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Leg Pain

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Download the 6-page guide to nutrients and exercise to help you cope with leg cramps and restless leg syndrome.

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Nutrients and exercise to help you cope with leg cramps and restless leg syndrome. The guide includes more than a dozen home remedies that other readers have found helpful in preventing or stopping painful muscle cramps, especially those that occur at night and disturb sleep.

Product Reviews

  1. Restless Leg syndrome .leg cramps


    Definitely requires updated and relevant information.

    Google has similar, if not better organization and information.

    Kick it up a notch please.

  2. Pat

    I never use tonic water every day. A small amount is all I need when I have leg cramps. Recently I had a hip fracture. A few days after surgery I had a fierce leg cramp. The nurses couldn’t give me anything, and I couldn’t stand up! It lasted over an hour. I asked a friend to bring me tonic water, and it was miraculous.

    I took it that night with dinner, and no more leg cramps.

  3. Bobbie
    Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia

    LEG CRAMPS : My partner suffers severve leg cramps after working all day during the hot summer.
    1 We mix up staminade (sports drink) for him to drink – has magnesium in it which is better than the other sports drinks.
    2 He takes up to six magnesium tablets a day
    3 Eats a banana a day
    3 Tonic water has been great too – he likes it with a little lemon cordial.
    4 Drinks a lot of water

    We find that these remedies definitely help, but he must do this every day. We also rub on an analgesic pain reliever, but who knows whether this helps or its just run it horrid and painful course.

  4. Norma
    Grasmere BC Canada

    I have used Tonic water for years now for leg cramps. They always happen in bed so I just drink about 1/4 cup of tonic water and the cramps go away in a matter of minutes. I swear by it and to this point in time, I have not had any side affects.

  5. Not Useful for RLS


    This was my first download from People’s Pharmacy, and I’m disappointed. The $2.00 were not a complete waste, but the one page related to Restless Leg Syndrome didn’t say anything more or in any better organized fashion than just browsing through the comments and short articles on the website. I had looked forward to perhaps a list of possible home remedies. Instead there is a one-page discussion of prescriptions. As well as I can figure the article is ten years old. I will be very reluctant to put down my credit card for another article.

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