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Black Pepper to Stop Bleeding

Ground black pepper in a shaker, black pepper to stop bleeding

Q. Black pepper works great to stop bleeding! I build cabinets. While moving a large cabinet on rollers across a gap in my concrete floor, the cabinet slipped back into the gap and onto my middle finger, just as I was standing up. Not only did it bust open, but the action of standing up almost ripped it in two.
I bandaged the finger, but the next morning it was still bleeding. My cousin told me about your suggestion of black pepper on cuts, so I tried it. It stopped the bleeding. Thanks for this simple remedy.

A. We first heard about using black pepper to control bleeding from an RV camper in 1996. Her brother-in-law Wendall was a woodcarver and had learned from his carving buddies to put black pepper on minor cuts. During a road trip a coffee cup fell out of a cupboard and hit him on the head. It bled profusely, but the bleeding stopped when they applied ground black pepper.
We have subsequently heard from many other readers who have tried this remedy successfully. We have even used it ourselves. Of course, a serious injury requires medical attention rather than a home remedy.

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Very glad i found this – pepper worked a wonder! Thank you, all, very much!

I just cut my lip quite badly while shaving to quickly and this worked fine. It took a couple of applications but it did after a min or so.
But it did burn quite a bit.

My grandmother used pepper more then 50 years ago. I can still remember her pouring it on me every time I got a cut that wouldn’t stop bleeding. We recently used it on my dog when we accidentally cut her nail too close to the quick. Completely cover the wound. It doesn’t burn at all.

I haven’t tried pepper, but sugar works wonderfully. Just pour about a teaspoonful of sugar right on top of the wound and let it sit for about five minutes. The blood will coagulate and the bleeding will stop. I have been using this remedy for years and it has always been successful.

I take Nitroglycerin medication and blood thinners which also means I’m a “bleeder”, even on very small wounds. I have a couple of questions regarding using pepper to stop the bleeding. How much pepper should be applied to the wound, that is, completely cover or just sprinkle lightly and how about infection when the pepper granules are introduced to the wound?
Thank you

I have had DVTs so I’m on Warfarin for life. When I get the most minor scrape or abrasion, I bleed profusely and sometimes it continues for days. I’m gonna try this remedy. If it works it’ll be a lifesaver for me.

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