, right next to the folic acid. I feel like I have a air bubble in my throat, bloated, and the vitamin d messed with my sleep to. It’s been four days since my first and last dose. Now everything effects me, food beverage. Took Tums, Beano. Nothing is working. Awful! ?

I am a 65 year old female. I never had any problems with heartburn, reFlux etc. My vitamin D level came back low and i was told by ohysician to take supplement. This week I thought I was going to die when I was suddenly hit with excruciating pain in my esophagus going up to my throat and even neck, burning, tightening, bitter, hot, I actually felt the flow of this acid rising up. I just began taking vitamin D with calcium a week before. I am still feeling effects in my throat, can’t swallow normally, and some pain. I am sure vitamin D had caused this to happen. No more for me, I will seek sunlight for this deficiency.

I have been getting horrible heartburn and acid reflux and only just recently figured out it is caused by the 50000 IU D3 that I’ve been taking. Going to stop taking it for a while until my stomach heals.

For those who are having trouble getting relief try DGL tablets! (Do a search on Amazon for DGL) I chew one thoroughly and swallow then place another in my mouth and let that one slowly dissolve (which is the proper way) when I’m having a bad flair up. Then I would recommend taking one 3 times a day until you have had no symptoms for a week at least.

Another thing I use to help heal my stomach/throat is marshmallow root capsules.

Hope this helps someone!

I have been told by my doctor that I am vitamin D deficient. I took 6,000 iu’s of vitamin D for 2 days & got extreme bloatedness & major heartburn. Now my acid reflux is so irritated & I feel awful. I stopped for now until I can get my stomach back to normal. I will go back on my omeprazole 20 mg. My heartburn is so bad it makes me cough.

I have heard and take medication for this which works but I have low level of vitamin d and have been told to take at least 2000 mg per day. When I do, it makes my herd act up as well as heart burn. I have tried several kinds tablets, chewables, and gel caps I have had reactions from all.

Like many of you who have written in, I started taking Vitamin D for the same reasons and have only been on it a week to discover that my GERD is really activated. From your comments, I now know that this a possible link to taking the Vitamin D. Fortunately, my GERD medication is combatting the effects.

My doctor put me on weekly vitamin D also. She said my level was 4 and she had. never seen it that low. I have a lot of symptoms that suggest I have a severe deficiency. I’ve taken my 3rd dose this week and I have horrible acid reflux! I’ve had issues with the acid reflux before and take Zantac 150. I can take 2 a day but have never had to take over one. I really don’t want to have to take it at all but don’t know if any other way to get my vitamin D up because I have skin cancer issues and can’t be in the sun everyday! Help!!!

I never had a problem eating or drinking anything, ever, until I took one dose of vitamin D, weekly, and one dose folic acid daily. Now three weeks down the road I still have an air bubble in my throat. I was so bloated by the next day I was uncomfortable in my baggy jeans. Ruined my holidays. Thanks for the warning, doc. I got the five pounds that stuff put on me off a few days after taking it. The nurse tried to give me ometrazol, but guess what the side effects are? Gas and bloating, nausea, cramps, constipation. Great.

I’ve suffered with vitamin D deficiency for years and every time I take supplements I get even more ill. Severe heart burn, bloating, upset tummy, and severe tummy cramps. I’m taking 4-5000 IU per day which should be safe yet I can’t tolerate it and am going to have to reduce to much smaller amounts which won’t help with my defiency but there is no way I’m carrying on with this!! Its awful.

I was taking 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day, and it caused me extreme bloating/gas/and constipation. Also weight gain from the bloating.

I am a man. I don’t know how common it is for men to have problems with taking vitamin D3 supplements but I have to tell you…the supplements were recommended to me by a nurse practitioner who said I was very low according to my blood work.
Almost immediately I started having a lot of throat discomfort but no heartburn like acid reflux. I did actually try acid reflux medicine but it didn’t help the problem at all.
After several attempts of taking the supplements I just had to give up because I couldn’t handle the throat discomfort.
I also seem to get this problem now when I eat or drink foods that are high in vitamin D, like milk. I don’t remember having this problem in previous years I am middle aged now.

I was taking 4,ooo ICus per day for over a year, I was in pain everyday with heartburn. I read that Vit D helps with the absorption of calcium, and I was eating 6-10 Tums per day, I also read too much calcium causes heartburn……so I stopped taking the vit D and started a 3 week therapy of OTC Omeprazole 20mg per day. The first day I had no heartburn, I’ve been heartburn free for the last 6 days while on these meds, I forgot what it ffelt like not have pain and bloating every minute of every day. Well, I decided to start back on my Vit D today and I am having bad indegestion pain again. I am done with Vit D.

