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People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap

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Our People's Pharmacy Bed Soap
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Quick Overview

So many readers have told us that soap under the bottom sheet wards off leg cramps that we tried it ourselves. It works for us! To make it more comfortable, we developed flat People's Pharmacy Bed Soap.

Product Description

We have heard from so many readers that soap under the bottom sheet can ward off leg cramps or restless leg syndrome (RLS) that we tried the soap ourselves. We found this remedy helpful, but having a big bar of soap in bed with you was a tad uncomfortable.

That’s why we developed The People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap. It is flat and comfortable in bed, and it provides more soap than a typical bar. We added a hint of lavender to help people fall asleep (there is evidence that this fragrance facilitates sleep). There is even a scientific hypothesis for why soap might help prevent muscle cramps.

One box of People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap includes three bars of soap. Once the soap has done its job preventing leg cramps it can be taken to the shower and used again to scrub-a-dub-dub.


  • Sodium palmate (saponified palm oil)
  • Sodium cocoate (saponified coconut oil)
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Fragrance
  • Vitamin D
  • Rosemary leaf extract
  • Violet 2 (color)


Product Reviews

  1. No more lower back pain at bedtime

    Pillager Minnesota

    It is Unbelievable how it works. I get pain in my lower back at bedtime so I tried a bar of Irish spring under my sheets. I am here to tell you it works. I do not know how or why but I have been sleeping with no pain. Try it !! It will make a believer out of you.

  2. So Far, So Good


    I’ve had 2 bars of this lavender scented bed soap in bed with me for a few nights now. I put one just above my ankles and one just above my knees. The thing is that I get restless legs before I go to bed–while I’m watching TV or reading, stretched out on the recliner. It’s always gone by the time I go to bed. Occasionally, though, I get restless legs in bed, so for me, I’m hoping the soap will prevent it. As for restless legs early in the evening, now that the weather has cooled a bit, I can wear socks and will try the Tea Olive Soap Chips in my socks.

    About the fragrance of the bed soap and leg soap, I love them both! That’s saying a lot, because I have asthma and coughing and can tolerate very few fragrances. (Ivory soap is the absolute worst!) I find the lavender and the tea olive fragrances very pleasant and not at all overwhelming. My husband is very particular about fragrances, but he seems to be accepting the bed soap just fine (but I haven’t told him what I’m doing, either).

    I read a review from the lady who had restless legs on an airplane flight. Now that’s me. For anyone who hasn’t experienced this, there are hardly words to describe it. It’s like being tortured! When I tried to do leg exercises in my seat, hoping to alleviate the RLS, I ended up with the most excruciating leg cramps. The next time I get on a plane, I’m going to “wear” soap chips–in my shoes, my socks and my pockets–a whole box, if necessary! I might even make myself custom leg and arm wraps with little pockets for soap chips. You might want to experiment with making some bed soap with the Tea Olive fragrance for those who don’t care for Lavender. Men might prefer the Tea Olive scent.

  3. I agree with the other reviewers that the fragrance is too strong. I tried using this for a week and gave up because the overwhelming smell was interfering with my sleep. If this works without the fragrance, please provide a fragrance free version or at least a milder scent.

    I did like the flat shape, but had trouble keeping it in the right spot. I sleep on my back with a pillow under my legs, and it didn’t stay in place in the pillow.

  4. Soap helps my Muscular Skeletal Pain.

    Marjorie B.
    Port Saint Lucie, FL

    I have told my friend about the soap as he has neuropathy. It has worked dramatically for him up until a few week ago, so I came on your site and read about how the soap looses it’ s strength. We used a potato peeler and shaved it down and sure enough, it started working again. After reading about all the people it has helped, it occurred to me that perhaps it would work for me with my muscular skeletal pain that I have endured for over 2 years now with no relief of any kind. Doc say’s you just have to learn to live with it. Well, for 7 nights now, I have placed a bar of soap under my pj’s against my chest and have had no pain whatsoever. It is truly a miracle. I hope lots of people benefit from my personal experience of this.

  5. It worked

    Stockton CA

    I just read about soap for hand cramps and leg cramps. I had also heard that mustard works. Just swallow a teaspoon and cramps gone. Well we tried mustard and it works sometimes. I gave my husband a bar of soap ivory and cramps gone so let’s hope it continues working.

