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Taking Thyroid Medicine Properly

To get the maximum benefit from thyroid medicine, take it with vitamin C but without coffee, fiber, food or minerals.

Q. I’ve been taking levothyroxine for more than a dozen years. I just recently learned I’ve been taking it at the wrong time. I was taking it along with breakfast and coffee, not to mention vitamins, minerals, probiotics, Citrucel and other medications. I am totally confused about how to take it properly.

A. Taking your thyroid medicine with coffee, mineral supplements (especially iron or calcium) or fiber such as bran cereal or Citrucel can interfere with its absorption (Thyroid, March, 2008).  Using a calcium-fortified fruit juice to take the medication could severely limit how much gets into your bloodstream. So could a high-calcium food like Greek yogurt. Other foods that may cut absorption of levothyroxine include grapes, soybeans and papaya (European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, 2014).

Watch Out for Drugs

There are several medications, especially those intended to moderate stomach acid, that can also interfere with proper absorptions. Proton pump inhibitors (esomeprazole, omeprazole, etc.) at high doses may affect absorption. So do antacids taken at the same time as the thyroid pill.

One supplement that you might want to include with your thyroid is vitamin C. In one randomized controlled study, swallowing the pill with water containing 500 mg ascorbic acid dissolved in it improved absorption as determined by lower TSH and higher levels of T4 and T3 (Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, June, 2014).

Taking Thyroid Medicine at Bedtime

Why not take your levothyroxine at bedtime? A small study showed that the drug is absorbed better in the evening (Clinical Endocrinology, Jan., 2007). As long as you don’t eat within two or three hours of retiring, your thyroid medication should work fine and nothing else will interfere with it.

An alternative to that would be Tirosint. This liquid formulation is designed to be absorbed much better, without interference from breakfast beverages such as coffee or a latte (Pharmaceutics, Dec., 2013). You can learn more about thyroid treatment in our Guide to Thyroid Hormones.

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Hi, Everyone. I’m a 28 year-old female with hypothyroidism. Initially, I was diagnosed with PCOD and thyroid. They treated me for thyroid, and PCOD effects decreased. I didn’t take any treatment for PCOD. Currently, my pelvic scan report shows no signs of a cyst so my doctor says I don’t have to get any special treatment for PCOD.

We are planning to have a baby. We tried but it didn’t work out so went to the doctor and found that my TSH levels are high. The doctor says I have to regulate my TSH and increased my thyroid dosage from 50mcg to 75mcg before trying to get pregnant, which makes sense. My concern is: should I also get treated for PCOD along with thyroid? Most of my research shows my PCOD was the trigger for my thyroid condition. Even if I don’t have a cyst I have other symptoms of PCOD like irregular periods and weight gain. I’m confused.

Why do some Doctors recommend Armor thyroid and some will not prescribe or recommend it. They say it is not sanitary? My Pharmacist said that the FDA approves it or the pharmacy could not sell it. My Doctor will not prescribe Armor…

I have been on thyroxin for 12 yrs. 125mg for 11yrs and now 150mg for 1 yr.,
only found out that I had been taking it at the wrong time with, ie with high fibre breakfast and other medications, what should I do?

I’ve seen both PCP and endocrinologist for my hylothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. PCP drs have never had issue with prescribing Armour but endo explained she felt synthetic meds were easier for her to manage correct dosage.
I had some results with both but physically preferred the Armour. Even with #s returning in to normal range I was signifigantly symptomatic.

First day, synthroid 100, TSH @ 5.6 , useful info about taking at night with water

Hi, this is a very helpful and
informative forum , and I am so happy to have discovered it. I am a 72 year old female & take opioids for chronic pain from a failed spinal operation & also blood pressure medication ,& have been on oroxine for 25 years after having a partial thyroidectomy for a benign growth. I was wondering if these medications have interacted with each other for anyone else, & also how long before or after these medications I should take the thyroid medication. I would be grateful for any suggestions – thanks in advance.?

Hi everyone I’m so glad I found this site lots of great information. I recently had a TT and a large mass removed (benign)a month ago actually. My parathyroids are not working yet…and I’m taking massive doses of calcium and caltriol. Horrible! 100mcg of Thyroxine, gaining weight and feel dizzy and confused at times. My blood pressure is high and I’m sure my doctor will increase my dosage when I see him next. I had high blood pressure before my thyroid issues. Does anyone else suffer with high blood pressure and managing okay on Thyroxine. I see my surgeon in a couple of days and have many questions. Thanks for all the great information. And it’s good to know I’m not alone.

I have been on Synthroid for at least ten years. It’s ok but I’m exhausted by the afternoon. I no way have the energy I did a few years ago. Would love to switch to Armour but tried it once and became grumpy and lethargic so went back to Synthroid. Any clues to share about how to successfully switch?

I also had my thyroid removed 2 week ago. I take my levothyroxine at 5am. I have my coffee with non dairy cream. No calcium it. I have whatever I want to eat a 9am. I do have high blood pressure. I also had a stroke last November. I lost 40 pounds before I had the thyroid surgery. I’ll have to wait and see what happens I’ll try to keep you up-to-date. Good luck.

what kind of vitamin c can you take with your thyroid medicine ?

I’ve been on Levo for a few months now – only 50mcg until we figure out if that’s the right amount. I have to say, I’ve never felt better than I have on this! I have a good friend who is a D.O. and another friend who is a pharmacist (works out super well for me). They both said don’t eat within the first 30 minutes of taking my medicine. I’ve followed that advice and I still feel like a whole new person on Levo! (No more fog, no more fatigue, I can focus, the anxiety is gone, etc). I never knew what I was missing. I will gladly be on thyroid medication for the rest of my life. I take it first thing when I wake up, shower and get ready and am good to eat by the time I’m done with that. It works well, although on the weekends I have to get up earlier than I want to :).

All the research I’ve done on Levo in controlled and uncontrolled settings have shown that the only time there are major issues is if you’re on too high of a dose. Losing hair, heart palps, anxiety, etc, are tale tale signs that you’re on too high of a dose. If you’re telling your doctor this and they’re not switching your dose, you might want to consider getting a new doctor. That is something my doctor knows to look for, and she has even warned me about these unwanted side affects. While certain medications may not work well for everyone, if you’re finding that Levo did work well, then your dosage increased and now it’s not, consider asking your doctor to re-test you and go back down to a lower dose. Your thyroid is a moving target, sometimes even the same dose will be too much or too little for long seasons. It is good to have the blood work done every 6 months to 1 year. You know yourself best, if you feel your body telling you somethings not quite right, talk to you doctor about having new blood work taken, or seeing if another medicine is right for you.

Would decaffeinated coffee also interfere with absorption of the thyroid medication?

I take Levothyroxine first thing in the morning, wait 1 hour before anything else except water, after one hour go on w/ regular med routine. Have never had a problem since.

I have been on levothyroxine for 1 year. My dose is 125 MG. I really don’t have any problem. I also have Myasthenia Gravis.

Yes – anything but water will affect absorption. I would wait 1/2 an hour before drinking or eating anything.

