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a plate of tacos
Bulky Bowel Movements

How Do You Feed Your Microbiota?

An intriguing study reveals that what you feed your microbiota influences the variety of microbes in your intestines. The relationships are unique to you.

person holding their stomach in pain from stomach ache or IBS
Candida (yeast infection)

Do Bad Bacteria in the Intestines Harm the Heart?

When bad bacteria outnumber the beneficial ones in our intestines, there may be serious consequences for people with heart failure.

Greek yogurt with fresh vegetables and fruits; dairy, combat constipation
Candida (yeast infection)

Yogurt for Vaginal Yeast Infections: Swallow It or Douche with It?

Using yogurt to combat vaginal yeast infections (candidiasis) is an old natural remedy–but what do scientific studies say about how best use it?

perleche or angular cheilitis, cracks in the corners of the mouth
Angular Cheilitis (cracks at corner of mouth)

Angular Cheilitis (Perleche) Home Remedies

Cracks in the corner of the mouth (Angular cheilitis) can be painful. It's unclear what causes these cracks, but nutritional deficiencies may be at fault.