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Man drinking water out of a glass on an airplane
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Watch Out for Water on Airplanes

Do you ever drink the water on airplanes? Many people do. What about asking for tea or coffee? But is the water safe? Not according to a 2019 water study.

A handful of pills and Canadian Flag

Is It Now Legal To Import Drugs from Canada?

Saving money on medicines has become a hot political football. There's a lot of smoke but very little action. Can you really import drugs from Canada?

a female cancer patient with no hair

FDA’s Accelerated Approval of Cancer Drugs A Big Bust

Patients with hard-to-treat cancers are desperate for new and better cancer drugs. The FDA's accelerated approval process is supposed to do that. Does it?

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Drug Side Effects

Why Americans Don’t Trust the Pharmaceutical Industry

Do you trust the pharmaceutical industry to price medicines fairly, provide quality generic drugs and be honest? What happened this week to undermine trust?

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Eat Breakfast – Live Longer! Skip Breakfast – Die Faster

Does it matter whether you eat breakfast or run out the door on an empty stomach? A new study suggests that breakfast eaters have less heart disease. Why?

Man sitting in deckchair falling asleep in the shed

How Can You Overcome the Harms of Sitting Too Much?

How much time do you spend sitting on average? Chances are it's way too much and it's surprisingly bad for your health. How can you counteract the harm?

Girl with stomach ache sitting on bed
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Pelvic Mesh Sales Halted by the FDA Due to Safety Concerns

The FDA has finally called a halt to pelvic mesh. It has been used for transvaginal surgical repair of pelvic organ prolapse. What took the FDA so long?

marijuana plants
Drug Side Effects

Medical Marijuana Users May Require More Anesthesia During Surgery

Millions of people use marijuana. Many rely on cannabis for medical reasons such as nerve pain. People taking marijuana may need more anesthesia than usual.

drug recall

A New Carcinogen Found in BP Meds | More ARB Recalls!

There are new ARB recalls. Camber and Torrent Pharma companies are recalling large lots of losartan. How did this happen? A new carcinogen rears its head!

Outgoing FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD
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Can Anyone Explain the Mysterious Disappearance of the FDA Commissioner?

Why is FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb leaving the agency? A few weeks ago he stated unequivocally: "I'm not leaving." What happened to change his mind?

illustration of pills shaped into a dollar sign ($)

Undermining the Rationalization for the High Cost of Medications

The pharmaceutical industry often justifies the high cost of medications by citing how much it spends on R&D. But what do clinical trials really cost? A new study answers that question.

older man with a beard getting a shot in his arm
Drug Side Effects

Not All Flu Shots Are Created Equal

How effective were flu shots last year? What about in past years? You might be surprised to discover that vaccine effectiveness is often disappointing.

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Public Finally Outraged At Extravagant Drug Prices

Drug prices have been out of control for years but it took the 5000 percent increase in the cost of Daraprim to wake up the American public. What changed?

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