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Drug Side Effects

Have You Ever Been Warned About Irreversible Drug Side Effects?

When treatments cause irreversible drug side effects, the permanent damage to the patient's quality of life may be incalculable.

Ashwagandha powder and root
Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Can Ashwagandha Help You with Stress and Sleep?

Readers have found that an Indian Ayurvedic herb, ashwagandha, can help ease anxiety, overcome insomnia and relieve joint pain.

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Drug Side Effects

Drug Advertisements, Scary Side Effects and Cognitive Dissonance

How do pharmacists and the general public react to the reality of potentially very serious adverse effects? Is denial a common coping mechanism?

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Will Politicians Ever Lower High Drug Prices?

Drug prices are going up! Surprised? We didn't think so. Politicians keep promising to lower high drug prices and keep failing miserably. It happened again!

Young man suffering from sleep walking while on Zolpidem
Drug Side Effects

Beware Zolpidem Zombies on Airplanes

We all seek a good night's sleep. Commercials for prescription sleeping pills make them seem very appealing. There's no mention of zolpidem zombies, though.

Barefoot hiker with blisters on his heels.

Can You Prevent Blisters Safely with Aluminum Antiperspirant?

If you have ever developed a blister while exercising you know how disruptive it can be. What can you do to prevent blisters? Is aluminum safe for feet?

Little boy examines a splinter in his foot
Alternative Health

How to Remove Splinters with Duct Tape

Have you ever used duct tape or white glue to remove splinters? These home remedies can work surprisingly well, as can wart plasters.

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Think Zinc for Better Blood Sugar Control

Did you know that zinc is a really important mineral? It is especially crucial for blood sugar management. Many vegetarians could well be low in zinc.

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Alzheimer’s Disease

Prostate Cancer Therapy and Dementia: The Link Gets Stronger

Determining the best treatment(s) for PCa is challenging. Hormone suppression is common. Is there a link between this prostate cancer therapy and dementia?

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cardiac arrest

Are Diets and Supplements Useless for Your Heart?

An analysis of more than 200 trials concluded that diets and supplements won't protect you from heart attacks. But this conclusion might not apply to you.

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Drug Side Effects

Statins and Nerve Damage (Peripheral Neuropathy): An Overlooked Side Effect!

Is cholesterol necesary for proper nerve function? Most prescribers are unaware of this idea, but statins and nerve damage in type 2 diabetes are related.

Woman in bed with restless legs
Drug Side Effects

Do Drugs Like Antihistamines Trigger RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome)?

Restless legs syndrome can be mysterious. Most people do their best to cope with RLS. But did you know that some meds like antihistamines trigger RLS?

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The Beta Blocker Blahs Can Be Debilitating

Beta blockers like atenolol, metoprolol and propranolol used to be very popular BP drugs. But the beta blocker blahs can be problematic. What else works?

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Do Statins Cause Diabetes? Many MDs Wish It Weren’t So!

Most people know that statins can cause muscle pain and weakness. Not that many realize that there is now enough data to suggest statins cause diabetes.

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Alternative Health

How to Prevent and Stop the Itch of Mosquito Bites FAST!

How do you prevent mosquito bites? Deet, picaridin, vitamin B1, Listerine? If your tricks fail, how do you stop the itch of mosquito bites? How about HEAT?

two bottles of Milk of Magnesia (MoM) laxative
Breast Rash (fungus)

Can MoM (milk of magnesia) Offer Relief from Jock Itch?

Jock itch is a misnomer. This fungal infection can affect women (under breast rash, groin area) as well as men. Can MoM bring relief from jock itch?

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Alzheimer’s Disease

Anticholinergic Drugs and Dementia: The Link Gets Much Stronger!

Alzheimer disease is devastating. People assume it is caused by bad genes or bad luck. There are increasing data linking anticholinergic drugs and dementia.

Statin pills and a warning sign, 3D graphic

Statins, Low LDL Cholesterol and Nerve Damage in People with Diabetes

Could there be a relationship between statins and low LDL cholesterol and nerve damage? A new study from Germany has produced evidence that there is a link.

FDA Approved pill bottle illustration

Why Aren’t Docs Outraged by Inadequate Generic Drug Approval?

The FDA says that generic drugs are equal to brand name medicines. A new book, Bottle of Lies, reveals that generic drug approval and monitoring is flawed!

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In Body CTA

Doctors Resist Removing White Coats and Ties

Would you be upset if your health professionals didn't wear white coats? Should they ditch their ties and jewelry? What about sterilizing the stethoscopes?