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Q. Celery seeds work to prevent gout! I am 43 and have been fighting high uric acid since my first attack eight years ago. All the things I’ve tried (from apple cider vinegar to tart cherries and green tea) are for acute attacks. Nothing worked for daily maintenance.

I drink a minimum of 100 ounces of high pH water a day and still have issues. I had a small attack this week on my right ankle.

I searched the web and read about celery seeds on your site. Within 90 minutes of chewing celery seeds, the pain was almost gone. I have noticed the trips to the bathroom have increased, as celery seed is a diuretic, but I am impressed. From now on, celery seed extract capsules will be a regular daily supplement.

A. Celery seed (Apium graveolens) has a long folk history. It has been used to treat joint pain (including gout), as well as headache, anxiety and gas. It has even been tried as an aphrodisiac. There is little scientific evidence that it would stimulate sexuality or relieve any other ailments.

Nonetheless, an expert in botanical medicine, James Duke, PhD, recommends celery seed extract for gout in his book, Dr. Duke’s Essential Herbs. He has identified compounds in this natural product that have anti-inflammatory properties. If you continue consuming celery seeds, be aware that they may interact with drugs like levothyroxine for thyroid or lithium for bipolar disorder.

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  1. Cosette
    Mendocino County, CA

    I just read this about celery seeds and gout, and I’m going to have my companion try this, but my question is, can he do the celery seeds with Eliquis? His gout has gotten so bad, that he can hardly walk.

  2. Asif bashir

    Great comments. Will try the tablets

  3. Christina

    If you have time, you can grow your own celery seeds. It’s very easy… Just buy some celery at the store, chop off the bottom and plant it in moist dirt. In a few days you should start seeing celery leaves coming from the middle of the stalk. Just let them grow. You can use the leaves that come up for cooking and the thin stalks as you would use normal celery. Eventually the stalks will toughen up, then begin to flower. Once the flower dies back, you will see tiny little seeds growing. If the plants don’t get wind you can keep the seeds on there until more start to dry. You can shake them off our pinch them off. The plant will continue to grow seeds. Two plants will give you a lot of seeds and you don’t need a lot of space. Google “how to grow celery seeds from stalk” for more info.

  4. Nene Domingo

    I wish that this Celery seeds will ease the pain in my body and with my heart disease and hypertension..I will try to look for this..Thank you so much that I read this…

  5. Richard

    I have been taking Celery seed capsules (500mg per day) for over 2 years to control my gout. About a week after I stop I start to get gout symptoms so quickly restart. Works for me.
    My question though is that my normal supplier is saying it can not stock them now owing to an EU ruling/ license. Are the seeds classified as food or what by the EU? Seems very weird to me.

  6. christopher

    Hi, I live in Crouch End, London and my local health store sells the seeds, I have just started brewing them in water and drinking the seeds too…. will keep you informed…

  7. Maggie

    How much of the celery seeds do you take daily…tablespoon, teaspoon etc. to help with gout?
    PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: One commonly used dose is a teaspoon of seeds steeped in a cup of hot water that is then strained.

  8. Jim

    I have done a ton of research on celery seed mostly for prevention and it seems to be one of the most beneficial supplements that you could possibly take. To answer questions about seeds vs extract… the extract is standardized to 85% butyl phthalide (the most important ingredient in celery seed) so the extract is superior for maximum effect. The research on this supplement is amazing. It has been found to have a profound effect on cardiovascular health (which includes lowering blood pressure and increasing arterial elasticity), excellent benefits for gout, benefits for stroke recovery, possible positive effects on dementia, and possible anti cancer effects.
    It has also been found to relieve anxiety in some people, enhance brain function, and enhance blood flow to the brain. It is also considered highly likely to be a life extending supplement. Normally supplements with anywhere near this many benefits are hyped by the media, but for some reason celery seed is still relatively unknown. Much of the research done on it can only be found in dry scientific journals (some of which can be found online).

  9. bobby

    I have been taking 1200 mg celery extract for 2 yrs now. I have not had an attack in the last 1.5 yrs. Not only does it lower uric acids levels it lowers blood pressure. It took about 4 months to get it under control after I started taking celery seed extract. I no longer worry about what I eat. I do stay away from sugar of all kinds. Sugar is probably the main cause of gout!!! give it time it will work

  10. Tommy

    Most natural foods stores would have them in bulk (or could order them from a source if asked). Grocers often have them. If all else fails, I’m sure there are internet sources.
    “Normal” grocers who sell the herbs and spices in bottles and cans seem to charge substantially more in my experience than places that sell stuff that you bag from bulk. This sometimes includes natural foods stores which one might otherwise tend to associate with higher prices (for various reasons). Worth looking into.

  11. Randy M

    I haven’t had any luck finding celery seed in any form in my area. I was able to get some Black Cherry Concentrate tablets 250mg from GNC. I have been taking the tablets for about a week, 2 tablets in the morning, and already, I feel less tension in my legs and back. I have had a problem with my right ankle feeling locked up for years, which I attributed to stitches I had received near my knee, but even that feels better. I am going to try ordering the celery seed tablets from Puritan’s Pride. Thanks…Randy

  12. NJO

    I have been taking the celery seed EXTRACT capsules, & the cherry EXTRACT capsules for just two days now, & have not noticed any difference yet…..I will take them longer, to see if I can tell a difference….Thanks for the info.

  13. SBG

    I passed this article on to a friend. He and his wife purchased the celery seed capsules, began taking them on a Sunday. By Wednesday he was suffering diarrhea and she had constipation. Maybe taking the capsule form made all the difference.

  14. Paul43

    I to would like to know the answer to BRAD”S question–does it lower the pain or lower the Uric acid levels.

  15. Brad

    Does the celery seeds lower uric acid or just fight the pain?
    People’s Pharmacy response: According to Dr. James Duke, they do lower uric acid.

  16. Nina O

    I have just been diagnosed with gout. Besides the celery seeds, what foods are good for me? & what foods are BAD for me? I take thyroid medicine. & some other things too. Thanks….Nina O

    • Robyn

      I have gout attacks when my thyroid is imbalanced. It was a major symptom when I was first hyperthyroid, and now that I am hypo, if I am over medicated, gout strikes again.

      The worst food for gout is liver. Meats, citrus fruits, lots of good things are BAD for gout. Getting to the root cause is the key.

      Thyroid imbalance & Celiac Disease are my root causes. So, for me, no gluten, no xanthan gum in foods & keeping thyroid levels as normal as possible are key. My Dad also has far fewer attacks when he gives up wheat based foods and eats mostly gluten free. White rice acts like gluten in my system, so I avoid it too.

  17. jackie

    I started giving celery caps to hubby (for gout) 600mg twice a day. Is this the correct dosage? he weighs 250 lbs. I also started the raisins/gin for arthritis, but wondered if the 9 raisins a day is standard for any age and weight ? THXS!!

  18. Paul43

    Do the capsules work the same as the seeds?
    People’s Pharmacy response: We believe so. The quality of the capsules, of course, is difficult to determine.

  19. pd

    Try a grocery store for purchasing celery seeds, or buy them in bulk at a natural foods store (to save money). They’re a food! Great in cole slaw!

  20. Tom L.

    I’ve read the letter twice. It does not pertain to me. I’ve used celery salt for years to replace salt. The article made me wonder does Celery salt have positive/negative effect on my health?

  21. Tom L.

    Does using celery salt have any positive effects similar to celery seed?

  22. Tony D

    Where would you buy celery seeds?? I have seen celery seed extract capsules in vitamin catalogs – but not the actual seeds.

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