Learn how to stop a nose bleed and treat skin cuts in the People’s Pharmacy Video with Joe and Terry Graedon.

Now that it is getting colder and the heat is on, dry air can make nose bleeds more common. What can you do? Here are a few tips along with some home remedies for kitchen cuts.

Here is one person’s experience with black pepper:

“I’m a huge skeptic when it comes to all kinds of ‘alternative’ medicine, because most of the time it’s just useless, silly and even dangerous. But I can vouch that black pepper on a cut works like magic!

“I’ve cut myself in the kitchen numerous times and every time I apply black pepper on my wounds they stop bleeding and there is no pain! It’s amazing, I can’t believe it works so good, but it does.

“People, I advise you to try it. The only thing that bugs me about this black pepper is whether or not side effects exist.”


No one has complained of side effects yet. As far as we can tell, it does not sting or burn.

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  1. margy

    After cutting my finger quite deeply and being unable to stop the bleeding and the pain, I went online to try to find help other than going to the ER. People’s pharmacy mentioned black pepper for cuts, and I never would have believed it to work! But it did, like magic. It stopped the bleeding immediately as well as the pain. Wonderful. Thank you so very much.

  2. Sam

    I just had a nose bleed. Almost as I type. I logged on to check out how to stop A nose bleed. I tried my keys in the past, which worked. But my keys are upstairs right now. Took out the ice, placed it on my forehead, in the meantime I read white paper on the roof of the mouth. Don’t laugh, that seems to have done the trick. I have used black pepper on cuts on my fingers, that worked also, but I wouldn’t put it in my nose( I don’t think).

  3. mitajoann

    I will try the piece of paper. Of course, at this stage, it means removing the dental plate first!

  4. MB

    Re nosebleed treatment with black pepper–althogh a study would be useful, it would also be difficult to set up… remember most nosebleeds arise from the septum or vertical divider of the nose and usually form one spot and usually on one side of the septum (not true with bleeding disorders, leukemia etc often times) for an otherwise healthy person not on aspirin, blood thinners etc., pinching the nose for 5 minutes or so (seems much longer when you do it) is the most effective on the spot treatment. Pepper??–who knows, but show me some study, not just antecdotal… also pepper will usually cause sneezing and unless suppressed, may blow off any clot forming!!—Ice to outside of nose probably useless, ditto ice etc to base of neck… as far as keys and paper to roof of mouth, I’m embarrassed you even printed it…unless of course the keys are the new electronic type!!

  5. Endorser

    I had nose bleeds very often as a child, and a recent remedy (maybe 10 years ago) is to put a piece of regular paper on the roof of your mouth, it stops the bleeding almost instantly. I have no idea why, and have tried to figure it out, I just know it works.

  6. CG

    On a couple of occasions when bleeding would not stop, I used black pepper. Yes, it worked, but yes, it stung! Worth it though….

  7. ebm

    Did you REALLY see/hear the video and LISTEN? You’d find out that the cold keys placed
    on the back of the neck stops the bleeding! One lady commented that she uses anything
    from the freezer on the back of the neck to stop bleeding which would be too cold for me,
    I’d take something cold from the fridge, any bottle or container would do fine.

  8. uk

    The keys definitely work for nose bleeds. My husband was born in Greece and that is an old remedy. Also to stop bleeding slap a piece of a brown paper bag on the site and leave it there for 10-15 minutes with no peeking. Works like magic and great for large cuts. Also epileptics should firmly hold a skeleton key (cold). Olive oil is for everything!

  9. Gerry Anne M.

    Would the use of black pepper for bleeding replace the need for pressure to stop bleeding for those of us on coumadin?

  10. TD

    Oops! I’m new here. Finding my keys will stop nosebleed?

  11. mitajoann

    I do get frequent nose bleeds, often quite profuse. They usually stop pretty fast if I apply cold to the back of my neck, at the base of my head, at the hairline. I just grab anything out of the freezer — ice cubes, bag of peas, etc. I’m sure this is the same principle as the keys treatment. I once saw cumin listed as a ‘cure,’ but it didn’t work sufficiently.

  12. RN

    Your advice is a godsend to school nurses! As school budgets crash and more and more families lose health coverage, they turn to us for health care needs. Yet we have less and less with which to work. Thanks to you, my students that were “repeat offenders” during head checks are lice free due to the Listerine and water spray, nosebleeds are brief as long as I can find my keys, hands are wart-free with the use of duct tape and banana peel, and numerous students with restless legs, growing pains and night terrors are sleeping deeply with soap in their beds.
    Keep up the good work–those of us in public health depend on you!

  13. Administrator

    Excellent suggestion, we will do it! thank you!

  14. Gary S.

    Please a one line caption to accompany the video. I clicked to get the information and was unable to hear the video. Reading lips helped but a simple caption would tell me how to apply black pepper and something about cold keys to the back of the neck. I like that it was video but a tad more tweaking with a caption would make it more accessible.

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