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Q. For 70 years I was sensitive to cold and suffered pretty constantly with fatigue, dry skin, constipation, hair loss, vertigo and brain fog. My family doctor put me on Synthroid with no results.

Finally, I found a naturopathic doctor who prescribed desiccated thyroid (Armour). Almost immediately all of these symptoms went away, and I am one HAPPY man!

A. Your symptoms are classic for low thyroid function. There is a lot of controversy about natural versus synthetic thyroid hormone. Many physicians don’t think that dried thyroid gland is as reliable as brands like Synthroid, Levothroid, Levoxyl or Unithroid. Nevertheless, we continue to hear from patients like you who find that natural desiccated thyroid works better to alleviate symptoms.

We are sending you our Guide to Thyroid Hormones with a discussion of symptoms, tests and treatments for thyroid disorder. People who prefer Armour thyroid have been frustrated during the past year or so by a shortage of this product. Forest Laboratories, which makes Armour, is now announcing that the most commonly prescribed doses (one grain and one-half grain) are once again available.

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  1. Angle

    Nice to see this post. My friend also suffering from this. Thanks to everyone.

  2. Anna

    I had thyroid cancer and thus had to have my thyroid removed this year it’s been a hard adjustment not having energy and I have been feeling really tired all the time. Seems like my days don’t really start till after 6 pm because that’s when I start getting a little bit of energy! I would like to try armour but I’m afraid that it will mess with my tests to see if the cancer came back.

  3. Sara G.

    I am hypothyroid and on Armour. I do take kelp too. I got my thyroid levels correct first and then I did a few iodine patch tests to see if it picked up a deficiency. It showed I was deficient, so I started the kelp. Many people do fine with a little bit of iodine, then there are others that don’t.
    I started out by taking powdered kelp, but the problem with powdered kelp is that there are no dosages. Plus, iodine deficiency is a symptom, not a cause. There are other, more pressing headaches associated with hypothyroidism. Metabolism, for starters, which can play hell with your immune system, and also your mental health. If you look at a nurses’ guide, you’ll see that thyroid issues can lead to some chemical difficulties in brain/body day-to-day functioning.

  4. Kara

    The writer of the article said he went to a NATUROPATHIC physician …not a Homeopathic physician. They are not remotely the same thing. And a homeopathic practitioner would not prescribe either thryoid meds like Armour Thyroid or synthetic thyroid drugs. They deal in homeopathy with is a whole different thing.
    Do your own research and find either a Naturopathic doctor (not available in all states) or a Holistic doctor in your area if you want help.
    And you can go to Armour Thyroid’s web site to find a list of doctors/practitioners who use Armour Thyroid in your area.

  5. abigail

    Amour Thyroid (this is desiccated, known just as Armour Thyroid) is back on the market now but is in short supply. After you get your prescription, call ahead to be sure the pharmacy has it. The available doses are set so the pharmacy may need to combine or divide to get the amount your physician prescribes.

  6. ALD

    I have been on on Sythroid since 1960 and now I am on Levothyroxinel. Could this thyroid be the problem with my burning tongue? I have all the same problems as Dolores reply dated 5/5 has. Thank you

  7. LGR

    I have read ads for Iodine Plus, an iodine supplement which contains 5 mg of iodine and 7.5 mg of iodide. It is my understanding that iodine can be poisonous at this high a level. Is this correct? Would these supplements be safe to take? I went to my local health/vitamin store and they only carry kelp which is a very low-dose iodine. I have elevated TSH and the same symptoms as the 70 yr old man had who was given Armour thyroid (in your May 13th newsletter). Any information you can give me will be most appreciated. Thank you.

  8. msc

    See if you can find an endocrinologist, a doctor whose specialty is the endocrine system, which the thyroid gland is a part of. They are much more likely to be familiar with using Armour thyroid than would a primary care physician.

  9. W M

    My naturopathic MD suggested kelp and extra vitamin D, both available at health food stores, for low thyroid and be retested in 2-3 months…. this is certainly easy…. I’ll comment again with the results this month.

  10. mf`

    I am on levothyroxin daily, have many of the same symptoms like cold, lethargy etc. Would like to hear more about Armour thyroid and how it differs. Thank you. mf

  11. Debi

    I was on Armour for 8 years after having my thyroid removed and was very satisfied with the results. I need to keep my TSH undetectable due to a small amount of cancer that was found in a nodule when I had my thyroid removed. Due to the reformulation and, then, unavailability of Armour, I went on a compounded prescription. I am, at this time, however, needing to find a primary care that will prescribe Natural Thyroid and have not had any luck finding a doctor in this area. I call the office before making an appointment and am sure to ask the question and have been very frustrated at not finding anyone! I do not understand why doctors will not prescribe Natural Thyroid hormone.

  12. Dolores

    I have the same problem. I have been on thyroid medication since the 1960’s. I was started on natural desiccated. I had to be tested regularly to make sure my levels were OK. That was OK. Then a doctor decided to put me on Sythroid because it was easier. I have had all kinds of problems since.
    I cannot get the doctors to change it back to desiccated. I have talked with them about it. I have fatigue, hair loss, arthritis problems, finger nail problems, memory problems, nerve problems, etc. A neurologist told me that most of it was due to the thyroid and the medication I was on. If I can just find a doctor who will change it back. Maybe the rest of my life will be a little better.

  13. martha

    I would like to know the same thing… Anyone out there have any ideas?

  14. ja neeman

    these symptoms very much like an immune problem I’m suffering, dermatomyositis. Does any one have some information that is homeopathic rather than prescription solutions (which don’t seem to be working too well?????

  15. Texas Lady

    It is great that someone was able to find the homeopathic doctor, but how about the rest of us in dire straights because we have little energy and are more sluggish every day. Is there anything over the counter?

  16. msc

    I was unable to tolerate Synthroid and my endocrinologist said he had quite a few patients who couldn’t. He put me on Armour thyroid, which has worked well for years now. It isn’t quite as standardized as the synthetics, so regular thyroid tests are necessary.
    The symptoms I had were severe joint and muscle pains. When I took the Synthroid, I could walk only 1/4 mile in the time in which I could walk 2 miles when not on it.

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