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Q. At age 49 I still had a thick head of long wavy hair. Then I was prescribed the blood pressure drug lisinopril with HCT.
Within three weeks my hair was falling out, along with my eyelashes and eyebrows. My doctor said these meds don’t cause hair loss. I saw a hormone specialist and after $400 worth of tests, he said the hair loss was due to age and stress.
One dermatologist I saw said it was stress; another said I was getting older.
I’ve searched blood pressure medications online and many have “alopecia” as a side effect. That means hair loss. I don’t think I’m stressed and I’m not that old.
A. Many medications can cause hair loss. Blood pressure pills like atenolol, lisinopril, losartan, and valsartan may have this effect, as can cholesterol-lowering drugs like lovastatin or simvastatin. Such a side effect is often considered minor, but many people find it distressing.
We are sending you our Guides to Hair and Nail Care and Blood Pressure Treatment with a list of many drugs that may contribute to hair loss plus ways to battle baldness and control blood pressure naturally.
No one should stop taking a blood pressure medicine without medical supervision. Controlling hypertension without side effects requires good teamwork between doctors and patients.

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  1. Melissa

    Yes, I started taking lisinopril 10 mg for 4 months and I was what the heck my hair is very dry, and thinning and falling out after 3 months.

    I am stoping the meds, and doing natural.

  2. Pat

    I have tried three different BP medications: Losartan (with horrible constant pain in my left leg and back) doc prescribed 50 mg, too much for 106 lb elderly woman, and I was only taking half the tablet and had to quit taking it after a few days because of too much pain. I developed a sinus infection when I quit the med.

    Then hydralazine, with swollen red tongue, not able to swallow my food, elevated liver enzymes. I had to quit that one after a couple of weeks.

    Then, amlodipine with hair loss for several months, although that side effect is not mentioned along with a dozen other side effects from that med. When I mention these side effects to my doctor, his response is, ” all medications have side effects”!

    I’m trying some of the natural remedies: beets, beet juice, hibiscus tea. They seem to lower the BP a little. Mine needs to come another 40 points. Thanks for all the good helpful info.

  3. Eva
    Roseville, CA

    I started taking Lisinopril a month and a half and notice clumps of hair falling off? My husband thought it was the BP men’s and sure enough this site confirmed. What mess are there without the side effects?

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