I stated taking Levo about 6 weeks ago, my brain fogs are gone but I feel like in evenings I want to have nap or severe urge of sleep. I am planing to discuss armour with my doctor, even if I have to buy them on my own

I was very interested to learn of the differing Thyroid medications as I have had my Thyroid removed some 25 years ago due to fibroids and have been on Levothyroxine in high doses ever since. I still however find fatigue a big problem and wondered if anyone else has this problem and if so how they overcome it?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I was told to make sure I took my Synthroid at least 30 minutes before or 2 hours after eating/drinking anything but water. I was also told to take it in the morning, not the evening, because it gives you a little boost of energy, which can interfere with sleep, and everyone can use a little extra energy during the day. :) I try to take mine as soon as I wake up in the morning. Then by the time I take my shower and brush my teeth, I can have my coffee and/or breakfast. I have also noticed that if I take my medication after I’ve eaten something, even if I wait the 2 hours, I still have the lethargy that day and the next. I also take the brand name Synthroid, not the generic (Levothyroxine, I believe it is called), because my doctor told me that thyroid medication has to be so specific, and generics are allowed to be slightly off from the brand medication. The problem with that is every generic is different, so if you get a different generic every time, you’re not getting exactly the same dose from bottle to bottle of medication. I would definitely talk to your endocrinologist, though. She is the one who gave me the advice. I hope this helps, because I know how bad it is to not have enough energy.

I am going through bouts of high blood pressure and thyroid medication problems. I feel like I will never overcome how I feel and have not been myself for months. My doctor increased my blood pressure meds and lowered my thyroid medication and it’s been a week and I still feel awful. How long does it take to regulate the medication before I feel better, I have no idea, but I have such low energy and overall ‘not feeling like myself’ syndrome. It is so not me and I am tired of people asking me how I feel and me having to say ‘not feeling better yet’. Is this common for one who has never had thyroid med problems before?

Hi I am 1 year post op TT from papillary carcinoma and I was wondering, since you wrote this some time ago, if your symptoms ever improved because I am feeling just how you did when you wrote this. I’m wondering if ill ever get my life back, I’m 29 and feel 60 its terrible. Any advice would be so appreciated!

For thyroid meds, 6 weeks to feel the results of dose change. Only 2 weeks to show results in blood tests.

That levo never worked for me and made me so sick and lose my thyroid to surgery. Never again.

You hired her so fire her. I was on Levo for 7 months gained 20 pounds lost hair had heart palps, asked my dr for Armour he said no so I called left message I stopped taking the Levo as it was going do kill me. He did give me Armour 1 week ago and I have no more palps more energy and I am glad I quit Levo as it did not work for me.Target sold me 30 pills for $16 and it was worth it. I should have done this months ago. Also the pharmacist told me that the heart palps are a very common complaint with a lot of folks who have also switched. My concern was that when the heart stops it can throw a clot and where would I be then?

I take Levothyroxine and wellbutrin

I take 120mg of Armour Thyroid in the morning and another 120mg in the afternoon. If I wanted to start taking it at night would I take all 240mg or still spilt it up somehow?

Well, I’m back to report how liberated I am now, since I’ve begun taking my Levo at night…my days are normal again as far as eating and taking my vitamins and supplements. I just make sure I don’t eat anything at least 2 hours before taking my Levo before bed.
Since I’m taking my vitamins and tea earlier, I’m not having trouble sleeping anymore and I don’t wake up feeling like I never slept. My energy is back…amazing what a little change can do. So looks like I won’t be needing ZzzQuil anymore.
It might not work for everyone at night, but it works for me. Thanks again for the tips.

Thanks so much for this information. May I ask how you learned that two hours following your evening meal was a sufficient time to wait before taking the thyroid medication? I read somewhere that it needed to be at least three hours, but would be relieved to know that two hours was good enough.

Thanks so much for this forum…glad I found it. Lots and lots of good info. I’ve been on Levothyroxin for around 5 years and have felt crappy ever since starting it. I felt better at the 75 mcg dose but doctors insist I need 100 mcg. At one time they had me on 125 mcg during the early years. Anyway, thanks for all the comments. I’m going to try taking mine before bedtime, which always is well after midnight. I usually wake up around noon, take the Levo, wait an hour to eat, wait 4 more to take vitamins and supplements (and walnuts!), which causes any like B12 to make it hard for me to sleep. The only time I can really sleep well is when I take about 2 or 3 teaspoons of ZzzQuil, but I don’t like taking it too often.
I really want this change of taking my Levo at bedtime to work, so I can start having coffee or tea again when I first wake up instead of a Levo. And I like to drink milk before the coffee or tea. Oh, life will be good again (I hope).
2 questions:
– If I do have problems sleeping after a night dose, will ZzzQuil interfere? I take about 1/4 of an inch in the little cup that comes with it.
– I have heard green tea is bad when on thyroid meds. Has anyone heard this and if so, do I have to completely eliminate it from my diet or just drink several hours apart from levo? I like to have it around 5 in the afternoon.
P.S. I asked my doc if I could have Armour…she said no, she doesnt’t prescribe it. I asked if I could try Synthroid instead of Levo. She said Levo’s cheaper and there’s no difference. I don’t believe her but she didn’t seem to want to give me a chance to try the Synthroid. Wonder why? Anyway, maybe taking my Levo at night will make me feel normal again instead of like death warmed over. I just want my energy back. I’ll be skipping my noon dose today and will start tonight and will post again on how it’s working out.
I was shocked reading that some were in hospitals that served up thyroid meds along with all the vitamins and supplements. Maybe they should ask the patients first if their dose is based on them taking with or without supplements (if they know)….but I know the norm is to take them apart.

I take the brand name Synthroid, not the generic (Levothyroxine, I believe it is called), because my doctor told me that thyroid medication has to be so specific, and generics are allowed to be slightly off from the brand medication. The problem with that is every generic is different, so if you get a different generic every time, you’re not getting exactly the same dose from bottle to bottle of medication. I was told to make sure I took my Synthroid at least 30 minutes before or 2 hours after eating/drinking anything but water.

I started having trouble sleeping and fatigue during the day when I took it in the evening, so I was also told to take it in the morning, not the evening, because it gives you a little boost of energy, which can interfere with sleep, and everyone can use a little extra energy during the day. :) I try to take mine as soon as I wake up in the morning. Then by the time I take my shower and brush my teeth, I can have my coffee and/or breakfast. I have also noticed that if I take my medication after I’ve eaten something, even if I wait the 2 hours, I still have the lethargy that day and the next. If you’re already having the fatigue when you take it in the morning, it can’t hurt to change to evening, though. Definitely try the brand name medication. It made a difference for me.

I have been taking Synthroid since 1988 after having half of my Thyroid removed due to 3 nodules on it. I was first on .25 then .50 then .75 now I am on .88. I always took it at 5:AM with 16 oz water and by the time I got my shower and got ready for work I could eat breakfast, then I retired. I did not know that I was not supposed to lie down after taking it so I have been getting up taking my Synthroid and going back to bed. A friend mentioned that she had read not to lay down after taking it so here I am looking up the info. It is so strange when I was in the hospital that the nurses did not know that you are suppose to take Synthroid on an empty stomach and alone with plenty of water! The Nurse brought all my vitamins and other meds all together and I told him that I could not take them all together —he had to look up the info–said well I was right.. Well after 26 years I will be staying up when I take my Synthroid. One question —-why do I get sleepy when I take it?

