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Can Lecithin Keep Arteries Clean?

Have you ever heard of lecithin? What about phosphatidylcholine? Could this natural substance be good for your brain as well as your heart?
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Lecithin was discovered over 100 years ago. It is a major constituent of egg yolks. The active ingredient in this natural substance is phosphatidylcholine. Some readers have reported that this compound lowers their cholesterol and is good for the heart and the brain. This person reports surprising success with supplements:

A Lecithin Success Story:

Q. I am 70 years old and have been taking lecithin for over 35 years. When the doctor viewed images of my arteries, he was amazed to find no plaque or calcification deposits of any kind. He said I had the arteries of a 20 year old. My heart doctor gave 100 percent credit to the lecithin for keeping my arteries clear.

Not being a smoker helped too, I’m sure. Lecithin has been recently credited with helping to prevent Alzheimer’s, according to my regular doctor. I recommend it to everyone.

A. Lecithin is a fatty acid found in egg yolks and soybeans. It is part of an enzyme critical to the production of beneficial HDL cholesterol, which might explain how it could have helped keep your arteries clear of plaque. One study found it may help lower bad LDL cholesterol (Cholesterol, 2010).

Mixed Results on Atherosclerosis:

It also seems to boost beneficial HDL cholesterol levels, but a recent review suggests that it may not protect people from atherosclerosis (Endocrinology and Metabolism, June, 2016). That doesn’t mean it couldn’t be helpful, but lecithin metabolism may be somewhat complicated (Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, July, 2016). Certain common digestive tract bacteria convert choline, lecithin and carnitine to a toxic compound, trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO). High levels of TMAO contribute to arterial plaque. Even though lecithin is part of a critical enzyme for producing HDL cholesterol, its role in atherosclerosis is not well understood (Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis, Feb., 2016).

Could Lecithin Be Beneficial for the Brain?

Lecithin is also a building block for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which may become low in Alzheimer’s disease. There are few placebo-controlled studies of lecithin supplements, but it appears to be generally safe.

Rodent research shows that egg yolk-derived lecithin could protect against forgetfulness induced by the drug scopolamine (Lipids in Health and Disease, Aug. 24, 2016). Aged rats also performed better in a water maze when they were given squid-derived lecithin (Progress in Neuropsychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry, Jan., 2015).

In elderly humans with Alzheimer disease, pilot studies showed that soy lecithin had a positive effect on memory, mood and cognition (Advances in Therapy, Dec., 2014). A related compound, phosphatidylserine derived from soy, was better than placebo for improving cognitive function in aging Japanese people complaining of memory loss (Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, Nov., 2010).

Revised: 9/15/16

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Are these stories about arterial plaque regression and cleaning up with lecithin really legitimate? I see the mechanism but am trying to convince a loved one with a 60% LAD soft plaque blockage to use it. Would love to hear more from those with real life success or others that have used it to reverse arterial plaque !!! Thank you, everyone :)

Been telling people about Lecithin for years. Most, sadly only listen to their doctor and not friends talking about vitamins.
I get my Carotid Arteries in my neck tested every couple years with ultrasound, always crystal clear.
I Retired, had trouble adjusting and missed a lot of work outs and walks along with vitamins and I was eating badly.
My next ultrasound showed my Carotid Arteries to be almost 50% clogged with plaque. I got scared and immediately started back on Lecithin, got retested a year later and Arteries were “Crystal Clear” again and still are a couple years after. My doctor was amazed! I’m 76 years old now, look years younger and my arteries are still totally free from plaque.
It worked for my Mom years ago, and I proved once again, Lecithin works!!!
Even if you don’t eat perfectly, Lecithin still works. Try it; give it time, and Good Luck and Good Health to you.

Mom was sent home from the hospital to die. Her arteries were clogged, no hope. I started her on Lecithin (1200 mg each, 6 a Day, total 7,200 mg). Months later she was healthy and out walking for exercise.
Doctor ran tests, said her arteries were all cleaned out, no plaque. He was amazed. He said, Keep it up, I take Lecithin myself. With that statement, I fired him and got Mom a new doctor.
She lived another 35 years and passed away at age 93.
NO, it wasn’t her heart or her arteries, just old age. Lecithin works!!!