I have been taking vitamin D 50000 IU once a week for 3 weeks. It has finally occurred to me that the bad reflux I have been feeling for the last couple of weeks is from this hard vitamin D! I had not had heart burn or reflux for years and years. Now I constantly feel acid in my throat and the irritation is making swallowing difficult.

How can doctors not know about this??!?!

I have had 3 doses of the 1 time per week 50,000 units of Vitamin D2 and have developed severe heartburn, insomnia, shakiness, hot flashes and increased urination.

I contacted my doctor who told me vitamin D would not cause any of these symptoms. I wish doctors would get more training in nutrition!

I was taking 2000 IU first thing in the morning and was having terrible indigestion and bloat every single day. Starting taking it after lunch instead and those symptoms have gone away.

I too suffer acid stomach or indigestion on the vitamin D hard pills and an after taste on the gels.

My doctor gave me a high doasge of vitamin D because my body was lacking it. Since I have been taking it I constantly get a nasty flavour like cheese in my stomach, and it makes me feel dizzy and sick. I have a dairy intolerance anyway. I think I should discuss this with my doctor, as I really cannot take this 3 times a week.

I was recently put on 50,000 IU Vitamin D, one pill once a week. I too have experienced terrible heartburn, throwing up (twice), and nausea . I carelessly took them daily instead of weekly. My doctor is sending me to a Gi specialist to check for stomach damage. No tums or any medication for heartburn helps longer than 2-3 hrs.

I was on vita D one pill a month for a year. Blood work was checked and my level was even lower. I was increased to two pills a month. I take it with full stomach as described to do. I have experenced stomach cramps with in an hour after taking. Or I also have had hours of nausea. I don’t know which symptom I’ll have after each pill. Should I also be taking vita k with it for better results.

Wanted to add that I was put on Vitamin D. 50,000 weekly. 3 days after 1st pill I got the worst heartburn I ever had. It has been 3 weeks now. Taking PPI’s. Nothing has helped. It is a burn from my throat to my stomach. My Gastro Dr said it was not on the list of meds to cause it

I take Vitamin D3 2000-4000IU along with 150mg Magnesium Citrate with a meal that doesn’t contain calcium rich foods like milk each day. I try and keep the vitamin D away from Calcium because I get enough of that already. This setup avoids heartburn, but if I take vitamin D3 by itself, then I get some moderate heartburn.

I never had acid reflux and could eat anything. I began to consistently take vit d3 2000 and developed serious stomach issues and gerd. I cut out but d3 thinking it was the culprit and things improved but I wasn’t sure. Began taking it again, and within 3 days awful acid. I’m done with it. I’m going to take a normal vit supplement and see what happens.

I too have linked heartburn to taking Vitamin D capsule. Has anyone found a way to take the Vitamin D3 without getting the heartburn? Can anyone confirm that rubbing a broken D3 capsule on belly gives your body the vitamin D needed without the heartburn?

Geez. Glad I stumbled here. I am menopausal and feel awful. Dr. Said I am seriously low in Vit D. I just took 50,000 3 days ago. I am bloated and have serious reflux. I haven’t ever experienced reflux or constipation. How long till its out of my system?

Have any of you tried taking Magnesium supplements along with Vitamin D to ease the acid reflux and constipation? I read on another forum that constipation from Vit D can be a sign of a Magnesium deficiency. I live in the Pacific Northwest and am having surgery in a few months, so I was instructed to start taking a Vit D supplement. I chose a daily 2,000 IU D3 liquid supplement, and started out taking 2 drops a day. I soon experienced some of the worst constipation of my life (something I am not a stranger to) and couldn’t figure out what the cause was.

Eventually I thought to Google the possibility of too much Vit D having that effect, and lo and behold…. So I stopped taking it immediately, and eventually felt better. This was over the summer and I was getting plenty of sunlight during the day, so I didn’t think much of it. Now that the dreary Seattle fall weather has settled in, I thought I’d give it another shot, but only take 1 drop a day this time. I lasted about 3 days before the constipation returned, along with HORRIBLE heartburn that lasted all day. I want to give it one more try, along with a high quality Magnesium supplement to see if that doesn’t help.

I have been taking magnesium daily for years before I started taking Vit D. Still, Vitamin D gives me heartburn.

I’ve tried: Vegan Vit D (no lanolin that way), liquid drops, pills, capsules, and lowering the dose per pill but no matter what, I still get heartburn from it.

My Vit D is low and I would like to find a way to deal with that other than finding the time to stand outside 20 mins a day as that is not always possible.