Hi, well I was on Levo for 7 months started at 25 went up to 75mcg and gained 20 pounds had hair loss as well as my eyebrows not to mention my energy level was gone and this is not me as I work in yard clean house do everything as I am a widow. The worst symptom was was irregular heart beats. I did some research and found way too many had same symptoms. Levo is just T4 which needs to be converted to T3 and to me Armour was the answer as it is T4 T3 T2 T1/ I like you approached my doc twice to go on armour and he aid no insurance would not cover. Last week after dealing with the heart issue I quit taking the levo as I felt I would soon have some heart damage, called the office relayed this to nurse and told her it was going to kill me and will not take it again. They sent script got Armour over and after 1 week of no Levo I feel like myself and the heart palps are gone. Will get blood work up in 6 weeks and I bet my T3 and T4 or up. Want a difference, also United Health care did not cover and I paid 16 for 30 pills at Target UHC must be in bed with the Big Pharma. If you do not feel right get a new doctor, you have one body and one life you hired her so fire her. Good Luck.

I’ve been taking Armour Thyroid for two years and I hear conflicting advice on the best time to take it. I do split my dosage in half and take half in the morning and half in the evening. Should I take it an hour or two before eating breakfast and dinner, or 10 to 20 minutes after those meals? I’ve heard both. I had been doing one hour before meals, but then I read 10 to 20 minutes after meals is better. So I’ve recently tried that, but I’ve had trouble sleeping well at night lately and wonder if it’s related. Three months ago I increased my dosage from 60 to 90. The six-week lab results came back in range, but I’m wondering if I should go back to the 60mg dosage.

I was on Levo and now on Armour thank goodness, all research I have done and what my doctor and pharmacist stated was to take it on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. Reason being levo could not make it to stomach without the fluid. Relative to empty stomach and no other fluids or solids for an hour after is because your body needs to absorb only it so no tea, coffee or food for at least one hour.

I have been on 50mcg of levothyroxine for 14 months. I have always taken it in the morning. Never a particular time, just when I wake up.. and then I will wait for an hour before I eat. Which I hate! Because if I want to go walk when I wake up, I go on an empty stomach.
Anyhow, I saw my doctor two days ago, and asked him if I could switch to night, so that I can have what I want in the mornings. He said, of course. I took my first pm dose last night, and woke up with some serious questions. How long should I wait after dinner, before taking my medicine? Also, if I wanted to have alcohol, how much time should be before and after?
I’m not a drinker normally, but will be going to a concert in September, and was thinking about how I’ll drink there. And if I do drink, how will I go about taking the medicine around 9-10 ? Should I just stick to mornings if I’m worried about it?

Taking Synthroid 88 mcg for a few years now. For the past year taking Cytomel 5mcg twice a day. Not good at remembering to take the 2nd dose around 3 pm everyday…I get busy and forget most of the time. Feel as though I’m in a slump and a nap would be great.
I recently ordered Triple Action Cruciferous Vegetable Extract (I’m not good at eating my veggies), Virgin Coconut Oil, and Thyroid Energy (from the makers of NOW – this is thyroid support).
What are your thoughts on taking these? More than anything – I’m wondering what will happen to me if I take the Thyroid Energy capsules and I’m taking the Synthroid 88 mcg and Cytomel 5 mcg…thoughts please!

Relative to the Thyroid Energy, you need to check and see if there is iodine in it if so do not take it as there is probably iodine in yours thyroid med. When I have researched it what I found was to do brussel spouts and kale now and then but they have to be cooked. Chemical breakdown in them can increase chances of goiter.

Cruciferous plants in excess have been proven to negatively affect the thyroid. I was juicing heavily with kale as a base (among other fruits and vegetables) and it was during this time I developed my thyroid issue. I still juice, but use kale on occasion. You should do some research on cruciferous plants, especially before taking a supplement that specifically is made from those type of plants.

After a total thyroidectomy in March 2014 I started taking Synthroid and the dose has been changed accordingly to TSH levels lab results. I believe that at last I am taking the correct dose because the bouts of anger, the unstoppable eating and the tiredness have disappeared (usually around 1pm I felt that I needed to lie down until the next day).
1. For directions go to Synthroid’s manufacturer instructions. They have a very helpful Q & A with guidelines. The website is To me that’s my first point of reference.
2. You would be amazed how many medicines have an interaction with Synthroid affecting its absorption and effectiveness. You should always consult with your physician, also your pharmacist can verify. Also go to

I know your post was a long time ago but thought I would ask you anyway… You
mentioned that you were taking Armor for your thyroid problem. is that in addition to Synthroid or just by itself??

So glad this site is here. I’ve been on levo for over 20 years. Have had to tweak doses over the years. My question is this: after reading the pros/cons on AM or PM taking my levo, I’m thinking evening is best… sort of. Because I work out 60-80 min. 4-6 times a week, I get hungrier than I used to. Smaller meals more often is what I tend to need. However, my stomach growls sometimes before sleep, 11p or so, even after having healthy stuff for a snack after dinner.
The conundrum, when to take the levo? I have heart disease & my lipids were up recently so I have to add fiber back in. As it seems to be the one tweak to make for that issue. But, that is not good for levo absorption. Right? Any clues as to how best to take besides ignoring the hunger? I’m 64 and not the best sleeper in the world so setting an alarm to take in the night may bite me. The hubby, before he recently retired, would give it to me at 3:30a. I’m not wanting to wake him with an alarm to continue to take it during the night.
Is protein powder in water a bad mix less than 2 hours before taking levo. In other words, are there less absorption issues with any foods?

I had a partial thyroidectomy on 2/20/2014 ever since the surgery I haven’t have the urge to drink coffee. Before the surgery I would drink about 2 pots of coffee a day, and now I just look at the coffeepot and don’t feel anything. I just walk away. Something isn’t normal here. I always loved my coffee and now it’s like the coffee is out of my symptom. Very concerned!

Can I take daily aspirin 75mg with thyroid medication to prevent heart problems———particularly for a long haul flight ?

I am so happy to have found this site. I had thyroid surgery on Tues to remove my thyroid. No official results yet but biopsy said cancer. I wound up in the ER. Everything was normal but I had not taken the meds that day so they were wearing off. I believe the dose was too high. Dr started me on 137. Had heart racing and felt like I was going to pass out. Had breathing problems.
Called dr and he lowered the dose, now on 125. So second day and we will see what happens now.
I am happy to have found info on calcium products. I was not sure it was just don’t take calcium supplements or food with calcium soon after. So now I know. I also found out about other foods to watch out for at another site so I have to make sure I don’t have oats or rye soon after either. Certain vegetables can cause issues too. Depressed about the whole thing. I had breast cancer 2 years ago and now have to deal with this.
thanks for the education

Taking two hours after eating and often five hours didn’t help at all. I switched to am 1 hour before eating only a small improvement. I took it 2 hours before breakfast and felt significantly better the next day. I now routinely take it 2 hours before eating. The bad thing is I can’t do a lot of exercise on no food. Here’s to hoping the 2 hours continues to work.