Been taking lecithin 30-plus years. Arteries are clean. Had ultrasound. I’m 73 years old. Thankful someone told me about it lecithin.

I am not sure about lecithin for arteries….I thought Vitamin C, etc was good for that (Google Linus Pauling) but lecithin is a miracle for colitis, I think. For me, colitis caused heart palpitations (I believe), and olive oil helped. But lecithin is my hero! There is a ton of research about lecithin improving colitis. Yet, no one seems to know about it!

I dropped the statins for a month in 2012 and only took lecithin gel capsules, then had a lipogram again to see what is what..my cholesterol went up considerably in the month i did not take my statins (Crestor) (had a mild heart attack in 2011. (70%) blockage.. 1 stent placed. I went back on statins. Now, been reading about lecithin again, and also read online that lecithin causes the arteries to clog (especially the granules).

Then again, someone said their (elderly) father had a 95% blockage, and needed a heart bypass operation, doctors would not operate because of his frail condition, so family started giving him 1 tablespoon lecithin granules a day, and within a year the lecithin had cleared the artery so much that it was only 5% plaque in the artery?? Any advice anyone? There are so many conflicting stories!

I am a 65 year old male with severe arterial plaque in the arteries surrounding my heart. I was 50 pounds overweight 6 months ago. I lost the 50 pounds by eliminating all animal protein including all dairy, fish, poultry, and red meat. I also eliminated salt and sugar. I eat green leafy vegetables , tomatoes ,onions, fruit, beans ect. I started taking soy lecithin twice a day. My circulation has improved remarkably . It takes about 2 months before you really notice.

My name is Alberto, I am 92 years old. No one believe that I am that old. I feel great, but I have every thing you can find in a Doctor encyclopedia. Cancer 10 years ago, the Doctor tells me it is cured, high blood, cholesterol, and recently the Doctor found a blockage in the artery in my neck for which he recommend surgery. I am very much concerned about having this surgery, as I read online that I can clean the artery without having surgery by taking Lecithin. Please, I need your help, your opinion on what should I do will be appreciated. Even the Doctors tell me that I look like a 70 year old man.

In the 1980’s I was told by my MD not to eat egss because they contain cholesterol, etc. I was eating 2 eggs, sunny side up fried in PAM, slice of toast and glass of milk for lunch, almost every day. I had “normal” cholesterol readings. Wth all the media against eggs and what the MD suggested I decided to stop the eggs and my cholesterol went throught the roof, so then it was to take statins all of which pulled me down with muscle problems. I believe the lecitin in those eggs were fine for me and I should never have changed my diet. I am left with neuropathy in my toes and I hosestly believe it is from one of the statins I was taking. The neuropathy is “permanent”.

Heide, please don’t ever let a doctor tell you any condition is permanent. Nerve damage has been reversed in many people. I have read that neuropathy can be reversed. Please be your own advocate and keep looking for answers regarding this. I hope it gets better! :)

When my mother found a lump on her hip in 1998, a surgeon told her it was a cyst and cut it out. It left a big hole the size of a golf ball that wasn’t healing. She was later told she had breast cancer and took chemo. During that time, her surgeon sent a home health nurse to dress mom’s open wound. She cleaned the golf ball sized hole, and poured LECITHIN liquid into the wound and placed tegaderm over it to seal in the lecithin! She came twice a week to do this. Within a month the hole was filling in and healing! Unfortunately my mother died from the cancer, but the wound in her hip DID completely heal from only the LECITHIN! The nurse told us she also used lecithin for cooking, like frying chicken in it.

The neuropathy is not permanent. I got rid of this with Chinese herbs (dampness hertbs+circulation herbs), but just changing lifestyle will eventually get rid of it, in time. The herbs just accelerated the process.

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