Q. My father and his mother both had psoriasis on their shins and elbows, so when I developed this problem at age 50, I thought I was just stuck with it.

I started filling gel caps with cooking grade turmeric and taking several each day for joint pain. My joints are healthier, but the psoriasis completely disappeared! We buy turmeric by the pound at East Indian cooking stores.

A. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is the yellow spice that gives curry powder its distinctive color. Thai researchers investigated the activity of this herb in a skin cell line and found that it has the potential to work against psoriasis (Molecules, online May 10, 2011).

One component, curcumin, appears to be responsible. While physicians await the results of clinical trials (Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, June, 2008), we are pleased to hear of your success.

A word of caution for others who plan to try this: turmeric may interact with warfarin (Coumadin) to increase the risk of bleeding. Some people also experience allergic reactions.

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  1. susieohler@att.net

    I can’t Waite to try turmeric ..i have a severe case and so far not much luck psoriasis makes me depressed not feel myself, but I’ll return let ya know my results soon!

  2. cpmt

    Someone here mentioned a few months ago to try cilantro, a bunch everday in salads or soups or… (must be eaten raw so add at the end) according to someone you must try it for several weeks… someone told me this, I really don’t know). I hope it works.

  3. Danielle M.

    When I was 18 I showed my first signs of psoriasis when I was pregnant with my first child, 6 months after her birth it went away, 2 years after I got pregnant again and I flared out again. Soon after the birth it was gone again. 5 years later I had my son and I have flared out the worst yet. It is horrible on top of the flaky skin and itching the pain and soreness from having it on my scalp has caused me many sleepless nights and it is to the point where I have cried from pain. I have been seeing a dermatologist and taking medication after medication and nothing seems to help. I have been doing research and came across this site and everyone’s comments and experience with dealing as I do. I am going to try turmeric and see if it helps me. I have spent too much money for creams ointment and Dr visits and no results.
    Even if the patches don’t completely go away I am okay with that. I have lived this long with psoriasis it is the soreness and constant wanting to scratch from the itching that is unbearable. Thanks for all the posts and help. If there are anymore suggestions please I am all ears. I will keep an update on my results.

    • Ginger

      The best thing is to stay away from milk. I flare up when I eat too much ice cream. Drink lots of Green Tea and Chamomile Tea. No fried foods. lots of sun and moisturize is only good for prevention. I also take 1-2 aspirin a day and usually clear up within 2 months. I also use this Ginseng ointment too. I don’t know what the most important thing is. I just know that all of them together works. Also no smoking or drinking alcohol

  4. michelle

    Hi bret
    Did you have success with these 3 things?

  5. cpmt

    Yes, but don’t put it in open skin since will stain everything. Better to use in /with food — hot food with some fat = oil– and only 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. in the pot or dish. don’t use more than that. Yes according to some people and researches it will help with psoriasis, also eat fresh cilantro, a bunch (handful) every day with salads or soups or…(put it at the end, do not cook it) drink oolong tea (some people said it helps. Good luck

  6. nataraj

    my age 35 years. For 15 years psoriasis present.
    turmeric uses ?

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