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Arthritis, joint pain and inflammation and rheumatism have plagued human beings since prehistoric times. Possibly as a result, there are more home remedies for arthritis than you could count easily. This is fortunate, for not every remedy works for each person with pain. We frequently write about some of our (and your) favorite remedies, such as purple pectin. Consequently, we get questions like this one from people who would like an alternative to grape juice and pectin.

Is There an Alternative to Grape Juice and Pectin:

Q. I’ve read in your column that grape juice and pectin may help relieve arthritis pain. I would like to try it, but I have diabetes. Grape juice has a lot of sugar. Does any lower-sugar liquid seem to work?

Looking for Less Sugar:

A. Other readers have also shared your concern about the sugar in grape juice. One recommended low-sugar grape juice. Others have suggested pomegranate juice or tart cherry juice as alternatives. Neither is low in sugar, but they do have fewer calories than Concord grape juice.

You may be interested in other arthritis remedies that are less likely to affect your blood sugar. Unflavored Knox gelatin dissolved in the low-sugar beverage you prefer could be an alternative to grape juice and pectin. So could a supplement such as bromelain, boswellia, curcumin, ginger, ashwagandha or stinging nettle.

Learn More:

You can learn more about these options in our book, Alternatives for Arthritis. This information is also available in an online resource, our eGuide to Alternatives for Arthritis. Our recent interview with Dr. Beth Jonas, the Reeves Foundation Distinguished Professor of Medicine at the University of North Carolina, covered more conventional treatments, such as prescribed and over-the-counter medications as well as lifestyle approaches to help you manage arthritis. It is Show 1140.

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  1. JOAN

    Have been using Certo and grape juice for2 months with great results. However, just read that grapes juice, along with several other juices, has concerning levels of heavy metals posing long-term health risks to adults who drink 4 to 8 oz. every day (article in March 2018 Consumer reports). I take Lisinopril, Metoprolol, and HCTZ daily for blood pressure. Herbs are not something I have considered because of possible interactions.


  2. MAR
    BUFFALO ny


    • Terry Graedon

      Zilretta is an extended-release corticosteroid injection (triamcinolone). Keep in mind that injecting steroids into a joint carries some risk of infection or bone loss in the joint. Probably classified as rare but serious.

  3. Jose
    Ttvandrum Kerala India.

    Alpinia galanga a rhizome acts very well in arthritis.It has been proved scientifically. 2.5gms twice daily in powder form.

  4. Ben

    Great article, but where do you get Certo for Purple pectin? From what I recall the liquid is a clear liquid?

    • Terry Graedon

      Most supermarkets carry Certo, though you may need to ask for help finding it.

      • Nancy
        Chicago, IL

        Is the LIQUID form okay? I can’t find the dried version easily, and when I find the powder, it’s already filled with sugar. The liquid Certo has many chemical additives that I’d prefer to avoid.

    • Autumn


  5. Kay

    I have been using diet cranberry juice (store brand) and pectin for a couple of months now and it seems to help my hands and fingers. However, it does nothing for my back. I thought I had arthritis but as it turns out it us scoliosis. Any home remedies for it? I would be most appreciative. I take meloxicam but only every other week as I also have heart failure. So if I could get off the meloxicam; it would be better for me.

  6. Lou

    My husband has been insulin dependent for 20 years so we were hesitant to use grape juice as well. However, it had just the opposite result!! I only used 4 oz. for him (but I think he would be ok with more) and his blood sugar readings have been better and more stable than ever! He jokes about having “high” readings in the mornings of 95 and 98, sometimes 108. AND, it helped his joint pain. We both use this and the gin raisins and they have definitely helped us.

  7. Peggy Mills

    I have been using a concoction of one tablespoon honey and one tablespoon apple cider vinegar, Hines brand only, with a glass of water daily since 1987 and I have little and generally no pain from arthritis. I finally broke down and fixed gin covered raisins for my shoulders and have had great relief. You can cut the vinegar and honey to one teaspoon per glass of water and drink this two to three times a day which works just great The Taste is not bad and the relief is great no medication.

  8. Deborah
    St Louis, MO

    All of the powdered fruit pectin i find has some sort of sweetener in it. Are people using these or is there something i’m missing?

  9. den
    near seattle

    my knees, shoulders,and hands would wake me from sleep other times the knees would hurt bad emough to keep me from walking.since I have diabetes neuropathy, arthritis and other aches (im 75 and suffer from a brain injury and chronic vertigo) I needed something economical and effective.
    Myanswer may cause some fuss. I wash the area such as a knee,wipe off any soap and apply a cotton ball of linament (shu jin lu) (no crème lotions)to paint the area of pain with a thin layer then I take a cotton ball,wet, with DMSO and paint a thin layer over the linament and pain area,dont cover, let it dry.this has never failed to bring quick! relief thet may last 3 or four hours. if you you use too much DMSO it will itch wash it off with a wash cloth. Nothing else I ha ve tried works this well it may take some experimenting to get the right amounts. other linaments work, horse trainers use this on throughbreds afterworkouts and races
    becareful you wash the area first as the DMSO will carry surface dirt as well as medicine. this coulumn has helped me I have used my method on other people
    with success(backaches)keep away from eyes

