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Q. I recently had a hysterectomy. My ovaries were left, but I have suffered from severe vaginal dryness.
I have tried almost every over-the-counter remedy available, including Sylk. What worked for me? After a shower, I apply coconut oil. It immediately melts into the tissues. Then I add aloe vera gel. Before bedtime, I go through the same routine.
I can’t tell you what a relief it has been. No itching or sticky gels. It feels completely natural, not to mention it is a whole lot less expensive than commercial lubes.

A. Many other women have found that coconut oil works well as a personal lubricant. It is solid at room temperature, but melts readily at body temperature. We caution that some people may be allergic to aloe vera gel.
Other options may include olive oil or almond oil. Barrier contraceptives are probably not an issue for you, but they might be for someone else. All these oils, including coconut oil, will affect latex and should not be used at the same time as a latex condom or diaphragm.
We discuss this problem in greater depth in our Guide to Menopause.

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  1. Vikki

    I too suffer from vaginal dryness and painful intercourse.
    I am excited to try the C oil. Using it ON the vagina is easy, however I need to reach the interior as I have really atrophied. I read somewhere that one could make a suppository with a casing, then do u put it in manually or use some kind of applicator, perhaps like the one that comes from the prescription estrogen cream? Just want to make sure I get good interior coverage…
    Any pointers would be great! Thanks

  2. shay
    United States

    I have burning and my doctor can’t find out why, but she told me to use coconut oil but I dont know how to apply it?

  3. Dar

    I use coconut oil for a whole lot of things. One of them is vaginally. I scoop out a bunch oil and put it in a glass container in the fridge to make it solid. Then I quickly (it melts so fast) roll little 1/2″ balls that are sort of elongated. I stick the balls in a glass jar and keep in the fridge. I insert one vaginally every morning and night.

  4. Dana T

    I’ve read where people are asking how to apply the coconut oil for vaginal lubrication. I too suffered from dryness and painful intercourse. For me, most of my dryness was at the opening of my vagina. It felt much deeper but my doctor pinpointed where my dryness was and it made sense because my husband would tell me that he hasn’t even begun to really enter me before I started complaining of pain. So my doctor told me to stop washing my vagina and just rinse it with warm water. She said the chemicals from the soap plus the irritation from the actual washing was causing dryness.
    SO, she also told me to use a little bit of coconut oil and apply it to the opening of my vagina every morning after my shower. It is going on 2 weeks. I can’t comment on if it worked or not because I haven’t had sex yet, lol. But that’s how she told me to apply the coconut oil. I hope that helped.

  5. fbl

    Over a period of 13 years I think I have tried every organic coconut oil out there. What I have been using for probably ten years now is from Tropical Traditions. I buy the Gold Label by the gallon bucket.
    Yes, to some of the answers above. I have NOT had to use it vaginally but I do use it on my skin about every other day and take two TB daily in a hot chocolate drink every afternoon.
    Even my Dr. commented on how great my skin is last time I saw him and he couldn’t remember how old I am now. He’s been my Dr. for over 20 years and I am now 67. He seemed surprised about my skin so I told him about the coconut oil. He just said “Ah!”.

  6. Pam

    Does anyone know if enough coconut oil gets absorbed thru the skin to effect cholesterol levels?

  7. Ester Y.

    I want to know where you can buy coconut oil. For I been to many doctors, for very dry, itchy vagina, I’d sure like to give it a try since nothing else has help. Thank You.

  8. Mari

    Apply anywhere it feels good–inside and/or outside. Coconut is also a wonderful oil to keep in your kitchen–for cooking and for hands (won’t transfer unwanted cosmetic chemicals to your foods). It’s also good as facial moisturizer.
    I put it on my face and neck at night and I can see the skin is better where I’ve been applying it than below the neck where I am not so habitual. Also a good leave-in hair conditioner. After my hair is almost dry and styled, I put a small amount in my hands (to melt) and then run fingers thru my hair. The extra virgin (has a very slight pleasant scent); expeller pressed has zero scent. LouAna (expeller) is available at Walmart in cooking oil section of store. They often have Spectrum at the same location. Health Food stores usually have a greater selection. Nutiva, a very good extra virgin brand is available at Amazon.

  9. Ked

    I to have vaginal dryness and would love to try coconut oil but not real sure how to apply and exactly where? On or inside the vagina. Any help would be appreciated, would like to purchase some soon.

  10. Pam G.

    Ashley, just wondering if it also helped the red dots (assuming you have those like me)? Do you use the organic coconut oil?

  11. cpmt

    Your should buy organic coconut.

  12. jla

    I have put up with three years of suffering from various miseries “down there”, resulting a surgical procedure and recovery period in which a Foley cath was inserted for 24 hours. After two years of doctors, specialists and tests, I finally took this site’s advice and bought some organic coconut oil.
    The oil has been a God send!!! A couple applications each day takes care of the vaginal dryness. I cannot begin to express how wonderful it feels to sleep during the night without pain, and to navigate during the day without the feeling of “down there” being pinched and twisted.
    This site and newsletter should be required reading. My doctors constantly chide me for using the internet to harvest medical information. Well, too bad, because I’m certainly not receiving any answers from these college educated, money driven people.

  13. Ashley H.

    I read about using coconut oil for Keratosis Pilaris, which has plagued me for years. I moisturize diligently every day, but the coconut oil is really the only thing that has helped rid my skin of the unsightly bumps!

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