Large size MoM milk of magnesia deodorant
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Economy Size Aluminum-Free MoM (Milk of Magnesia) Roll-on Deodorant

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Large size MoM milk of magnesia deodorant
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This larger size 3.38 ounce People's Pharmacy unscented deodorant lasts longer and is still gentle, effective and easy to use.

Product Description

Our People’s Pharmacy Aluminum-Free MoM (Milk of Magnesia) Roll-on Deodorant is unscented and has absolutely no irritating aluminum in it. It is a very popular product, and the 2-ounce size fits easily into a handbag or gym bag and is TSA-compliant for carry-on luggage.

There are times, though, when it would be nice to have a roll-on deodorant that lasts a bit longer. We are pleased to offer this economy size product containing 3.38 ounces of unscented milk of magnesia-based deodorant, the identical formula as the smaller size. But although it has 69% more deodorant, it doesn’t cost 69% more. Instead, you realize a saving of 20% by purchasing the economy size roll-on.

Roll-on bottle is convenient and easy to use

Deodorant is gentle and effective

Product contains no aluminum whatsoever

Unscented, fragrance free

Contains 3.38 fluid ounces (100 ml)

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Magnesium Hydroxide, Lithium Magnesium, Sodium Silicate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Caprylyl Glycol


Product Reviews

  1. Need Scented in Larger SIZE!

    Darlene P.

    I absolutely love this product, however, I have asked for the scented in the larger size and they said they were going to do that, but I have not seen it yet…?? Can you please do scented in larger size!? Thanks!

  2. Glad to be stink free

    Santa Fe, NM

    I’ve been using this deodorant for several years. Initially I was concerned that it wouldn’t be strong enough to block the odor from bacteria I picked up in the tropics – no, seriously, I came home from a trip to the South Pacific stinking in a new, distressing way, and a doctor told me I was inhabited with some bacteria that would just live on me forever. Blessings to MOM; the doc was wrong. That smell went away and has never come back.

  3. Would like to buy in bulk


    It works well but I wish there was a way to just buy the liquid and refill the bottles yourself. I go through a lot of them and there’s a lot of packaging involved!

  4. Great product !!!

    Mike Murphree
    Cullman AL

    Had severe irritation under my arms … this is the ONLY product that does NOT irritate. God has blessed me through the discovery of this fine roll-on. I will order my third 3 months supply today. Thanks for the great quality. Papa Murph

  5. Love It!


    Absolutely love this product! I will never go back to commercial deodorants as long as this magnesium deodorant exists! It really works wonders in keeping odors under control and its free from harmful chemicals <3

  6. fantastic product!

    Barbara W.
    Savannah, GA

    This is an amazing product. I am a profuse sweater, and have had so much trouble with conventional deodorants – causing stains, wearing off, not effective, you name it. I started using milk of magnesium straight out of the bottle but it was so messy. Then I found this product. It has not failed me yet. No staining and super effective at keeping funk away.

  7. Fast relief from gout

    Gloria H.
    South Carolina

    This product is amazing. I purchased a bottle a few months ago for a bad rash under my breast. It cleared the rash in just a couple of days. I have found a new use for MOM. If you suffer from gout, you know the pain associated with it. I had a breakout recently on my left foot even tho I take medicine daily for it. The breakout included the toes on my left foot and ankle. I could barely walk not to mention the burning pain in my toes and ankle. I remembered the bottle of MOM has magnesium in it and magnesium is good for gout. The best part about MOM is it is absorbed into the skin because it is a deodorant. I rubbed MOM over my left foot, including the toes and ankle. I can’t tell you how quick it worked at stopping the gout breakout. Within a couple minutes the burning pain was gone from my left foot. If you suffer from gout this product is a fast amazing relief from a breakout. I ordered a new bottle of MOM to keep in case of another gout attack.

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