I was diagnosed too with low D level for second time (17.7); first time was last year (19). Last year, the NP prescribed me D2 50,000 I.U once a week for 12 wks if I’m not wrong and surprisingly, my stomach tolerated well, no constipation or acid reflux, then later my PCP wanted me taking D3 1000 I.U. daily. I took it for maybe a week or two but I got very bad constipation, so I stopped. Just 2 wks ago, got blood work done and level was low again, so PCP wanted me to increase D3 to 2000 I.U. Have been taking it for 4 days and since then I’ve experienced both acid reflux and constipation. Have to take my prilosec twice and still experience bloating. No idea what should be done, want to increase my level but at the same time my stomach is too sensitive :(

my vitamin d level is 5 and i been taking vit d supplement and its true it causes bloating, gas, constipation and acid reflex. i take 50000 units once a week. it sucks and im going to stop taking it. I took my dose Tuesday and i been feeling bloated since then.

My blood worked showed that I am low on vitamin D (13) range. Doctor gave me D2 (50,000 IU),once a week for 3 months, since my stomach is highly sensitive, instead of D2 I started taking over the counter (Sundown D 1000 IU), of course I asked my doctor first. I was taking vitamin D after breakfast, was fine for a week, all of a sudden I started feeling sick with stomach pain and headache, dizzy, also experiencing acid reflux symptoms. Not sure if vitamin D is causing these problems, should I stop taking this pill or continue… don’t know. Will consult the doctor again, but with these problem how can I raise my D level? Can’t drink too much milk or eat other dairy products also. People with low level of vitamin D have many health risk, just feeling helpless and frustrated!!!!

Yeah I just bought vitamin D3 supplements and puked in my mouth in my sleep after 1 pill it was 1000ul or something.

V-D 50,000 units causing severe heart burn! Other V-D’s causing severe constipation. I will never again put garbage in my body to suffer and the Doctor and the Pharmaceutical co’s collecting my money for me to suffer. there is no healing into medications. They are just another “DOPE” to hook people. The more we suffer from medications the more we run to the doctors from the side effects caused by drugs. Flush the garbage in the toilet and I garanty you will feel alive and well again! Thank You, Yogurt. you are a healing food.

I too was diagnosed with low vitamin D level and was put on a prescription. It made me feel awful. I asked my doctor if I could switch and he had me change to over the counter vitamin D3. I can’t say that how I felt changed much. I had to go to my ENT because of a sore throat and a terrible upset stomach with gas. They make you feel like they had never heard of problems like yours before. I was so happy to read that I am not alone. I may cut back on my dose so I can see if I feel any better.

I, too, am experiencing a lot of acid reflux since starting a vitamin D regimen, prescribed by my dr. Little bit of nausea as well. Have always had back pain so didn’t think the D was related to an increase in pain. Glad I saw this site. It confirms what I’d been thinking as the D was the only change I’ve made lately!

I have been on one Vitamin D3 capsule or 1000IU orally daily on 4 separate occasions over the past 9 years to reverse low levels. The first time it made me feel much better so I took two capsules per day and then, plus each time since on the lower dose again, I experienced some gastrointestinal symptoms mainly of bloating and feeling unwell after meals after taking it for about a month. I have never had higher doses than that and latterly have refused those because of my prior experiences and for me I believe the symptoms are more a lack of blood supply to my gut which I had more seriously after an operation earlier on so I know the symptoms. I also was back then given a calcium channel blocker which opens blood vessels and have since assumed that the problem with Vitamin D is that as it is a calcium channel pusher it is likely to narrow our blood vessels and therefore in some if not all of us make us unwell possibly in various ways. So whenever I have had side effects after being made to take Vitamin D, I have simply stopped the capsules and taken the medication for a while until I get better. Just now I am finally being tested for Coeliac Disease which could solve my need to take supplements at all. Gastrointestinal symptoms have been listed as a problem in a recent Medical Journal of Australia article entitled “Supplement claims rejected” published on Monday 27 July 2015 which is worth a look. Also Coeliac Disease which when diagnosed requires a life long gluten free diet to heal the gut, can cause Vitamin D depletion because if not treated it damages the gut and you cannot absorb the nutrients in your food including Vitamin D and Calcium and that can lead to osteoporosis in later life so in my opinion instead of Vitamin D supplements we should be checking the public in general for Coeliac Disease and treating it accordingly.

I stopped taking the 50,000 (once a wk) because of severe side effects with my stomach. I went to see my Dr – who had seen another patient with similar problems earlier that week – & she couldn’t believe I was having this problem. So what are we to do if we can’t tolerate it? I started getting 15 -20 minutes of sun but now I worry about skin cancer and my Dr said as we age our skin can not synthesize vitamin D very effectively. Nevertheless, this stomach discomfort is frustrating.