Have your endocrinologist check your parathyroid glands.

I have had hypothyroidism for years and have been on levothyroxine for yrs too. But I thought I’d share that if your levels are good after being corrected, or even if they aren’t, but you aren’t noticing a difference in your symptoms with levothyroxine or synthroid, that you may want to talk to your dr about cytomel. It’s a med to be added to your other thyroid meds to help w all your symptoms. My dr, who studied under a highly recommended endocrinologist here, learned that some patients don’t receive enough relief from their symptoms w just levothyroxine. That their levels may be fine but yet they’re still not back to their normal self….ie-tired, hair falling out, cold, brittle nails, etc.
I never knew about this and apparently it helps w the T3 when the other meds help w t4! But other people may not need this added medication. So, since I had been off my meds for a while and my levels were high(5.something), that I’m gonna take it for a month or so and if my meds don’t deal w all my symptoms, I plan on adding cytomel to my regime! My dr herself takes both as she is hypo as well and didn’t get enough relief from just synthroid! And I plan on doing the same if its not enough for me. But I also don’t want to take extra meds I don’t need. Which is why I’m giving the synthroid a chance first since it’s been enough in the past. We shall see. I just wanted to share this in hopes someone else who isn’t feeling “normal” w their reg meds, can get the relief they need! And I too shall try taking it at night!
(Oh and I also take kelp supplements as they help restore your thyroid naturally! I’m hoping I can cut down on my meds after 6 wks! Hope this helps someone else!)

I have been taking thyroid medication for about 20 years now, always in the morning, and always waiting for the requisite 30 minutes. This was not a hardship for me, because I skip breakfast by preference. (I try to eat it, because the nutritionists say you SHOULD, but for myself, I wouldn’t eat until noon.) I do not consume caffeine, and when I do, I prefer tea. I normally take my vitamins in the afternoon, or after dinner, so the calcium supplement would not have interfered with absorption.
Although it did not result in a noticeable drop in my need for the medication, at the suggestion of my sister, I started taking my thyroid in the middle of the night. I always wake up at least once a night to visit the necessary, anyway. So I take my thyroid pill then! I always have water on my nightstand, and I just started keeping my pill there, too. It’s the most convenient time, because if I want to have a late night snack, it’s OK, or, if I wake up hungry, I don’t have to wait. Best of both worlds.

I take 75mcg of Synthroid daily…and have for about 6 months now after my endo changed my meds several times to get my numbers right. I do notice a difference in how I feel. I have noticeably more energy and my hair and skin aren’t quite as dry. It hasn’t done anything yet for the 80 lbs. I gained until my Dr figured out it was my thyroid and sent me to my endo though. The thing I am noticing is that every day I get up between 6:30 and 7:00, take my synthroid….and by 8:30-9, I simply cannot hold my eyes open! I get a funny feeling and feel like if I don’t lay down I will fall down. Once I sit or lie down, I fall into a deep, deep sleep. I will sleep until 12-1… absolutely unable to wake up. I have a young child at home and now that my other is back in school this is a definite problem!!! I have had to make my son just crawl in the bed with mommy until she can wake up. Once I get up… I feel great in the afternoon… and even better in the evening. If I could start my day the way I end it, life would be good. I do get adequate sleep at night… go to bed by 11-12… so I don’t really feel like its my body catching up on sleep. Does anyone else have this? I feel as if my synthroid puts me to sleep. Should I try taking it at night? I worry about this. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

you are mistaken in saying Mary Shomon is an m.d. she has a bachelor’s degree according to her bio on “”.

I disagree with the primary answer.
I was given instructions by both my physician AND pharmacist to NOT take my synthroid at night, or before going to bed. And I’ve been taking thyroid medication my entire life.

I take levothyroxine in the morning way before breakfast for 40 years and doing well. Recently I was put on triam hctz for high blood pressure and I’m taking it before bedtime.
Can I take both pills together in the morning as I sometimes forget taking the nightly pill.
Thank you!
People’s Pharmacy response: This should not pose any problem.

I have been taking Synthroid 88 mcg at the same time (6am) everyday by alarm on my cell. I keep a glass of water by my bed with the pill next to it. I chew the pill and dissolve it in my mouth and wash it down with lots of water. I do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours afterwards. This works great for me. I was very sick with Hashimoto and Mast Cell Activation disease and everything that comes with that. When I was put on the Levothyroxine first but my body did not respond to that so the Doc put me on Synthroid and boy I started getting better sure makes a difference.

After 14 years of taking levox. In the morning I’m going to try taking it at night hoping I will have more energy. I drink a cup of decaf green tea every night before bedtime. Should I wait any time between the tea and meds? FYI. for hair loss try Biotin supplements. My hairdresser suggested it and it REALLY works :) Good luck to all of us.

I have been so tired the last few days I can hardly stand it. I take my synthroid in the AM but starting today I’m going to take it at night and hope to god I start feeling more alive. After reading all of the posts I have to think it will help. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Thank You!

I started the Levothyroxin 50, three days ago, when will it start taking effect?? I am so itchy and sleepy, no changes..
People’s Pharmacy response: We hope you will be feeling better within a week or so. Doctors like to test after 6 weeks to see if the dose is right.

Like I said earlier I had achy joints where the arm and shoulders meet and then I started getting it on the back of my legs and I didn’t have any energy this past weekend when I made the last comment. I came home early from work and the second night seemed like it just dragged on and on. I was supposed to go to the doctor that week for shots and follow up with an MRI. That Sunday night-Monday morning about 1:00 am my heart rate plummeted, I passed out and I had pulse rate of 150 to 160.
I was rushed to the hospital and found out it was a mixture of things like maybe my thyroid medicine and my blood pressure medicine had a diuretic in it and it was draining my potassium. I did not know potassium was that big of a deal but it is. It can affect your heart if its too low or too high. I was in the hospital for two days getting iv’s of potassium and being checked out but after they gave me the iv’s with potassium my achy joints went away. My thyroid doctor lowered my medicine to 200 mcg and my doctor changed my blood pressure medicine and now I’m going thru follow ups to see how everything goes.

I take my thyroid in the am but would like to start taking them in the pm but I don’t sleep good so I take a gravol to help with the sleep would this interfere with the thyroid meds? Thanks
People’s Pharmacy response: We do not know of an interaction between levothyroxine and dimenhydrinate.

I wish I could wake up and feel reborn. I snack around at night so this would not work for me. You mentions achy joints and I’m glad you did about the last five months I’ve been feeling that in my shoulders and arm joints. I thought I was getting something else. Now I’m going to really wait longer instead of diving sooner into the coffee and see if that helps with the joint problem. Thanx.

