yellow mustard

Q. During a power outage, I burned four fingers while removing hot glass from a kerosene lantern. I first used cool water, then soy sauce without much relief. I quickly went to your website and searched on burns. I found the mustard remedy.

I put on a sterile plastic glove and squirted yellow mustard in the fingers and left this on for an hour. Immediate relief!

A. We’re glad this remedy helped. Cool or cold water is first aid for a burn, but many readers have told us that following this up with yellow mustard or soy sauce can greatly ease the discomfort. A caller to our radio show recently described using plain table salt on the burn, leaving it on until it cakes off.

Still other people have been enthusiastic about applying Elmer’s white glue after cooling the burn in water. We are not quite sure why any of these work, but glad the popular mustard remedy helped you. Your innovation of putting mustard in the fingers of a plastic glove is one that other readers may wish to adopt.

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  1. Mark

    This is a burn remedy I’d never heard of before. Thanks for sharing. Next time I have a minor kitchen incedent I hope I remember this.

  2. abigail

    Thanks for the tip of using a (disposable) sterile plastic glove. Having my palm slathered with mustard is awkward. The yellow mustard did take away the pain. Worked better than aloe vera. First I grabbed an ice pack out of the freezer. I think it did stop the burn. Will try immersion in cold water next time.

  3. Louie b Free

    Terry & Joe,
    dumb move: grabbed a VERY hot cast iron pan that had been on the stove for awhile
    smart move: grabbed yellow mustard from the fridge
    results: I JUST remembered that I did that !!! no pain…much gain !!!!
    thanks, Peeps !!!

  4. Cindy

    I have read the instruction to put cold water or ice first. However, it sounds like many, myself included, have had occasions to use the soy sauce or yellow mustard without the cold water and the results speak for themselves — pain gone, no scarring and fast healing.

  5. ebm

    Did you not read the instruction from PP to ALWAYS RINSE THE BURN WITH COLD WATER FIRST??????
    They mention this over and over again as a first aid, the follow with soy sauce, mustard, etc.
    Please read it again carefully before criticizing PP!

  6. VSD

    I suffered a severe steam burn one evening. Cutting open a piece of aloe vera, I taped it onto the burn. The pain soon disappeared. However, after keeping it on overnight, there was absolutely no sign of the burn the next morning. Complete healing. I now keep aloe vera plants for use in case of a burn; also, when they grow large and fan-shaped, they’re a very attractive plant.

  7. Susan

    I burned the back of my calf on a hot tailpipe – the burn was very painful and large. There was no water or ice to apply to the burn for three hours. As soon as I got home, I remembered the yellow mustard remedy I’d heard about on your show, so I applied a liberal amount to the back of my leg and wrapped up the area with plastic wrap. The pain subsided within minutes, and never came back. The burn did not blister as it normally would have, and after a month or so, there was no mark or scar.

  8. Dennis H

    Some of the comments on treatment for burns is dangerous. When you burn meat and put mustard or anything else on it, the cooking continues.
    The only way to treat burns is to remove the heat. Mustard does not remove heat. Cold water with or without a cloth will lower the temperature and stop
    the “cooking” of flesh.

  9. Susie

    I was clearing weeds and got bitten by mosquitoes. I used Cortisone cream and was still itchy. I remembered your show last Saturday and grabbed some yellow mustard. Very quickly it eased the itching and it did not come back.
    It does not work as well for itchy tick bites.
    However I am bringing a mustard packet along with me as well as the salt and pepper packets for minor cuts when I go on a picnic.

  10. Mary

    After reading on your site the benefits of yellow mustard containing turmeric, I tried smearing it on a siege of chigger bites I received from working outside. Each year I would be ravished with bites, swelling and itching as the chiggers emerged. This year I was bitten, but I as soon as the itch appeared I put on a thin layer of yellow mustard and ta da! – the itching lessened; re-applied a second time, itching gone and swelling gone.
    Normally I would itch a good week from the bites; now with the application of yellow mustard it was gone within the hour, although the red mark was left behind to heal. I now keep yellow mustard in our travel trailer as part of our first aid kit and another bottle in our frig at home.

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