I’m so glad I found this site! I live in the Pacific Northwest and was diagnosed with low vitamin D (as low as 14). I had no health issues but I was advised by my doctor to raise my levels nonetheless. I quickly discovered that liquid D3 capsules (2000 units) caused my stomach to burn, so I stopped after one or two doses. But I persisted, and decided to try a D3 tablet form instead.

I started at 1000 IU per day, always with food, and my stomach seemed fine. After two weeks I upped it to 2000 IU per day, and also started adding some calcium. For 3-4 weeks all seemed well, and I was glad to have found a formula I could tolerate. UNTIL ……. one day I became seriously nauseous after taking the tablet. I immediately stopped taking the D3, but it was too late. Over the next two days my stomach started burning and I developed severe acid reflux. Same symptoms as described by others, including night time burning which kept me awake. And I could feel a lump in my throat too, something I’ve never had before.

To make a long story short, it’s now a month later and I’m still battling nausea and acid reflux (GERD). A PPI (Prilosec OTC) did relieve the symptoms after a 14 day course, but then returned after I stopped. Now I’m seeking medical treatment and hoping I can heal the damage. I’ve talked to three doctors and none has heard of a connection between Vit D3 and reflux. Why not?? It’s so obvious, and this website shows there are a lot of us out here. Somebody should fund a research study to document the danger of Vit D3 supplements, so that the knowledge can become mainstream.

If some people have succeeded in getting their D3-induced reflux under control I’d be greatly interested to hear how you did it!

I recently had routine blood work done because I take blood pressure pills. My test results showed I had a very high ferriten (iron) level and a very low vitamin D level. I was sent to a hemotologist to have more blood test run. And was told to take 3000 iu of D3 every day. Shortly after taking them I got pain in my stomach, feelings of bloating and often nauseous. When the second blood test results came somehow my high iron levels were going back down. I told the doctor about my stomach issues so he changed my vitamin D3 to 50000 iu D2 every other week. Now I’m really hurting! Plus I have celiac. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I was diagnosed with GERD in December of 2014. I had been experiencing severe symptoms that gradually increased since August of 2014. In December I was throwing up from eating and had to slowly take all fatty and acidic foods out of my diet. Each episode of throwing up would mean days to recover from the pain in my chest and intestines. Prior to that I had experienced gluten sensitivity, as well and wondered what was wrong with me.

I’m a very solution focused person and didn’t just want to take a pill to make it something I could live with. So I waited to get an appointment with a really good internist. She was very proactive about helping me find the root cause of my GERD, as I am very young and should not be having it (not overweight, no coffee, no drinking, no smoking, hardly eat chocolate, eat mostly a vegan (except for eggs and a little cheese due to lactose issues/gluten free diet).

I got a comprehensive blood test in March of 2015 and came back perfectly normal and healthy, except for 1 thing. My vitamin D level was at 8 (normal range is 30-100). I immediately ordered some 5,000 iu over the counter vitamin D3 (make sure what you are taking is not synthetic D2, I take the Trunature brand which includes 200mg of Flaxseed oil) and began to take 1 each day. (The high doses of vitamin D3 that my doctor prescribed for me always left me feeling worse) I visited a pharmacy to pick up my Omeprazole and the pharmacist recommended I take 50,000 iu/week, so I increased my dosage on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to equal the 50,000 per week. I took it at that level for 3 months and then began to experience worse heartburn and throwing up. So I figured (based on what I’ve read on the internet) that I was getting too much and that my levels had probably gone up. I had scheduled a endoscopy for the beginning of June 2015. I wanted to delay until June just in case I got better, so it would give me enough time to cancel. Because I wasn’t feeling well, I decided to go through with it and everything came back normal and healthy, which confirmed that Vitamin D was my issue (the doctor confirmed that there was nothing else they could do or test for since everything was normal) So I had my Vitamin D levels retested and they came back at 52 (which is AMAZING!), but I still have GERD.

It can take several months to get better and heal your system after you have injured yourself to this degree with such a severe vitamin D deficiency. I am now maintaining my Vitamin D levels with a much lower dose (10,000 iu/week) and have been able to eat a few more things that I was not able to before. I expect to slowly improve over several months. I hope by December of this next year, I will be better. I’m not rushing to go eat acidic foods or high fatty foods again, because it’s not worth the agony, but I’ve been able to have some things with gluten that I wasn’t able to have before. I dream of the day I can eat a tomato again without experiencing pain or an avocado (hello delicious healthy fat!).