I have been taking L-Thyrox (50mg) here in Germany for about 8yrs. I can’t recall my doctor mentioning any interactions when she first prescribed it to me. Two days ago I happened to stumble on the information that coffee and vitamins block the absorption of Thyroxine (oops!) and read about taking it at night.
I have been feeling like crap off and on for over a year, with daily headaches, low energy, achy joints, and much more hair loss than previously, despite a very healthy lifestyle and lots of sleep. I decided to immediately try taking the thyroxine at night, and woke up yesterday and today feeling reborn.
Loads of energy, better concentration, much more awake. It’s only been a 2 day trial, with a sample of 1, but if this continues… wow. What a difference. I haven’t had my levels checked in years, but may not need to if I continue to feel this good :)

I take estrogen and progesterone. I recently read that these can interfere with my thyroid medication. I take Levothyroxin, substituted for synthroid, and Liothyronine, substituted for cytomel. I’ve been taking thyroid medication for over 20 years. I’ve been on hormone replacement therapy for about 9 years and have not noticed a change with respect to thyroid symptoms. Can hormones such as the ones I am taking interfere with my thyroid medications? If so, how?

Thank you for all the information…..

Sorry 225mcg levothyroxine.

I just started last June taking thyroid medicine cause I’ve had mine completely removed because of cancer. I was taking 250mcg but I was taking naps and felt tired so I thought I needed more dosage but my doctor told me I needed less of a dosage thru blood work. Now I take 225mcg and feel much better. I take it in the morning and wait at least an hour before I drink coffee or eat. I work weekend so on Sat. and Sun. I take it at least two hours after I eat or drink. So far so good, I guess I’ll wait and see on my next blood test on how I’m doing.

I have read all of the comments and have learned a lot, thank you! But, I am so fatigued ALL the time that I have started to take a Super B Complex and Magnesium to give me some energy. It helps but I would like to exercise in the morning before showering, but no energy, and can’t take anything until 4 hrs after taking levothyroxin! Trying to decide on a good time to take it with everything else I’m taking: AM-Levothyroxin 50MCG, DHEA 25mg, Clarinex 5MG, Multi vitamin, Vit D3 1000IU, Super B-Complex, Magnesium 250mg. PM-Singulair 10MG, Zetia 10MG, and Lipitor 20 MG. As you can see, I am trying to go by my Dr orders, but I can’t seem to get past the fatigue and brain fog. Help me, please!

Hi, I was wondering did you mean mcg’s which means micrograms cause you wrote mg. Which means milligrams… my doctor can’t get me regulated either. I am not at all what mcg’s I used to be, I am tired all the time, no energy, I am crabby cause I used to be so energetic & now I can’t even exercise. I don’t sleep right & you want your old life back. My Dr. Just raised my synthroid to .125 mcg’s from .112 mcg’s, I still don’t feel right after 4 weeks.
I guess its hit or miss cause my friend takes the Levo which I tried years ago & doesn’t do a thing for me at all. She won’t let me try the armor which I’ve heard so much positive feedback from. I take mine in the am & used to take in the pm cause I thought it was the cause of my sleepless nights. I am so confused & frustrated. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sandy

I just got my dosage upped to 75 from 50. I asked her to do it because their lab goes by the old guidelines and I believe I feel better with my TSH around 2 ish. She was aiming at around 4. But my doctor is cool and willing to try anything at least once. I did take my meds at night in the beginning but I just couldn’t remember them. I was forever forgetting to take them or having a late night bowl of cereal and messing myself up. Now I take 500mg of metformin at night so the point is moot. I can’t take those near each other if I want them both to work.
My newest issue is that I am looking at weight loss surgery and having to add lots of vitamins to my regimen. I know I can’t take iron or calcium supplements with my levothyroxine in the a.m., but I was wondering if I can take the supplement at night with the metformin? Or if I have a multi that doesn’t have iron or calcium can I take extra calcium and iron at night with the metformin and the multi in the morning with the levothyroxine? Trying to get an idea of how to plan out my meds daily.
P.S. I highly recommend Mary Shomon’s book The Thyroid Diet Revolution. Plus she has a weekly newsletter covering all things thyroid related. She is an M.D. and has Hashimoto’s

I have ALWAYS taken my meds with many cups of coffee in AM. No one has ever said coffee interferes.
PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: With respect to thyroid medicine, the most important thing is to be consistent in the way you take it. That way your dose is adjusted to your lifestyle.
Here’s the info on coffee interfering with absorption:
and here is a new product designed to get around this problem:

I’d been effectively controlled on Armour for years and then the drug shortage hit, was switched to synthroid-what a nightmare.
Thank goodness for my neighbor, we were talking one day and she too was on Armour but her doctor recommended a compounding pharmacy. She was able to stay on the equivalent to Armour and not have to go through all the issues I did.
I asked my doctor why he hadn’t recommended a compounding pharmacy, he said he really didn’t know who/what they were. I talked with my neighbor’s pharmacist and he agreed to call my doctor. He discussed how a compound was formulated, prepared and tested to assure potency. My doctor agreed to use the compounded version of Armour.
All I can say is, Thank goodness for a very knowledgeable and caring compounding pharmacist.

Would like to try taking my synthroid at night but I also take lisonopril before bedtime as well wondering if there is any problem with taking them both?
PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: We couldn’t find an interaction noted. Usually the recommendation for Synthroid is that it be taken by itself, but the most important thing is that it be taken the same way consistently.

This answer and kgb’s seem to make the most since to me (personally) since I haven’t slept through the night in 35 yrs. I started taking a herbal supplement (7-Ketone) and need to take up as soon as I get up. I have been on synthroid for only 3 months. I just read a couple days ago not to take herbal supplements within 4 hours. Man I felt stupid! LOL So, the middle of the night it is. Maybe then I will lose a little of the dry skin, have a bit more energy and be warm and cool appropriately. Thanks for all the great reads.

I have been taking synthroid for over 20 plus years. My thyroid has been completely removed due to thyroid cancer. The doctor had kept my dose at a higher amount for years but now over the last few years have been leveling it off.
The problem is they can’t seem to get it to stay at a normal level. It’s either too high or too low. I keep getting switched back and forth from 50mcg to 75mcg. Can this be do to my weight going up and down within 8 pounds?
I’ve always taken it first thing in the morning but have read others have taken it at night. I work second shift and get home at 11:30 at night and sometime have a snack before going to bed which is usually around 1:00AM. When would be the best time to take my synthroid? Before I get out of work or staying up a little later and taking it after my snack

Gosh, that’s just awful. Why on earth in the 21st century does someone have to travel hundreds of miles to buy medication. Maybe your congressman/woman should be made aware of this.

I’ve been taking Levothyroxine for more years than I want to think about; and always in the early morning. This was changed to just before bed when I read that it’s better to take it late evening. However, after about a month I found that I was getting really tired around 3pm and actually had to take a nap; so now I am taking it early morning again. It’s interesting to note that I haven’t felt sluggish since taking my thyroid med in the morning again.

I usually take my medicine around ten or eleven in the morning but if I get up around seven a.m. can I take my thyroid medicine a little early or should I wait? I drink coffee in the morning with a little creamer and I wait at least thirty minutes or an hour is that alright?

I have congenital hypohyroidism and had my thyroid surgery for multinodular goitre in 2009. have been on levothyroxine and never had any thyroid function test since then! there was no endocrinologist at the hospital, I moved to another state that has only 1 endocrinologist (who’s not interested in his profession)! Before, there was no pharmacy that sold thyroxine drugs where I lived, so I had to take a hour flight to another state to buy them in bulk. But thank God now there’s just one pharmacy that supplies me so I don’t have to travel.
For those of you who have access to endocrinologists and their care and time, thank God, don’t complain too much, be grateful, be strong. I’m still searching for one.