  10. Paul

    I had inflammation, joint pain, tendonitis, ligament pain and neuropathy in both feet for the past two years. The pain in my feet was so bad that I was in a wheelchair for 3 months, and was barely able to walk more than a block afterwards. I saw many specialists, podiatrists, rheumatologists, neurologists and allergists, all of whom offered differing diagnoses. I also sought out second opinions, none of which matched up with the initial diagnoses. During the course of these visits, I was given steroid injections, which made things worse, and NSAIDs, which did nothing. I refused the usual Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments/drugs because I knew I truly didn’t have RA. I tried every alternative remedy I could find, none of which did anything. I finally went to Mayo Clinic, and they ruled out all of the previous diagnoses. I didn’t have RA, MS, CIDP, allergies, diabetes — nothing. They called it “polyneuropathy of an unknown etiology” — in other words, they don’t know what is causing my inflammation and pain – but I don’t have any underlying disease which would cause it. They suggested gabapentin — which I had a very bad reaction to. I finally went to Chinatown and saw a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor — he gave me an herbal supplement called Qu Feng Huo Luo Dan — and within two days of taking it, all of my inflammation, joint pain and tendon/ligament pain disappeared. I still have some neuropathy, but I can live with that. That’s minor compared to the other pain I was experiencing. I have been taking the Chinese herbs for 6 weeks now and am completely recovered.

  11. Ginny

    Sodium benzoate is a part of Certo and becomes a carcinogen when it combines with citric acid. It may not be a good idea to take Certo on a daily basis for arthritis because of this combination. One scientifically proven substance for arthritis is Pycnogenol, a marine pine extract which you can get at a health food store. It has no serious side effects according to the research. I’d start at a low dose and work up to see what is needed to be effective for arthritis pain. Read about it by looking up scientific research on arthritis and Pycnogenol. It also mentions boswellia and ginger as well as Bromelain.

    • Ed

      Pycnogenol (French Maritme pine bark) shows in a positive light in many studies , over a wide spectrum of immune & hormonal distresses….has anyone ever figured out why this bark is so useful??

  12. Flo

    I put Certo in V8 juice (well, a generic version). Many fewer calories and I get my veggies too. Nice side effect: helps cure constipation.

  13. BBBob
    Amherst, NY

    RE: Blackseed oil. I used it for three months (full dosage) with NO improvement whatsoever. Another urban myth as far as I’m concerned. I don’t trust turmeric, plus have recently read of problems associated with it.

    • Dennis
      Union, NJ

      tumeric is not very good anti-inflammtory since it has a relatively low active ingredient of the primary ingredient curcumin which is a much more effective and stronger potent anti-inflammatory for athritis.

    • cmoo

      Black Seed Oil capsules gave me indigestion???

  14. Bob

    I tried it for awhile. Instead of stopping constipation, it came me a horrible case of diarrhea.

  15. Karen
    North Carolina

    I also had a concern about the grape juice. I just use a couple of tablespoons to cover up the taste of the Certo.

  16. ariel

    Thank YOU!! I will try these.

  17. Rod

    After over $2000.00 in x-rays, scans, etc. for severe shoulder pain diagnosis revealed old age (late 70’s) and arthritis; black seed oil, two capsules daily totally stopped the pain.

  18. Barbara

    I was a skeptic when it came to this grape juice and Certo treatment. But the knee pain was so severe I thought I would try it. Fantastic results. It works wonders and will continue the treatment.

    • Ginny

      How many mg per pill?

  19. Craig P.
    Manhattan Beach California

    A name brand makes grape juice/cranberry juice combination diet drink that has one gram of sugar. You will not die from Splenda! Everything else about sugar will kill you and rot your teeth away. Sugar is evil

    • bbbob

      Can’t help but wonder when a company adds Splenda to a grape juice mixture how they get the original sugar out of the grape juice!

    • bbbob

      How do they get the original grape juice sugar out of the grape juice before adding fake sugar?

  20. Judith B
    North Carolina

    I have been putting Certo in flavored sparkling water for years and sipping with meals in small amounts. That, plus walking for three times a week on the treadmill (3.0 miles per hour holding on) at my gym daily for year,s PLUS tai chi twice a week the last six years, has reduced aching knee, elbow and wrist symptoms to nothing. (Except when I indulge in tomato or tomato sauce!). I’m not diabetic but my genes are primed for it since late parents, grandparents etc. were. So I also limit sugar and have been a vegetarian since age 40. I’m 79 now.

  21. Mike

    I suffer from knee pain and started using turmeric mixed with a touch of black pepper and celery seed, not the extract. This has not only helped my knee pain but also pain in my other joints. I find that if I don’t take it for a few days my joints start aching. I take about 1/4 teaspoon of the turmeric blend and celery seed 3 times a day. Maybe this would be helpful for those who can’t take grape juice.

  22. Marty
    Houston, TX

    Pectin can be taken without grape juice. It can be purchased as a powder; sprinkled on oatmeal; stirred into a beverage. You don’t need fruit juice to take pectin.

    Capsules, however, are not as practical since you’d need to take quite a lot of them.

  23. dee

    I have arthritis in my knees & back, and I have been using hemp oil, rosemary and turmeric to help minimize the pain. I created a shaker with rosemary, turmeric & black pepper and use that on my eggs and salads. Now hemp oil is my replacement for olive oil and butter. I drizzle the hemp oil on toast and shake my turmeric mix onto it. It is delicious and, more importantly, I do feel less discomfort. This is not a cure-all, but it does take the edge off the pain, and for that I’m thankful.

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