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Fighting Nail Fungus with OTC Solutions

To get rid of nail fungus, soaking the affected nails in hydrogen peroxide or iodine solution twice daily may work.
Fighting Nail Fungus with OTC Solutions

Q. After contracting nail fungus on my left ring finger, I soaked the offending nail and fingertip in hydrogen peroxide for five minutes several times a day. After about a week of this, the fungus disappeared for two years.

When it came back I tried the same treatment, except this time I used Povidone iodine solution.

It seems to be working beautifully. The nail is turning pink, the rough area is disappearing, the tenderness at the affected area is gone and the nail feels normal again.

A. Thank you for sharing your success story. Many readers have found hydrogen peroxide soaks beneficial against nail fungus.

Others have reported that “white iodine” also works. Povidone iodine solution has significant antifungal activity (Oral Diseases, Nov., 2014), but it does stain the skin and nails a dark brown.

Here is a report from Robin on her successful tactic:

“Seems I’ve tried all the procedures for toenail fungus, but my final one is actually working! Here’s the deal:

  1. Using a heavy nail file (kind used with solar nails), file across the nail before showering.
  2. In the shower, using a stiff nail brush and Cetaphil soap (which I understand has anti-fungal properties), scrub toenails well, both up and down and sideways.
  3. Use liberal amount of white iodine several times per day.

I’m getting results with this procedure! There’s obvious new growth at the base and I’m extremely encouraged.

Overcoming toenail fungus takes patience, because the treatment needs to be used until the nail has completely grown out. That can take many months.

People respond differently to various treatments. Some tell us that applications of Vicks VapoRub work. Others do not have the patience (it can take six months or longer of daily use). Many insist that amber-colored Listerine together with white vinegar will do the trick. There are also fans of tea tree oil or corn meal mush foot soaks.

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