Ginny, have you found out how to tolerate more thyroid medication? I feel the same way as you do!!!

I’ve been taking my thyroid meds before bedtime. I was on Synthroid (which, by the way is made with confectioner’s sugar and I’m pre-diabetic). I tried to do some weight loss smoothies with coconut milk and I must have loosened some toxins because my throat was burning like mad and my hair fell out (about half of it) over a week’s time).
Is it possible to flip to hyperthyroidism from hypo after detoxing with coconut milk and high antioxidants like cocoa and berries? I was really wrecked. My head was killing me and then I fell into a deep sleep until my husband made enough noise and woke me up. I backed off of my Synthroid for a day and then took a lower dose a couple of days (to be on the safe side).
I switched back to Levoxyl and am supplementing with evening primrose oil to get my hair to stop falling out. Sheesh!!! And then this doctor, who told me coconut products wouldn’t affect me at all, won’t even own up to the fact that Synthroid CAN make your hair fall out. And he won’t admit I possibly had a thyroid storm.
Does he think I just fell off the pumpkin truck yesterday? I watched many folks march into my first endo’s office here and they were all BALD!!! Or going BALD!!! Doesn’t sound like she knows what she’s doing either! None of them do here!!! I can’t wait to get out of this God forsaken town with the armpit of medical science happening here.

I recently had my thyroid removed after a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. Prior to that I had been taking Synthroid for some 30 years to “suppress thyroid function” since cystic noodles were found (likely due to radiation treatment for tonsil its at age 5). Post op, my Synthroid dosage was increased from 100 mcg to 137 mcg.
I am also confounded by the requirements of how and when to take my Synthroid. For decades, I thoughtlessly took it with my other meds and vitamins either before, during or after breakfast. My primary care physician never discussed the timing with me. and I just stopped reading the instructions on the bottle.
Immediately after surgery, I was told to add oyscam calcium to my diet. apparently since 2 of my four parathyroid glands were also removed. Among my other meds, I take omeprazole (generic prilosec) for chronic acid reflux (hiatal hernia). In recent years, it has been determined that a side effect from long term use of such protein pump inhibitors causes osteoporosis. A bone density exam confirmed I have osteopenia. I am a 67 year old male with an athletic background, a group considered to be at low risk for such a diagnosis. So, I have been taking at least 1000 mg of calcium citrate. Now I read that synthroid can also cause osteoporosis. Up goes the calcium intake. I now take 640 mg of calcium 4 hours after my synthroid and another 500mg before bedtime.
Last note: I also have had chronic sleep issues for decades, awakening tired and listless well into the day. Been to sleep clinics (change your sleep habits body clock, no apnea). Now am wondering if it has to do with my timing of synthroid intake and whether I should try switching to evenings. Can’t seem to win but for losing.

I take thyronome in the morning with empty stomach. Is it fine this way?

I know the feeling, I started Levothyroxine 3 years ago, but this year has been bad. I started out on .025 MCG but in Jan this year went up to .050 MCG was on it for 6 weeks then my body just flipped out, have been having problems ever since then, blood test still show abnormal, wants me to go to .075 MCG, but 3 days into that I felt like I was on speed. stopped the meds for a day and went back down to .050 MCG, still felt jittery and wired, So I started taking the meds at night, but that was not working for me either. Started back to days this week, and so far so good. but I know at my next Dr. Appt. she is going to tell me to take the .075 MCG and I don’t want to.
My answer to you is that’s too many times to change that med in a 4 week span, due to the fact it takes about 6 weeks to fully get the effects. It does take a while to see the changes in the blood work after she has taken the meds.

I had my thyroid removed April 2010. Hashimoto’s disease and it was very enlarged. I have been on Synthroid, Levoxyl, Armour, tirosint (I have celiac disease and tirosint is gluten free) and cytomel. My body just doesn’t tolerate meds…… the higher doses (75 mcg+) I get leg cramps, headaches, stressed out and just feel ill. For the last month I am on 25 mcg which is all my body seems to tolerate so I can properly function, but I know my thyroid levels are low. 6 weeks ago my TSH was 42.66, my T4 was .59 and my T3 was .56. Because my thyroid levels are so low my cholesterol has gone to 268, and triglyceroids are high as well as the LDL………..however, my blood pressure stays low. I have no appetite and great nausea in the evening. I take my levoxyl in the morning and tried taking the other 25 mcg in the evening so I could increase the thyroid but even that bothered me. I see my endocrinologist this week and will be looking for new answers. What happens if one can’t tolerate any of the meds?

My 15 year old daughter was finally diagnosed as having next to no thyroid function, after 2 years of us being fobbed off, told she was “a normal teenager being sleepy” and then told she had endometriosis, aenemic etc etc, then she was collapsing in school, her blood count was low, hardly any pulse, couldn’t get clear ecg readings blood pressure 72 over 35, finally they admitted her to acute care and stabilised her so she wasn’t passing out every time she moved.
She was put on 25mcg levothyroxine for a week, as we were told there was so little function that anything more could cause a massive shock to her system, the first day she had convulsions, palpitations and was so jittery, the next day she went back to sleeping 20 hours, end of the week we were back in hospital, they upped it to 50mcg, plus 5ml sytron 4 times a day.
This made no damn difference at all, last Monday she was in the childrens hospital to see their endocrinologist, who said “well, we will leave her on 50 for a few more weeks, as we cannot rush it, and she’ll get it in her system in time”, only to get a phone call two days later telling us to up her to 75mcg at her next dose, as her last bloods (taken on the Monday, and causing her to pass out and her blood pressure to floor again) have come back, and she is really struggling.
In the past 4 weeks, she has gone from 25 to 75, even though we were told at first it would be every 6 weeks they would review her doses. Is it safe to keep changing it so quickly? Why is it having no effect at all on her? We have no idea what’s going on, and would just like to feel like someone could give us a straight answer who has been though it. Thank you x

I have been taking Levothyroxine for years now. I take in the morning at the same time every day. I wait 45 minutes to eat afterward. I have more energy now that I have had in years but still not the energy I wish I had. I went to the doctor today to see how my thyroid is doing. She said its doing okay and wants me to not take my pills on Sundays anymore.
Whenever I miss a day of taking my pill I feel like crap and don’t have the energy to do anything. I know she is a doctor but it’s hard to trust that my thyroid will stay okay with not taking a pill once a week. Anyone have any thoughts or have tried this before?

I have been taking Levothyroxine 75mcg for 1 year. I take it in the morning, as soon as I get up, with water. Then about 15 minutes I have a cup of coffee. I don’t want to sound to personal, but I have a bowel movement 30 minutes later, EVERY single day. I see a specialist, and he says my levels are near perfect. I went from levels that were 48.00 to 1.30 now. I feel so jittery and anxious in the mornings, even if I do not have the coffee. Do you think I should try my thyroid pill @ bedtime, because if the bowel movement? Or does that matter, and my dr will not change my dosage. I just want rid of the morning nerves. Please help!
PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: It is possible that the coffee is more responsible for your morning bowel movement than the levothyroxine. You could try taking the pill before bed; just to be on the safe side, you might want to take it an hour before bedtime (and at least two hours after supper). Good luck!

