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black pepper spilling out of a pepper shaker
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Should You Pour Black Pepper on Your Cut?

Pour black pepper on a fresh cut, apply pressure, and it should stop bleeding quite quickly. A serious wound requires emergency medical attention.

A group of hikers walking on a trail together

What Is in Your First Aid Kit?

Here's a list of items you'll want to include in your first aid kit and take with you on your adventures.

beef shish kabobs on the grill

Watch Out for Wire Bristles from Cleaning the Grill

Cleaning the backyard grill with a wire brush may leave wire bristles that can lodge in the food; many injuries have resulted.

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How to Get Your First Aid Kit Ready for Summer

Here are some basics you'll want to gather together to make sure your first aid kit can handle summertime emergencies and keep summer fun.

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Acid Reflux

Home Remedies for Holiday Hazards

The holidays seem like fun and games--time to hang out with family and friends. Beware the dangers. We offer home remedies to the rescue.

black pepper spilling out of a pepper shaker

Black Pepper to Stop Bleeding


Stop Bleeding Fast With Low Or High Tech