Q. Although I am 82 and had a hysterectomy when I was 40 I was having drenching hot flashes two or three times a day. I had gone through the usual menopause problems and they had faded but a few years ago they showed up again.
I downloaded your story about menopause solutions and took it to my doctor. He read it. We agreed to try gabapentin and one glass of red wine.
That ws the last day I had the kind of sweats that ruined my clothes and wrecked me. I still sweat when I exercise but I don’t mind that at all.

A. Gabapentin (Neurontin) is sometimes prescribed for women during menopause to alleviate hot flashes. It is a non-hormonal approach to the problem. We did not know it would work for hot flashes as late in life as yours. We discuss this and other ways to ease menopausal discomfort in our Guide to Menopause.

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  1. qball

    I took gabbapentin for a week for rls and noticed my hot flashes disappeared , I stopped the meds and hot flashes came back. My Dr. Gave me 300mg. to take. I take 6 a day. My hot flashes are gone when I’m on this medication, so I know it works. Gabbapentin is a miracle drug for hot flashes for me.

  2. karen

    I have been taking gabapentin for years.. I changed doctors and done without for a week….hot flashes 10 to 12 times a day…. bad night sweats… when I started taking it again….all this symptoms stop…gabapentin is for me.

  3. Debra

    I would also agree to research Gabapentin. I was prescribed this for severe foot pain. It helped at first but the side effects were horrific. I did not take this medication with any other drug and by process of elimination found out that I had permanent nerve damage in my feet (p.s. I do not have diabetes). My psoriasis went haywire–all over my body (usually only a few patches), my hair started coming out, and also some tremors and instability, and constipation.
    When I stopped, the only thing that remained was the neuropathy (diagnosed by a neurologist) and I now get swollen ankles during the day and also the pain in my feet is back. So gabapentin was not for me! I am 60 years old and have few hot flashes.

  4. G T

    This product did not help me at all. Efforex helped but insurance quit paying for it. I am almost 70 and still getting hot flashes; however, they are worse now and the heat feels like I have on itchy wool underwear or wearing one of those old Army wool blankets. This is just another kind of hell on earth!!!!!

  5. cpmt

    Yes, where can you get that cream? (wild yam) Thanks.

  6. lisa w.

    What is wild yam cream/powder? And where would I get? The hot flashes are killing me literally!!!

  7. LHU

    Wild yam powder works for me to alleviate hot flashes.

  8. bloomergal

    I started using Wild Yam cream twice a day, rubbed on my inner arms -elbow to wrist- to address hot flashes and it worked like a charm. Great side effect was the debilitating pain in my left hip went away! I’ve been using Wild Yam cream now for he last 8-9 years. I tried the capsules but they don’t agree with me. The cream works great and is only $5.00 a jar which lasts a couple of months.

  9. M.K.

    When my doctor took me off estrogen replacement therapy, I was already taking Neurontin for nerve damage in my feet. A couple of times I have run out of Neurontin and had hot flashes within 24 hours. I believe Neurontin keeps me from having hot flashes. I have been using 1600mg daily for over 12 years with no harmful side effects.

  10. Dolores

    I am 74. I have had hot flashes and hot sweats for a number of years after a hysterectomy in my 30’s. I’ve been on gabapentin since 2000 for something else, but it didn’t help the hot sweats.
    They come and go. I don’t know what to attribute the comings and goings of them. I never heard about gabapentin helping. As for the wine, I can’t drink it. I have an intolerance to anything with alcohol in it, no matter how little.

  11. Carol

    I just thoroughly researched this drug (since I’ve never heard of it) and suggest anyone who is interested in trying it do the same. I have long suffered from debilitating hot flashes and have tried EVERYTHING that’s out there. And I remain willing to consider anything for relief. But Gabapentin? Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t touch it.

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