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Vitamin D Deficiency

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Download 8 pages on symptoms of low vitamin D and ways to overcome deficiency, for children and adults. Information on avoiding vitamin D overdose and which supplements are best, all in 8 pages.

Product Description

The 8-page Guide to Vitamin D Deficiency addresses symptoms of low vitamin D. When sunshine is scarce, vitamin D levels in our bodies drop.

Low levels of this crucial vitamin can weaken immunity and we become more vulnerable to colds and the flu. A lack of vitamin D can also exacerbate joint and muscle pain, breathing difficulties and depression.

How much do you need? Should it be D2 or D3?

Learn the signs of vitamin D deficiency in children and adults and how to interpret blood test results. Find out how to correct vitamin D deficiency without overdosing, whether with sun exposure or supplements.

Avoid vitamin D toxicity from high-dose supplements.

Product Reviews

  1. D3 in liposomal form.


    I take it in liposomal form with added K2. It’s supposed to be more bioavailable taken this way. However can’t say I’ve noticed any difference.

  2. Doesn't answer the question

    Jerome Burne

    Don’t feel your download answers the question asked in the headline – Why do so many studies find that Vit D supplements make little difference either to Vit D deficient conditions or to mortality?

    As someone who is reasonably health aware – like most People ‘s Pharmacy readers I suspect – I was expecting some information other than: many people are deficient, this is how much to take in a supplement, these are the signs of deficiency. There was no clear discussion, for instance, of the calcium link – take as well? how much? – nor was there any discussion of combining it with K2 (something that has been around for years), let alone anything new.

    I’ve been taking a supplement in liquid form with K2 for about 2 years. My level is – unsurprisingly – at the high end, in fact a bit over, the level considered safe in UK. Your report gave no indication of how i could tell if the stuff in my blood was actually doing anything or whether there were any steps to take that might make a difference or indeed why trials had been so disappointing.

  3. sharon y
    janesville wi

    after researching Vit D and listening to what doctors have told many of my friends who were low in vit d, I to the conclusion that instruction for taking made all the differerence. 1000 unit doses, 2 or 3 times daily instead of all at one time and also the need to take with food that has fat in it. a piece of bread with butter would do. vit D is a fat soluble vitamin. take it properly and everyone I know had good results raising their level. too bad doctors don’t learn more about all the vitamins and supplements.

  4. JSC


    I was taking 100 units of VD3. My doctor told me to take 1000. I told him I already was. He said to take 5000. The next doctor I saw said not to take any. I am taking 1000 anyway, because I feel better when I take it. I work inside and get very little sunlight. I am a Sr. citizen, and none of my doctors really care anymore.

  5. Linda

    I’m taking 50000 D is anyone having issues taking this is Ihave heartburn indigestion and like a knot in my throat,bloating and uncomfortable to breathe… anybody

  6. susan
    asheville nc

    I took 50,000 units capsule once a week for four weeks , and then one D3 1000IU each day for six months and my vitamin D levels went down instead of up, from 19 low to 17 lower. What went wrong? I am 70 yrs old and have been out in the sun with good results all my life. I am puzzled.

  7. Chicago Illinois

    United States

    I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency for 2 to 3 yrs now, I did not know it at first until my doctor realize that I was having medical issues frequently so he decided to test my Vitamin D level… The test showed that I had a very low vitamin D level. He prescribed a 50,000 mg once a week for a month, and I noticed that I started to feel better, slowly my cardiovascular issue started to go away. After that I started my daily routine of 30 minute of walking outside, or just sitting at home in the window allow the sun rays to come into my home to get my daily dose of Vitamin D. I am thankful for this doctor.

  8. Vitamin D Deficiency


    The overall content was informative as to the need for, and the distinction of the dietary supplement options.
    My physician performed the 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D, and my results indicated an insufficiency, (at 19). His recommendation was, as you stated, to take an OTC multi-vitamin containing vitamin D, with no mention of dosage, which leads me to believe that this is an area where (some) GP’s might lack sufficient information on what a proper intake might be.
    What I find lacking in this presentation, and was hoping for, was a more in-depth discussion of the myriad types of supplements presented on shelves today. For example:
    There have been many postings regarding the swing of actual amounts present of the supplement among manufacturers, levels of lead and other metals found in some products that are of concern and not mentioned in the paper. A better address of the supplement with and without calcium would have also been helpful. My last sample showed traces of calcium crystals and I certainly don’t want to put myself at risk for kidney stones (which was noted in a sidebar). I was also hoping for (expecting) a modest list of brands that demonstrated proved accurate USP dosing (USP also not mentioned) and quality vs.price advice alternatives. Your website posting mentioned one brand (Vitashine?) but no mention of other market alternatives which may have come to your attention.
    Kind of left to more online research (sigh) to find a reliable product choice(s) as I present several of the symptoms you refer to, and would just like to confidently go to the pharmacy and say “I’ll take this one.”
    Other than that, thank you for some overly useful information. (and I always enjoy your radio show aired on WBGO).
    Regards / KAUF

  9. Anthony Y.
    Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    My Pri care Dr. gave me the Vit D (Hydroxy-25) test and determined I was deficient. He prescribed Vit D2 [50,000 I.U.] one cap per week, then after my Vit D level was normal he prescribed Vit D3 [2,000 IU] Once per day. I have read where 4,000 IU of Vit D3 was even better? Your thought?

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