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Q. You have written about beet juice to lower blood pressure, but I have never been able to find the juice in a store. Do supermarkets carry it? I have noticed that canned sliced beets really vary in sodium content, so people with hypertension should be wary.

A. We are fascinated by the British research indicating that a glass of beet juice can lower blood pressure for several hours (Hypertension, March 2008). In a later study, the same team found that this effect is more pronounced in men, especially those with higher blood pressure to begin with (Hypertension, Aug., 2010).

It is not easy to find beet juice in the average supermarket. One reader found this solution:

“Biotta brand beet juice can be purchased in 16-ounce bottles. We get it by the case from our health food cooperative market.

“We drink a glass several times a week. I don’t really like beets, but the juice is so delicious I love it. Be aware that it colors your urine and stool red! Thank goodness someone warned me of this when I made the first purchase, or it would have alarmed me.”

Beet juice is not the only natural product that can help control hypertension. We discuss many others in our Guide to Blood Pressure Treatment.

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  1. Dan
    Pompano Beach

    Agreed. I just went to purchase Lakewood organic beet juice at the grocery and it is loaded with sodium, over 8% of DV for 8oz glass. One should drink 2 glasses per day, that’s 16% of your sodium level, which only exacerbates the condition, further. They lost my sale!

  2. Helen

    I have read and heard that the juice or beets have to be raw because cooking destroys the nutrient that is effective. Any info on this ?

  3. PRP

    The Peoples Pharmacy at its best! People helping people. Most of the folks my age, late 70’s, have high blood pressure. This home remedy makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

  4. tehrin n.

    I make at home that beet root juice.. get 3 beets and cut them chopped. grind in the mixer add one cup water and 2 teaspoons sugar. drain the juice then drink every morning after meal.

  5. Betty C.

    I have seen articles in your column about using beet juice to lower high blood pressure (hypertension), I wonder if I could get the same results from eating beets, or even mixing beet juice with pineapple juice?
    Thank you

  6. isaac

    Beet powder is available at many health food stores or online. Buying the juice can get expensive. Regarding the juice, the dose was 250 ml, twice a day in the paper. 250 ml equals the juice from 1.5 beets. So if you’re looking to juice at home, that’s the target to shoot for (of course, adjust as needed and dose to effect). I was able to find that the powder worked just great for me and didn’t seem to differ from the juice.
    It dropped me from borderline Stage I (~140/80) down to about mid 120s for systolic and in the 60s for diastolic. It tastes horrible to me but I don’t care for beets to begin with. By mixing it into low sodium V8, it works out alright (plus I get more potassium which is good for bp, too). It’s a good alternative to medication.

  7. PC

    A much better solution to trying to find beet juice is to purchase a juicer and make your own fresh juice on demand, as with any other juicing. You are sure of the freshness and quality.

  8. joanne

    I too, would like to know if one gets the same benefit from eating beets vs. drinking beet juice, since the juice is difficult to find. I see folks have noted where to get it, and yes, there are Whole Foods “in the area,” but they would be 50 minute round trips. It would be much easier to eat beets (if the effect is the same.) Anybody??

  9. se

    I saw the earlier article on beet juice and bought some from the Health Food Store. I began drinking a bottle a day and soon developed a kidney infection. I saw something that indicated that you should drink 3 ounces a day. I do have high blood pressure and love beet juice but was wondering if it might cause kidney infections if you drink too much?

  10. Aubrey L.

    You mention drinking beet juice for high blood pressure…. is there any advantage to eating the beets instead of drinking the juice? Or, is the juice more effective than the beets?

  11. vg

    Freeze dried beet juice is in health food stores and is very effective

  12. almarogge

    Beet root juice can be purchased at Whole Foods or online.
    Also note, beet root will color urine and stool red. No need to be worried.

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