My diet has been so severely limited I’d feel weak often, because all I was able to eating were a few different vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, peas, carrots, cucumber, celery), potatoes, yams, apple juice (acid free), apples, bananas, mushrooms, soy milk and gluten free crackers. No seasonings, herbs, sauces, dressings, etc aside from salt. Salt and honey are the only things I used for flavoring food. Even egg whites made my reflux flare up because I had cooked them in a tiny bit of coconut oil, so I had to cut them out. I ate fish for the first time in forever, just so that I could get some more nutrition. Baking Tilapia (no added oils, just sprinkle salt on it) in foil worked well and didn’t have too much fat. I try to eat it a couple times a week for extra energy.

I’m hoping and dreaming of getting better. I hope those with a D deficiency will do something about it. It can lead to serious and horrible things. I can’t believe something that seemingly small made me so sick.

Anna –

Have you been tested for SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth?)

In my recent physical my physician stated that I was very low in vitamin D. I was given Vitamin D drops and instructed to take three drops under my tongue a day. A week into taking the vitamin I noticed a knotty feeling in my gut and was very gassy. Of course, it took me a couple months to realize that it could be the vitamin D. I stopped taking the vitamin yesterday and pray this gassy discomfort leaves quickly. I thought I was having something seriously wrong with me. I am very healthy- teach outside for six hours a day in Phoenix, Az. Amazed that I’m low with vitamin D.

I have the same symptoms. I’m sorry that you all are dealing with this. I am having a hard time deciding if I want leg pain or reflux. Both are very hard to tolerate. :( I’m glad I found this site and found out that I’m not the only one.

I have been taking vitamin d3 for 3 days, 2000 I.u. This morning I got bad gas pains all over, hands got really cold and burning feeling. Also burning sensation on back. I had a bowel movement this morning. Ever since I took the vitamins this morning, after my walk, I feel my stomach hurts and left side hurts. Trying to walk all day and feel nauseous. I’m not taking as much as everyone on here, and for a short period of time. Why is this? Too much? I am waiting for my doctor to order a lab test for me to see how my numbers are with a complete vitamin panel. I felt in the last few days amazing even today. Feel calm. I also forgot to take my Xanax. I take it only as needed and a very low dose, and I have not taken that in three days either, I called my doctor and she said she does not think its from withdrawals. Just my anxiety is high. I never felt this way before missing my Xanax. I’m also anemic, and when I felt my hands and feet being so cold and burning sensation, I took a iron pill. Ugh, I guess stop the vitamins and just get checked to see if I even need to take supplements.

I have been low in vitamin D at every yearly physical for several years. However, when I begin taking the D3/Calcium supplements my doctor recommends my chronic reflux flairs up quite badly and my usual medication doesn’t seem to help. Consequently, I take the supplement for a few days until I can’t stand the reflux any more & then I quit. Of course, my vitamin D levels are still low at my next checkup. My doctor doesn’t seem to believe that the supplement is causing the reflux, but the reaction has been pretty consistent for at least 3 years. Any ideas?

I started taking once a week vitamin D supplements because I was also low. By the third week I started to experience pain, empty, knotty feeling in my stomach about an hour after eating. So far it has only happened 3 times. I did an ultra sound to rule out gallbladder but the only other thing I can thing of is because of this vitamin D supplement. It is the only thing that has changed in my diet. My doctor told me to stop taking it and see how I feel in two weeks. Any one experience something similar? So far all doctors seem to think Vitamin D is not causing this issue.

I was prescribed 10,000 IU of vitamin d for six weeks after I had a stress fracture and my bloodwork showed a low level (21) of vitamin d. I have had severe reflux since I started taking it. The reflux is causing a nagging cough. I have not had a problem with my reflux in over three years. Dr said she doesn’t think its the vitamin d but nothing else has changed in my diet except that.

Me too ! We cant all be making this up. What was your outcome? I stopped taking my D two days ago. It’s hard to eat anything but I always feel hungry :(

I have been taking 10,000 i.u. Vit. D 3 Daily now for over a month due to low lab results. I am experiencing a lot of heartburn. Miserable. The naturopath gave me a D3 10,000 IU in one tiny capsule, but wondering if maybe like 5 of the 2000 through the day might be a better option?

I’m glad I found this website. I’ve taking vitamin D 50,000 weekly. After 5 weeks I experienced loose stools, sweating, aching in my back, joint pain and itchy skin. I stopped and now I have a nagging cough.

Im facing similar issues as above….upper n middle back …feel severe burning sensation
..take vit d3 once a week 60k and have taken for 4 weeks once a week…how fo I stop these burning sensations in my back…pls help

I was prescribed the vitamin d chewable tablets after being told by the doctor that my levels were very low, (+ early menopause).
I started getting the acid reflux and bronchial aches and pains, more noticeable when i’m sitting down.
It’s a relief to know I’m not the only one.