Thanks so much for this tip. I’m going to be switching to nights too! I’ve been taking Altroxin for about 2 years now. My levels were all over the show. 6 months ago I started exercising (running) for the first time in years. Within weeks my thyroid levels stabilized and I felt great!

I am definitely going to start taking mine in the middle of the night when I get up to tinkle–what a great idea!

Hi, DB, When I started taking the Levo at night, it kept me up for an extra 3 hours too, BUT it wore off. It only last for about 2 weeks, I think, then it wears off and the body gets used to the new routine. But taking it at night means that the body has maximum absorption and absorbs ALL of the Hormone–isn’t that why we take it. I hope that you will give it another try. I strongly recommend this because I have such good results with taking the Armour at bedtime also. If I take it during the day, I feel like wilted lettuce all day. I urge you try it again.

when should you do the fasting thyroid panel tests for optimum results? Should you take your regular dose prior to testing. Will this effect the accuracy of results?

If I take the thyroid medicine at night, how long do I need to wait to take it after having a glass of wine?
PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: An hour should be enough. Some people take it just before bedtime.

Taking Levothroxine 50 mcg for hypothyroid. First three days, felt completely well again and energetic. It was miraculous!! But between days 4 and today, (exactly 2 weeks of treatment), have returned to feeling crappy again, fatigue, irritable, hungry, etc. Could this be the Body’s way of saying it’s the right medicine just not enough? I take it in a.m. with only water and wait 30 minutes before coffee. Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you!

If you are taking thyroid med at night, you should reschedule your bran and fiber supplement. High fiber can interfere with absorption, so take those at a different time of day.

Thank you for such valuable information……I take Armour..thyroid…I am switching to taking Armour before I go to bed….makes it so much easier for me…..Thank you again

I am going to switch my Levoxyl to bedtime if my endo agrees. I take Allegra allergy meds at night, usually at bedtime. Should I move my allergy meds to earlier in the evening or will it not interact with the thyroid medication?

is it okay to take synthroid and simvastin at the same time….at night?

What about antidepressants? Can I take levothyroxine and Effexor ER together at night? I’d been taking levo in the AM but pretty much with a coffee chaser, which I think is negating the effectiveness. I’d like to switch to just before bed, but this is when I take the Effexor. please advise.

I’ve been taking 25mcg synthroid before breakfast for about a year. Would like to switch to taking it at bedtime. Can someone tell me the best way to accomplish that switch ie: i just took it this morning – should I take the next dose this evening or skip a day?
BTW I want to switch because I am an early riser by nature (4:30 to 5:30am) am usually hungry (pre-diabetic) and would like to eat right away. I have no other symptoms and lots of energy anyway. (age 69)
Great website and thanks for any info you can give.

I am so glad I found this website.
I am taking 100mcg Synthroid.. 50mg Pristiq.. 1000mg Calcium 2xdaily.. 100 mg Trazadone(nightly for sleep)..
Is it ok to take my Pristiq with the Synthroid? I was taking my calcium at them same time with the Synthroid but have since learned this was not ok.

I, too have been taking my synthroid in the morning. Will switch to night. I also have rheumatoid arthritis and peripheral neuropathy. Please give me guidance on when to take the following: Leflunomide, gabapentin, topiramate, celebrex, cymbalta, lyrica, gabapentin and benicar for high blood pressure. I have a natural extreme sleepiness, and when I take these meds in the daytime they exacerbate this problem to great degree.
I already have to take ritalyn,10 mg just to stay awake. I have no underlying health problems) Am under doctors care. SO I take all those meds at night before bed with a heaping tablespoon of physllium and TBS of bran for regularity. Thank you so very much for helping me.

Is Vitamin D3 appropriate to take with your Levothyroxine? I have been on the thyroid med for 15 yrs and have always taken it in the am due to work schedules that make it hard for consistency in the evening. I find that I no longer need that cup or two of coffee later for a mid morning boost of energy since starting the vitamin D3. I always wait 1/2 hr – 1 hr before eating after taking the meds.

I currently take 30mg of armour in the morning. I find that after I take it, I feel tired and not quite dizzy, just “off”. By mid afternoon, I feel better, more energy and less foggy feeling. Then by early evening I am “ready to go”, so to speak. I end up staying up pretty late. I was wondering if switching my dose to night time would be more appropriate.
If I do switch, how would I go about doing that? Would I take a dose in the am and another at night, would I take a half dose in the am and another half at night the first day, or would I skip a morning dose and take the missed dose, that evening? How many hours, after eating, would I need to wait, to take the dose of armour?

I take levothyroxine, lovastatin, alendronate, fish oil, CoQ10, vitamins and extra D3. What is the best time to take all of these? I would like to drink milk in the am and do not like waiting so long to eat after taking levothyroxine and alendronate in the morning. What will work better?

first time I ate two eggs before taking my thyroid medication, can I take the thyroid medication two hours after?

Thanks to all for your comments on what time of day to take Synthroid. I am just starting to take it, and want to find the most effective, and convenient time. Since I have my usual oatmeal and milk in the morning, it sounds like I will be better off taking it at night, at least two hours after any food. Some of you have had trouble sleeping when taking the pill at night, but most of you have not had this problem, so I will give it a try.
It is wonderful to have all your experiences to guide me. Thank you, and G’d bless.

My mother was given Amiodarone in August 2010 to correct atrial fibrillation, a cardiac arrhythmia. It converted her EKG to normal sinus rhythm. I thought it was odd that the cardiologist kept her on the med after the version. She started having side effects from this very dangerous drug soon after but we didn’t put two and two together for about 2-2 1/2 months later.
She was put on thyroid meds (levothyroxine 50 mcg daily), Coumadin to prevent blood clots, Lasix because of major ankle and lower leg swelling,and laxatives/fibers for severe constipation (lactulose and milk of magnesia).
She had been on simvastatin for cholesterol. No one had mentionned muscle toxicity with that drug or with the Amiodarone. They potentiated each other to the point where after asking why her legs hurt so much between the hips and knees and getting no answers, she got to the point where she could barely walk 10 feet, and was having trouble getting up off the sofa.
She also had severe exhaustion to the point of sleeping until 1:30 or 2:00pm and having trouble rousing; weakness in her legs and arms, lightheadedness/dizziness; severe trembling of her hands; severe coldness (she’s always been cold natured, but she had the heat in her house set to 82 when it was 80 outside);confusion and severe loss of appetite.
I set up a gradual plan to wean her off the amiodarone and she was off in 3 weeks. She also has COPD and was on 2 antihistamines, 2 breathing meds, 2 blood pressure meds, and lots of vitamins. When we told the cardiologist about all this, he said, “well, we usually don’t see those side effects for 5 or 6 years.” My mom is 85. I believe taking her off the Amiodarone saved her life.
We also stopped the Simvastatin, Lasix, Coumadin, Levothyroxine,& with her GP’s approval, 1 BP med. Would you please let the FDA know about the Amiodarone? The cardiologist was vague about reporting it “because there are so many manufacturers of the drug, you wouldn’t know who made yours”. Sorry this is so long and on a comment site for thyroid meds, but I know ours is not an isolated case.
My question is, since my Mom is feeling so much better now, is it OK to stay off the thyroid med and let her system ‘right itself’? I am a nurse and now we don’t want to assume that any drugs are necessary or the MDs to be trusted in leveling with us about side effects of meds.
Is it true that whenever one starts on thyroid meds one can never get off? The swelling in the legs and feet went away after we stopped the lasix. That was one of the last meds to go because we had thought it was needed.She has her appetite back, is no longer constipated or freezing all the time, is not swollen, not confused, not dizzy, and has no muscle pain or weakness. Only the trembling hands and low thyroid remain, and she used to be a morning person but now gets up around 10 to 11:00. Her MD wants her back on 75mcg of thyroid. Can you please advise? Thank you.

