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Could Aimovig Prevent Your Painful Recurrent Migraines?

People who suffer with recurrent migraines may be able to prevent them with Aimovig, Ajovy or Emgality. This can be life changing.
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If you suffer from migraine headaches, you know the misery of terrible one-sided head pain, nausea, and an inability to tolerate light or sound. Those who have recurrent migraines dread the possibility that they will trigger one somehow. Until fairly recently, physicians used drugs initially approved for other purposes to prevent migraines. However, calcium channel blockers, beta blockers topiramate and other such drugs do not work for everyone. That explains why some migraineurs are turning to a new type of medication for recurrent migraines.

Aimovig Cut Frequency of Recurrent Migraines:

Q. About a year ago, I learned about a new migraine medicine called Aimovig. I asked my neurologist if he could prescribe it, since I was averaging nine major headaches and 18 days off work each month.

At first, he was reluctant to prescribe Aimovig because it was so new. But all my other medications were barely working, so he finally agreed.

This drug changed my life. I inject it every 28 days and now average just one headache a month. That means a lot less missed work and a lot less suffering. I have experienced no side effects, and I hope others can benefit as I have.

A Whole New Class of Migraine Prevention Medicines:

A. Other readers have also reported substantial improvement with erenumab (Aimovig). The FDA has also approved two other injectable drugs in this class: fremanezumab (Ajovy) and galcanezumab (Emgality). They are for migraine prevention rather than treatment.

The autoinjectors can cost over $500 unless insurance covers them, as it frequently does. Side effects of Aimovig can include constipation, nausea, hair loss, muscle aches and joint pain.

Other readers have also reported benefit in reducing recurrent migraines. 

For example, Kathy R. wrote:

“Aimovig is wonderful – cutting my migraines in half! I still take topiramate but at a lower dose.”

Jan is also enthusiastic:

“I have had chronic migraines for over 18 years. My doctors have prescribed most of the triptans with varying degrees of success, also, Botox, Cambria, and injectable Imitrex.

“I started Aimovig last August, using two self-injected shots every month. I also started ketamine infusions. Together they prevent nearly all my recurrent migraines. I do get random headaches but they rarely rise to the level of a migraine.”

Learn More:

To learn more about this intriguing new migraine medicine and other headache treatments, you may wish to listen to the free podcast of our interview with Dr. Jennifer Kriegler, director of the Headache Medicine Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. It is Show 1133: How Can You Overcome Migraine Headaches?

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Show 1133: How Can You Overcome Migraine Headaches?
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The FDA recently approved a new medication, erenumab (Aimovig), to prevent migraine headaches in people who experience them frequently. There are also treatments and lifestyle changes that can make a

Show 1133: How Can You Overcome Migraine Headaches?
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I am a 72 year-old migraine sufferer whose migraines only started in perimenopause – occasionally – and ramped up until they occurred more than half the month. I have tried so, so, many things, among them, HRT, supplements, prophylactic and rescue medications, exercise, acupuncture, massage, botox, and food sensitivity testing with major dietary changes. What has helped me the most, in addition to some but not all of the medications is: AJOVY, but not right away. It took a full 4 months before I really learned how to self-inject properly. No side effects.

Horrible side effects including rash and major digestive issues are listed as side effects. Dr. decided I was allergic to the ingredient in 2 of the 3. Read the pamphlet before taking!

Emgality has changed my life with no side effects.

As a migraine sufferer for many years and now pain free, it saddens me to see we look towards pharmaceuticals instead of the root cause. I suffered for years and finally did a 2 week food tolerance test cutting out the list of migraine trigger foods. Sure enough, I was eating peanut butter every morning and triggering almost daily migraines. I found a doctor that went farther and tested me for allergies to foods, indoor and outdoor allergens. Hormones were also a part of this problem solving. I have included some basic supplements in working with my Dr. as well. Feels so good to be healthy and to appreciate Drs. who take the time to figure out the root problem and not settle for pharmaceuticals except when absolutely necessary. I know how frustrating this process is but encourage those migraine sufferers to find a good DO or Functional wellness Dr. to help you on this journey.

Not pleased to see an Aimovig ad in the middle of this article. Makes it look like you guys are doing an infomercial for the product.

We completely agree. We have begged the company that serves ads on our site to screen out ALL the pharma ads. Hasn’t worked yet, but we are still trying.

Drug ads on our website drive us crazy! We keep asking and asking the organization that serves ads to our website to filter out ALL drug ads! They are not “compliant.” It is frustrating.

We unfortunately need ads to keep this website viable. We wish we did not.

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