Q. I have bad leg cramps that wake me up early in the morning. I read that a bar of soap placed between the sheets might help.

Where precisely do you place it? I can't take quinine because it interacts with tamoxifen I take to prevent a recurrence of breast cancer. The cramps are really painful.

A. Quinine is no longer available as a treatment for leg cramps, even if you weren’t on tamoxifen. The FDA banned its use for cramps a few years ago.

Although we are hard-pressed to explain why soap under the bottom sheet would be helpful against leg cramps, many readers insist that it works. Here is just one example:

“I have been keeping a bar of soap under my sheet for quite some time. It does work, but I was never sure it did.

“Last night I had toe cramps. Instead of getting up to walk them off, I curled my foot as close to the soap as possible. The cramps went away in about 5 seconds.

“At the same time the calf in my other leg cramped. Again I moved the soap around near my leg, and the cramp was gone. Weird? You bet. Would I change this? No way. Who knows how this works, but it does.”

Not everybody benefits from the soap trick. Others report success with yellow mustard, pickle juice or magnesium. For more details on soap and all these remedies, we are sending you our Guide to Leg Pain.

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  1. Cowgirl

    YES the bar of soaps WORK, for many years I have bars of soaps placed under the fitted sheet of my bed I haven’t had leg or toe cramps in a long time, as soon as I do feel a cramp coming on I place leg or toe right on bar of soap and it’s gone immediately! The Hotel soap bars are perfect size! Thank you Dad for telling me about this cramp relief many years ago, once again you were right, it does work!

  2. carlene

    I have been diagnosed with having rls since 2006. I have been on requip and now on mirapex which both has caused me to start gambling a lot. I never had that problem. I had to get off the medicine cause come to find out that was a side effect! So as I’m lyin here writin this I have two hotel soaps under the sheets where my legs r n not one time have I jerked! Its truly amazin! Now I wont hav ethat gamblin side effect no more! Thank u lord and thank u hotel soap! It truly is as I speak at 9:49pm on 01/06/2013 it is workin!

  3. dn

    I’ve had severe calf camps for years & kept a diary to try to determine the cause…no answers found. My MD doesn’t have any answers either (tried changing statins).
    I’ve used homeopathic cramp tabs, Natokinase, Tums, stretching exercises….
    I read about the bar of soap 4 days ago. Placed a fresh bar of Dove under the sheet…& to my great surprise, it seems to work! If I feel a cramp starting, I move the soap to that leg. I’m curious to see how long the goo effect will last ;-)

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