I know this is almost a year after your comment, but I just found this forum today. I certainly hope you have found relief from the pain. I just wanted to say that as my heartburn worsened over the years the pain and burning is often in my upper and middle back, not always, but occasionally. My Dr. said that it is not uncommon for that to happen.

I have been having acid reflux and pain in my bronchi for weeks. Eating antacid chewables like crazy and not much relief. Taking 2000 iu of vitamin D per day plus other vitamins. Nobody else has mentioned pain in their bronchia. I will book an appointment with the doctor after reading all these posts. I think I will stop taking everything and see what changes occur. Thank you everyone for your testimonials.

My Viamin D level is very low its around 9.. Doc. has recommended 50,000 IU once a week. I have taken just one and didn’t realize that heartburn/acidity could be caused by this. thanks for this post.

I also get very bad GERD with even small doses of D3 (2000IU). Has anyone found a brand or form that doesn’t cause as much acid reflux. I’ve already tried the gummy form…

I just saw your post and I have tried the pills in Vitamin D3 and in the gummy bears and they give me severe heart burn. Try going to GNC and buying a Multi Vitamin with VitaminD3, this seems to work for me and I don’t get heart burn anymore.

50,000 IU Vitamin D once a week for 2 mos.!!! After taking 4 pills, suffering with heartburn!!! Stopping it now! My common sense tells me it is too too high a dose, even if it is taken only once a week, especially for a 79 yr. old woman. My doc needs to read these side-effect comments listed.

I just googled “Vitamin D and acid reflux” because I just realized that I had been having less acid reflux as of late. I have started taking a sublingual tablet (under tongue) for the last couple of weeks (10,000 IU once a day).

I normally take the D3 capsules but my tested level was still just 16. I was thinking I was going to find that Vitamin D helped acid reflux, but then the comments were saying the opposite. So maybe the regular capsules have been causing me some stomach issues and I just didn’t realize it. Some of you may want to try the sublingual tablets instead. You can also get it in liquid drop form. I plan on taking the sublingual tablet for a month or two and then get retested.

Interesting study on the subject.

I’m not 100% sure but it seems like the mega doses are what’s causing the acid reflux, maybe toning it down by taking supplements daily. Also magnesium and calcium are important to take with vitamin D since they work together in the body.

My doctor prescribed 50000 IU of Vitamin 2 once per week for 12 weeks, I took 3 times & started having stomach issues, no GERD, but stomach cramps (mild), constipation, dry mouth and lack of appetite. My doctor said to quit taking, which I have done and take the D3 over the counter. I am afraid to take anymore until I feel better. I called the pharmacist & he agreed. I am sorry I ever took this supplement, has made me feel terrible. I thought vitamins were supposed to make you feel better, haha!

I took 5,000 iu of Vit. D3 for less than a week and started getting extremely ill. The first few days I felt great and I had also starting taking Vit K at the same time, so I wasn’t sure which one has made me sick. The more I read, the more that I believe it is the D. Nauseated, constipated, malaise, fatigue, cramping. Just awful!
Yesterday I decided to discontinue usage because I can’t function in my life and be this sick all day. What I am wondering is how long before I start feeling better? Does it stay in your bloodstream for a few days? I also have acid reflux but take Nexium for it-

I also have very low D and gerd so Dr. recommended Sperti vitamin d light. Have used for about 4 months 10-15 min every other day is what I am at and my levels have really gone up. No stomach distress. Yes expensive but no supplements worked for me with “gerd” so splurged and my husband and myself use it. One bulb was broke when arrived but company was great to deal with a sent a new one right away. There are some other companies but my Dr. has experience with this particular one and has had good results. Good luck

Currently experiencing severe Gerd and was taking prescription vitamin D 50,000. Glad that other’s have shared their experiences because doctors are reluctant to admit this significant side effect that is causing me havoc. Experiencing arrthymia also. I hope these symptoms subside soon.

Wow!!! Just got back from seeing my dr after suffering with ‘severe’ abdominal pains and now acid reflux for a while. I started taking vitamin d3 5,000IU and a k2 tablet daily after a blood test revealed I was severely deficient in vitamin d and now just 4 months of taking the tablets I am high in vit d. I now have to stopped the tablets. I am hoping that this will sort all the pain and acid reflux. Wish I had seen this site before now.

I too suffered from acid reflux after being on 50,000 IU of vitamin D. I took four doses about once a week. A month later and I am still suffering from it. I never had acid refulx in my life. I am not overweight or anything either. I sure wish my doctor would of prescribed a smaller dose because is getting on my nerves. I am not a spicy food person but I may get mild wing or something and now I cant even tolerate them anymore. I sure hope this goes away soon. I will go with the 2000 IU of D3 gummies once I’m back on track.

