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Q. My 18-year-old son became depressed. I did some research before taking him to the doctor, so I encouraged her to check his vitamin D level.

Lo and behold it was below the normal level at 20 ng/ml. After two months of supplementation (5000 IU/day), his levels are now high normal (59 ng/ml) and he is no longer depressed. This is much better than meds since it was inexpensive and without side effects.

A. Correcting vitamin D deficiency can help alleviate depression in some patients (Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, June, 2013), although it is certainly not a panacea.

Your son’s vitamin D levels should be carefully monitored. At 5,000 IUs per day, some people could end up with too much vitamin D in their bodies. He may need to cut back now that he is in the normal range.

We offer more information about determining vitamin D levels, as well as the many effects vitamin D has on physical and psychological health, in our Guide to Vitamin D Deficiency. You will also find details on more typical treatments for depression, including many commonly used antidepressants as well as non-drug approaches such as talking therapy, in our Guide to Dealing with Depression.

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  1. Auburn

    Vitamin D and depression— To bad the mother didn’t provide the actual lab test results. Someone’s opinion of what is “normal” is rather meaningless. My practice is to always get a copy of the actual lab test results. Having a problem with taking 5,000 IU/day of D3 is about a likely as winning the PowerBall, but anything is possible.
    However, there is a wide variation in response to a particular dose so getting a 25(OH)D test after being on a certain dose for a few months is wise. Ideal blood level according to well informed vitamin D researchers is 40 to 60 ng/mL and so far there does not seem to generally be any proven benefit in going higher.

  2. Lou

    Vitamin D supplements cause me to have severe constipation. I haven’t seen that listed as a side effect. I wonder if I’m the only one affected this way.

  3. mike

    This is a great example of how an alternative complimentary approach to mental health is effective. Anti-depressants are wantonly prescribed and have been found to produce psychological, as well as,physical addiction. Magnesium,Potassium and other minerals are critical to mental health. Magnesium is important to take when recovering from Neurotnin use and Potassium Chloride helps w Benzodiazapine withdrawal.
    With advanced understanding of biochemistry, the future applications are intriguing. Conditions can be treated w vitamins and supplements, cognitive therapy and, at a tertiary level, w/ medications in the mental health field. Perhaps coronary artery disease will be prevented and treated by increasing the biotic(microbial community) in the digestive tract before the metabolic precursors that effect the vascular system are effected. Neuroreceptors that modulate mood and depression are located in the brain but also are numerous in the enteric system. Your son’s biochemistry was able to be improved naturally w/ limited potential toxicity and [possible addiction)

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