I take my dose of Levothyroxine as soon as I get up, waiting at least 2 hours before I take any other meds. I usually wake around 5 or 6am every day. I don’t drink coffee so I don’t have a problem with that. I tried taking it at night, and found it kept me awake or caused me to wake through the night and not be able to go back to sleep. I am on 75mcg of it now, and have very few symptoms anymore. It’s only been 4 weeks since my dose was changed, after going to about 6 different doctors about it. I was so frustrated. I only hope and pray that others find the help that I did with my thyroid and are able to get the relief that I did… God bless…

Deb, I’m happy for you that you’re feelin great.
Sometimes it takes a lot of research and command at the appointment to let them know what you need.
I am on my 5th doctor. This is the first doc that has ever listened to me. Prior to this, I never knew how to tell them what I needed. I relied on them “fixing” me. Well, that never happened so I went thru many hours of research to finally tell them what I want and need.
For the first time since being diagnosed in 2004, I feel normal. I can do what I need to do daily, the simple things in life. I feel like living. I’m no longer just existing.
I started on 12/2010 a new dose of 75 mcg, Levothyroxine, & still feeling the positive affects of it.
Your story will help others trail a way to recovery.

I take my Levothyroxine at bedtime. I sometimes set my alarm to music and when the music comes on, I remember to take it.
If you take it during the day, perhaps you could set the alarm or just put them out by your glass of water so you’ll be ready to take it.

I have been taking levothyroxine for years without much help at 50mg. I couldn’t lose the weight, still had the other symptoms, but because my blood results were ok, the 3 doctors that I had been to wouldn’t up the dose. I started taking 75mg 3 weeks ago and I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off me. I called my doctor and he did some blood work yesterday and my results came back normal, so he’s upping my prescription strength to the 75mg.
I’ve lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks, I have energy back, I’m not unhappy like I was, and all this in 3 weeks. I am on a cloud. Although I was ok with the dose, I’m not recommending doing this without doctors guidance for other people. I was just so frustrated with all the “you don’t need more” answers I was getting from all the doctors, I had to “show” them that I needed it.
The doctor said he was glad I did. I’m 56 years old and have been taking levothyroxine for about 18 years now at 50mg. Now I’m hoping and praying my eyebrows and eyelashes grow back fuller. They fell out years ago and didn’t grow back in right. I wish doctors were more open to LISTEN to their patients and not just brush them off, and understand more that blood results aren’t the only thing to look at about thyroid problems. Look at the symptoms too!!! I finally found a good doctor….. Thank God

Over 20 years I was diagnosed. For years I took Synthroid with no change in my prescription for over 14 years. Around 5 years ago, my test levels change and would not level out. I read a book called Are Your Thyroids Making You Fat and talked with my Doctor about taking Armour Thyroid because it contained both T3 and T4 (Synthroid does not). Talk about a life adjustment. It was like a black cloud lifted off me, I had more energy, I felt life had a purpose. However, Armor is not readily available all the time and had to resort to take Synthroid with Cytomel. It’s not the same as Armour alone, but the black cloud has not reappear.

I was diagnosed hypothyroid in 1987 and put on Synthroid. In 2000, the insurance switched me to Levothyroxine without asking. After a few weeks I started having pain in my back and had to move slowly after getting up from sitting and I gradually over a year started experiencing pain in all my body. I didn’t know what the problem was and my doctor didn’t either. I was getting the medicine by mail and it was late in 2001 due to the Christmas holidays.
My pain went away in five days so I asked friends if anyone had a similar experience and a friend in Indiana said she did and blamed it on her gas heater and said she was going to quit her Levothyroxine and see. Sure enough her pain went away so she switched to Armor thyroid. I did the same and have not had any more pain.
I never had any trouble with the Synthroid in thirteen years.
NO, generics are not the same and I have since learned of several who had the same experience with Levothyroxine.
No one should test their thyroid more often than three months because a test will be different every time.
Another subject is finger cracking in winter time and the best I have used is Bag Balm and it isn’t messy
1st Furst M.

Taking the synthroid in the Evening has given me life. I feel like living. no longer sleepy, I’m not as weak or lethargic in my bones. I have energy but still experience a little weakness in my bones, muscles. I can sleep the whole night too; It effected the circadian rhythm.

I was diagnosed in 2004. I started taking the Levothyroxine at night. I have my last snack at 10 and take it around 11 p m. I got my energy back immediately the next day. When I woke up I felt like getting up. I was diligently busy the next day and at the middle of the day I figured it was due to switching to taking the “pill” at night. For consistency, I took it again at night and felt better and better in the days ahead. I kept a journal for 30 days to figure out if I was imagining this or if it was true.
A couple of weeks I discovered that a few of my symptoms disappeared. I will never go back to taking it in the a m; it doesn’t make any sense to me anymore to be taking it in the a m.
It’s a shape that my doctor told me, as she was writing out the prescription to take in the morning and then the pharmacist did too.
I’ve shared this with another gal who is a nurse and she said there is a science to this and it makes a lot of sense due to her nurse training and she also wondered why — her doctor has never suggested this to her.
I got my life back by making this small adjustment.
i hope other can reap the benefits from taking it at night.
I’ve also learned that it can make a difference if a person waits an hour before going to bed to get into your system. For me, it doesn’t matter, I still feel good whether I go to bed immediately or stay up for an hour.

I also take my thyroid in the middle of the night. I wake up several times a night “just because”, and I have my thyroid in a weekly pill box next to the bed with a glass of water. I’ll take it anytime after 2am, and if I happen to sleep through the night, which is rare, I take it at 5:30 when the alarm goes off, and postpone breakfast until 7:30.

I have been taking Synthroid for over 30 years and I have found the best time to take mine is when I get up to go to the bathroom during the middle of the night. I have my week supply in a container and a bottle of water in the bathroom so I know to take it when I wake up then. This has worked the best for me and it doesn’t interfere with my morning coffee or any food that I might take early in the morning. Hope this might work for some other of you folks.

I tried switching to nights hoping I’d get better results from my Synthroid, but I was awake all night. After some research I discovered this is a common complaint with taking thyroid at night. I wish they make a time-released version of Synthroid so I could get an even dose throughout the day.

I take topiramate 100mg 2 x day and levothyroxine o.og mg 1 day day.
I take dosage together in morning for topiramate and levothyroxine, is this o.k.?
I have been doing this for 3 years since I had brain surgery, the Topiramate is to help against seizures.
Thank you.

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