I take the D3 gummies 1000u 2x a day as recommended… never had acid reflux in my life but do now… it’s bad every night when I lay down. I can’t sleep, and woke up choking almost died one night in sleep because I couldn’t get my breath. I was choking on acid in my throat and it burned like fire and couldn’t swallow food for days liquids only. This is my wake up call! Going to call my doctor tomorrow… I need something else… Prescribed medicine D2 didn’t do this to me. I had a little indigestion but not anywhere near this bad.

Yes I have been on several courses of the 50,000 units for low “D” and have had lots of gerd issues…Just had an endo and they found barretss esophogus.
I am sure they will deny the D caused it.

Just today I started taking vit D 50000IU six hours later I had a very bad acid reflux. I had to take omeprazole 40mg to make it better. So there seems to be a link between the high dosage of vit D and acid reflux for me.

I have gastric problems since I started take Vitamin D (50,000) once a week. Acid Reflux, abdominal discomfort burping etc. I inform about this problem to Doctor, but not from Vit D his answer. I am sure my problem started from this only. I am very happy to these comments about Vitamin D problems.

I have a Hietal Hernia with constant acid reflux. I restarted Prilosec 20mg daily over two months ago and just added Vitamin D2 50,000 U weekly. Reflux became worse about 18 hours after dose.
It was recommended that I freeze the capsule and take it at bedtime. I did not wake up in the middle of the night with reflux and so far no reflux during the day either.

Freeze the vitamin-D?!

All of a sudden I would wake up with acid reflux around 6 every morning. After assessing the situation it occurred to me that the only thing different was my taking 20000 Iu of vita d before going to bed. I am going to change and take it during the day after a meal.

Yes, that is pretty low. Did your Dr. make any recommendations? Here’s an article with a chart giving general guidelines:!

What is the normal level of Vitamin D? I did a test and was told by the doctor that it is 6. Is this bad?
People’s Pharmacy response: If your doctor was testing 25 hydroxyvitamin D, 6 is extremely low. The desirable level would be between 30 and 80 ng/ml

I’ve been taking Vitamin D 2500IU daily for almost ten years plus whatever I get from foods which is not much. Never had acid reflux, heartburns etc.
Two months ago I went to 5000IU daily as a test to see would higher dosages affect my ankylosing spondylitis. About three weeks later I started having nausea, loss of appetite, heartburn and heart palpitations. It wasn’t until about seven weeks later I started linking higher Vitamin D to these symptoms. I temporarily quit supplements for two weeks and my GI problems and nausea were gone. Now I’ve been on my usual dosage for 5 days and I’m getting heartburn again… could be coincidence, or not, but perhaps I’m still having little too high levels.
Wikipedia says this about the symptoms of Gastroesophageal reflux disease:
“Hypercalcemia, which can increase gastrin production, leading to increased acidity.”
Too much Vit D, my huge dairy consumption, acid reflux..maybe, maybe..

My husband asked me today if I changed our nighttime vitamin regimen in the last two weeks, as he was experiencing heartburn when he woke up, and found it painful to have his morning cup of coffee. In fact, I had started giving him vitamin about 2 weeks ago. Seems there might be a connection..

I get terrible heartburn/GERD from vitamin D also. No one believes me either, especially docs. It’s nice to hear this happens to other people, although my sympathies to you all, especially for not being believed. My D level is very low and I’m fine. I don’t get enough sun but I’m not depressed and I don’t see why all of a sudden D levels are so important. People have lived hundreds of years, thousands of years, without taking all these pills.

I am SO glad to have found some posts. I will try to be brief:
About a year ago I started having acid reflux and insomnia. I thought it was hormonal changes. About that same time I started a new fish oil capsule. I took 2 at night. I never had acid reflux, so didn’t associate the fish oil. I was put on a PPI, didn’t work, put on a stronger PPI, didn’t work. Then to “help” myself feel better, took 2 more fish oil capsules in the morning, acid reflux got worse!
When I finally realized it was the fish oil, it caused a lot of damage. The GI said I was most likely starting up acid reflux anyway (does not run in family, not overweight, no history). Had a scope, all fine, take the purple pill, eat well. I had a good summer of feeling good (and I usually stop my D3 supplement in the summer).
Fall came, and at some point I started my 2000 IU D3 drops. My acid reflux was worse. Had a hard fall, played around with different PPI’s. Winter came and I ran out of my 2,000 IU and bought a 4,000 IU and thought I’d do 1 drop/day. Well, about a week ago I was writing down my meds for a doctor appt. and another light bulb went off: ahh!! I was taking 8,000 IU!! For a few weeks before I had been having heart palpitations and severe acid reflux. I stopped any drops.
Since I stopped the drops, my acid reflux is feeling SO much better!! So, again… now realizing that the D3 may have flared me up???????
The thing that saddens/maddens me is that 2 doctors and 2 GI’s never asked me questions about supplements, and if they had I doubt they would know side effects.
I’m staying off of D3 and I’m hoping to wean off the “purple pill”.

