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Apple Cider Vinegar in V8 Is Her Secret to Success

Apple cider vinegar in V8 juice helps keep one reader regular. Vinegar has many other potential health benefits, from easing leg cramps to controlling blood sugar.

We frequently hear from readers who are battling constipation. One healthy elderly reader has shared her secret to overcoming this problem. It is a simple home remedy, apple cider vinegar in V8 juice.

Apple Cider Vinegar in V8:

Q. I am an 88-year-old lady who takes no medication except Vasotec for high blood pressure. My annual medical examination this week shows that my cholesterol is perfect and there are no other signs of any problem anywhere, so my doctor says. He says I am 88 going on 16.

I was especially interested in a recent comment in your column about apple cider vinegar. My diet for many years has been lots of vegetables and fruits, nothing fried and red meat only a couple of times a month. I take a daily vinegar cocktail that consists of a 6 ounce glass of tomato or V8 juice with 2 teaspoons of natural apple cider vinegar. Then I eat an apple between breakfast and lunch.

I do not use ordinary vinegar. I believe that the raw natural vinegar from the health food store is better.

I used to take milk of magnesia a few times a week for constipation. Since starting my V8/vinegar cocktails nine months ago, I have not had to take MOM a single time.

A. Thanks for sharing your story. You are a role model for healthy eating.

Other Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar:

We’ve not heard before that V8 juice with apple cider vinegar could combat constipation, but it certainly won’t be harmful. In addition to helping you stay regular, it may ward off leg cramps. Many readers have testified that either low-sodium V8 or apple cider vinegar in water can prevent nighttime leg cramps. Combining them seems to make sense.

Anyone who needs to keep blood sugar under control might want to take apple cider vinegar in V8 with meals. A meta-analysis of several trials found that vinegar can prevent a steep rise in blood sugar and insulin after a meal (Shishehbor et al, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, May 2017). Feeding rats apple cider vinegar with an otherwise terrible high-fat diet helps keep them from gaining weight (Halima et al, Journal of Medicinal Food, Jan. 2018). In another study, overfed mice that were given a tomato vinegar beverage did not develop insulin resistance (Seo et al, Food & Function, July 25, 2014). That sounds rather similar to apple cider vinegar in V8 juice.

Overcoming Constipation:

Others interested in overcoming constipation may be interested in our Guide to the topic. Another great source of information is our recent interview with Dr. Robynne Chutkan, Show 1115: How You Can Conquer Constipation.

Revised 4/5/18

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