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Articles categorized as Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Article imageTerry Graedon - September 9, 2019
Article imageTerry Graedon - January 13, 2019
Article imageTerry Graedon - October 16, 2023 - 24 comments

Have You Tried Elderberry to Ease Your Cold Symptoms?

Elderberry rob. a homemade concentrate of berries and spices, is used as a type of hot toddy to ease cold symptoms. Have you tried it?

Joe Graedon - January 7, 2019

Vitamin C and the Common Cold: Will Ascorbic Acid Help?

Joe Graedon - April 2, 2015

Enterovirus D68 Is Linked to Mysterious Childhood Paralysis

Terry Graedon - September 11, 2014

Respiratory Infection Hits Kids Hard

Terry Graedon - November 11, 2013

Should You Choose Medication or Home Remedies to Treat Your Cold?

Joe Graedon - October 25, 2012

Probiotics Against Colds

Article image
Terry Graedon - September 22, 2011

Probiotics to Ward Off Colds