I happened to come upon this post on Vitamin D just as I was having the exact same issue! I have had very low D – as low as 12 a few years ago, and highest was 23. In 2010 a physician put me on the 50,000 D for 8 weeks, and it was the best I had felt in 15 years! We now live in a different state, and when I discovered that my D was low again, my doctor put me on 50,000 D again once a week, since I had told her how great I felt after doing this in 2010.
Well, the brand of D I am taking now is different – the blue-green gel pill D2 (name: Ergo (?)). Whatever I took in 2010 was a white chalky oval shaped tablet. Since starting the 50,000 D2 three weeks ago, I have had very bad reflux, abdominal pain and cramping, severe insomnia, and palpitations. I didn’t connect that it might be the D until I saw this post. I am at a loss as to what to do.
I called the pharmacist this morning, and he suggested trying D3 instead – I will ask my doctor; he also did not know what the 50,000 D was that I took in the white tablet form in 2010 – he thought maybe it was some sort of compounded formula, since it did not fit the description of current prescription forms of 50,000 D. I get a lot of sun, and my D is naturally low, so I’ll have to find something that I can take long-term that does not cause side effects.

I am so very grateful for this discussion. I was racking my brain as to why I was having heartburn so often. I was eating extra almonds to deal with it. I take quite a few vitamins and herbal combinations but non had given me heartburn. I have been taking a popular brand of vitamin D3, 2000 units. I happened to be so busy for 4 days that I missed taking my vitamins and noticed I had no heartburn. Then I read this post. If not for other’s experiences I would not have singled out the D3. Thank you! ~ Cindy

Has this person had a blood test for high parathyroid hormone and/or calcium levels? Hyperparathyroidism can cause low vitamin D levels. It happened to me.

Started taking Vitamin D a year ago at the request of my doctor because my levels were low. He tested me because I was feeling spacey and my thinking seemed foggy. I started with 500 IUs a day, but upped it to 1000 IUs a day for the past several months. He recently re-tested me and my Vitamin D levels are now fine. Just recently, however, I have started to get heartburn that seems to start shortly after I take my Vitamin D. When I read the question above, it was like a lightbulb went on! I’m going to go back to 500 IUs a day and see if that helps. I’ll also try the 15 to 20 minutes of sunshine daily. I’m hoping I can find a balance between clear thinking and no heartburn!

I am allergic to the sun so must get my Vit. D with D3 supplements. I did not do well with the oil based supplements, I have no problem with the dry (powder filled) capsules. I just make sure there is some fat in the meal I take the supplements with. Also, when I was taking half in the AM and half in the evening my already restless sleep became worse. I switched to taking all in the AM, I am sleeping better than ever.

In my opinion, this is yet another case where the medico-pharmaceutical complex has stepped in with an inferior product simply to make money. A Vitamin D3 supplement of 1000 to 4000 IUs is inexpensive, easily absorbed, and in my opinion more effective than D2, yet doctors prescribe the D2. Less than 5 minutes of research on the internet would clue them in, but how many have enough interest in their patients’ welfare to take the time?

I had the same problem with larger doses of doctor recommended taking Nexium daily (with all the side effects, I looked for a better solution). A friend that had suffered from stomach problems including heart burn & acid reflux, shared her solution…taking Papaya Enzymes…a small bottle of 100 pills available in any drugstore OTC is just over $5.00…a natural solution with no side effects, they taste good…follow the instructions as to the amount necessary for your symptoms and CHEW them, don’t swallow. Even a relative, a non-believer, recently tried them with success!

I have never experienced the gut problems when taking Vit. D but I do have problems with blood sugar when taking this no matter what dose. Vit D. lowers my blood sugar and I become very hypoglycemic. I have asked every Dr. I have ever seen and they appear not to have a clue of what is going on. My Vit. D levels are low but can not tolerate living every day so shaky I am unable to function. Food does not seem to make a difference.

I too experienced very severe acid reflux around the time I did a 50,000 IU/week vitamin D regimen. It was not until much later that I started to wonder if the two things were linked. I looked for information online to see if there was any case for that suspicion but found nothing. After doing a second vitamin D regimen about a year later, the reflux flared up again, though not as severely. I became even more suspicious of a connection. Now, months after finishing the second regimen, I try to keep my D levels up by taking 5000 IU of D3 once a week. I find that I often have mild to moderate heartburn on the day that I take the pill. I am glad to see some evidence that this may be recognized as an actual side effect.

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