Q. What do you recommend as a sexual lubricant for intercourse? I am 68 years young but have been celibate for over 30 years. I have met someone very special and it may eventually evolve into a sexual relationship.
On several TV talk shows, I have heard that older women have a problem with vaginal dryness that interferes with intercourse. Is that true? If I experienced such a problem, what should I use?

A. Many postmenopausal women find intercourse more comfortable with lubrication. We often recommend Sylk because it is slippery and water-based, so it won’t destroy latex. At 68, you don’t need to worry about contraception, of course, but you are still vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections. Barriers such as condoms offer some protection.
We are sending you our Guide to Menopause, with many more details on easing vaginal dryness. Other possible lubricants include products like Corn Huskers Lotion, olive oil, coconut oil and vitamin E.

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  1. Susan P

    I have metastatic breast cancer. I recently have been experiencing vaginal pain. My PCP said I have severe vaginal dryness. She prescribed estrace which I am afraid to use because of cancer…it is estrogen positive. I talked to my oncologist and she said use hyaluronic acid cream or suppositories, but wasn’t sure if you could get it in the USA. I have been running into brick walls trying to find it. Do you have it or know of someone who carries it? I am desperate. Thank you. Susan

  2. lou

    cindy: do you still have to use anything else since the hyaloric (sp)?

  3. lb

    Appreciate all the suggestions–particularly Cindy B.’s. I’ll be trying the hyaluronic acid… here’s hoping that was, in fact, what made the difference for you. Estrogen creams or pills are out for me. Unfortunately, you don’t have to be an “older” woman to have this problem. I had to be put (ah, slammed is more like it) into premature menopause at 39 because of (as necessary treatment for) breast cancer. This issue is a big deal for me as I’m still single and this was most definitely not an issue before my diagnosis. I also purchased some Replens as well but haven’t opened the box yet… that involves actually accepting that the issue is real.

  4. Cindy B.

    HI — I am a female of, ah, a certain age who also experienced a very frustrating lack of lubrication after the “dreadful M” . I did obtain an Rx for a tube of vaginal cream (conjugated estrogens) and that worked great though it’s a bit pricey. I planned to get a 2nd tube but in the meantime I began taking hyaluronic acid (sp?), a natural, over-the-counter capsule supplement that purports to “moisturize from within.” It’s supposed to be very good for the joints, and I have terrible knees from ski crashes. Well, I couldn’t help noticing that within about 2 months I didn’t need the cream anymore! I can only attribute it to the hyaluronic acid… I take the maximum dose per instructions on the bottle. There are various brands.

  5. S.H.

    Hands down, the best for us is Astro Glide. Amazing; simply amazing.

  6. Jan

    I am postmenopausal and have vaginal dryness. My obgyn prescribed Premarin vaginal cream. Insert it twice a week for the first week then once a week. It works like a charm. My husband can not tell it’s there and I no longer have pain during intercourse.

  7. Anne W.

    I’m almost 58 and I highly recommend Liquid Silk (you can get it on Amazon). It’s lightweight and very slippery AND it lasts. If you also look at a website “A Woman’s Touch,” you will find that and a lot of other information on vaginal health. There are what I consider a few weird things, but this place is amazing. I live near Madison and have visited the store, with my husband, and it is very comfortable to shop there. I believe the store is owned by an RN. You can email Dr. Myrtle with questions and she will get back to you. You can also call and all of the women are knowledgeable and very helpful. Your privacy is also respected.

  8. LP

    I used Replens which is a vaginal mouisturiser rather then just a lubricant. It is better then using olive oil and other ‘home’ remedies which are not pH balanced for the intimate regions! (The vaginal area is actually acidic which helps to fight off infections! Using products or remedies which have to higher pH can lead to infections and make dryness worse! Also unlike lubricants replens is absorbed into the skin and is applied once every few days as a treatment rather then just minimizing further damage to the skin which lubricants achieve by creating a barrier on the surface of the skin.

  9. EG

    Try (don’t laugh) extra-virgin olive oil. Use a cotton ball to apply it. Works very well as a lubricant and as a moisturizer, though ‘don’t know how it may or may not affect latex.

  10. DWD

    You should remind this lady that even at 68, one should take STD precautions with new partners unless you both have been tested.
    At 60+ we still like Abolene and a little dab will do you. But it is oil based (like olive oil and coconut oil mentioned earlier) so should not be used with latex condoms. We have just mixed a small batch of olive oil and Abolene, but have not tested it yet. The combination is thinner than Abolene and thicker than olive oil.

  11. RLH

    For years I have used Queen Helene brand cocoa butter creme! The only drawback is that it is extremely slippery so it has to be used in moderation. There are several great things about this product though. It is very inexpensive, I buy mine at the local super WalMart. If you are embarrassed about buying sexual products this is considered a moisturizer and is found in that isle. Especially during the summer months I do, in fact use it for a heavy moisturizer especially for my feet at night. What a great multi-purpose product!!

  12. D.M.

    If I remember correctly corn Huskers Lotion has a high level of alcohol in it. I had to stop using it on my hands because it made them crack even worse. This might be a problem when using it downunder..

  13. JerryB

    Why do you refuse to mention the most popular product, KY?

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