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Coronary Artery Disease

Do Soy Products Protect the Heart?

An enormous study of health care professionals finds that tofu but not most other common soy products protect the heart. Premenopausal women benefit most.

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Coronary Artery Disease

Will Taking Fish Oil Protect You from Heart Disease?

New data suggests that taking fish oil can protect people from heart attacks, heart failure, stroke and premature death without boosting prostate cancer.

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Cognitive Dysfunction

Will Statins Wreak Havoc With Your Memory?

Sometimes people fear that statins wreak havoc with cognitive function. A recent Australian study found no evidence of this effect.

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Coronary Artery Disease

What Can Vitamin K2 Do for You?

Scientists are studying what vitamin K2 can do. It may help build bone and reduce calcification of major arteries, but research is ongoing.

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How Much Coffee Should You Drink to Improve Longevity?

Health professionals have been arguing for decades about how much coffee you should drink. Some say none. Others say coffee is OK, even healthful. New research from the UK provides an answer.

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cardiac arrest

Is Wine Bad or Good for People with Diabetes?

An Israeli study suggests that a daily glass of wine might shrink plaque in the arteries of people with diabetes, answering the question is wine bad or good.

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Cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia)

Should a Flip Flop on Saturated Fat Freak You Out?

Dietary guidelines have been controversial for decades but one restriction remains: AVOID SATURATED FAT! Now 3 prominent cardiologists challenge that dogma.

Cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia)

Eggs are Exonerated in Finnish Heart Study

You've been told to avoid eggs, cut back on cholesterol and stay away from saturated fat. The Finnish Heart Study Turns that advice upside down.

A steak and egg meal high in saturated fat
Coronary Artery Disease

Are Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Salt Really Dietary Demons?

The new 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans flip-flop on cholesterol but keep saturated fat as a dietary villain. Where's the evidence sat-fat is bad?

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EDTA Chelation Effectiveness Challenges Doubting Cardiologists

EDTA chelation therapy is shown effective in heart patients despite doubts from the cardiology community.

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Vitamin D3 gel capsules
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Coronary Artery Disease

Can Lecithin Keep Arteries Clean?

Have you ever heard of lecithin? What about phosphatidylcholine? Could this natural substance be good for your brain as well as your heart?

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Coronary Artery Disease

Diet to Fight Heart Disease

Foods can lower triglycerides and reduce the risk of more heart blockage.

bottles of crestor lipitor and simvastatin cholesterol-lowering drugs