  6. Nan

    I have nite time neuropathy and hate drugs. They don’t work. Tried ivory but didn’t work. Ordering soap today with faith from People’s pharmacy. Crossing fingers too

  7. Best customer service around!

    Isa Aura
    South Florida

    I ordered the soap knowing I am very sensitive to fragrances that are not pure essential oils and to things like added coloring. i wanted to be able to use the flat soap instead of a larger more cumbersome one in the bed. I probably should have known better. The soap worked for the cramps :) but not for my sinuses :(

    I asked customer service what was involved in a return and was answered within a couple of hours: they told me to pass the soap on to someone who could use it, and they refunded all the money to me.

    This is almost unheard of in customer service in this country! Because of this I am giving the company 5 stars, even though I would really like them have a product that is all natural.

  8. Della Crawford

    Thank you for this article. I’m sorry the soap does not work for everyone but for those it does work for (me included) it’s a god-send. I have RLS and for many years took tonic water at bedtime and Hyland “Restful Legs” which in combination did a good job of preventing attacks of Restless Legs. I learned about the soap thing a few months ago and since then have not had to use the tonic water (containing Quinine) and/or the Restful Legs. That seemed like a miracle to me; blessed soap! Thanks again for bringing up this subject as I suspect there are many people who suffer unnecessarily every night from leg cramps or restless legs.

  9. Marie

    I have used imperial leather soap to relieve leg cramp but take off the wrapper ,and for last 10weeks I have not had any cramp..If people are unconvinced it is an in-expensive remedy to try .I also previously drank tonic water daily (but suffered heart burn) the results were no where near as good as the soap.also one night I had the symptoms of cramp and realized the soap had fallen out of the bed! .

  10. It's like magic!

    Hillsborough NC

    This will be my 3rd box of soap. I had terrible foot, ankle and calf cramps that woke me up every night. Occasionally, I had them during the day too. I knew about soap under the sheets so I tried what I had (Dial). It seemed to work a little bit however, I still had the cramps in a milder version. I decided to try yours. I cannot express my relief after the first night. No cramps…… none. My husband has also had leg cramps and restless legs for awhile. They would sometimes be so bad he would jump up and try to walk them off on the way to the fridge for pickle juice. Since using your soap, we both sleep lots better and have no cramps for a long period. I always know when it’s time to change the bar, because I begin to get mild foot/ankle cramps. You’ve got a real winner here. Please, don’t stop making and selling it.

  11. Seems to help!

    Hendricks, WV

    I have been using the soap for a couple of months and foot cramps seem to have subsided. I still sometimes have calf and thigh cramps. The fragrance is very relaxing. I feel that this is helping.

  12. Smells great, but...

    MN gal

    Smells great, but it didn’t help my nighttime leg and foot cramps.

  13. Not to good for my restless legs.

    Terri G.
    New York

    Unfortunately the news is not good. The soap bar did not help the restless legs.

  14. lovely lavender bars

    union city, tn

    I have given most of it away as gifts to family members who have this problem and so far have not had a chance to inquire however, the box I saved for me is in use and I am enjoying its presence! Currently having joint problems with back; neck; and arm and twice have had to stand up for my crampy feet!!! Have some joint capsules coming for the other areas and hope they will be kind to kidneys!!! Hate my age (88) but hard to regain that youthful framework again… will continue these lovely lavender bars and knowing they are there may do the trick! Thanks for asking!!!

  15. love the fragrance

    adele barlow

    I think it’s a wonderful idea, love the fragrance, I seem to be sleeping better, and the restless leg is somewhat better.
    I have only had it a short time, I want to give it more time. My room has never smelled so good.
    I even told a neighbor about it and she ordered it as well.

  16. Seems to be Working!

    Charlotte NC

    Love the smell – not too strong for me, in a king size bed, the foot is pretty far away! Love that it is flat and stays put better than a regular bar. I have had trouble with restless legs and feet at night and this pretty much resolves it – even my husband says he has noticed he doesn’t move around as much! We don’t know why, but it works. Extra soap in the box is in our linen closet making the towels smell nice. Thanks People’s Pharmacy!

  17. Still hoping -yes, still hoping

    Austin, TX

    The shape and smell are great but it didn’t help me at all but will continue using it hoping it could help in the future. I had been using Ivory soap but that didn’t work either. Although I have been diagnosed with RLS, I’m beginnng to wonder if I have it. They have prescribed two different pills and neither work. About 8 years ago I was diagnosed with neuropathy but didn’t have so much pain back then. I bought your Guide to Leg Pain and am trying out some of that hoping something will help as I wake up in severe pain several times during the night.

  18. Soap Bars

    Flat Rock, NC

    I bought this soap hoping it would work for my restless legs. So far it has been great and I gave one of my bars to my neighbor to try. I have been sleeping every night without any problem with my legs and recommend that anyone with leg cramps or restless legs give it a try.

  19. works, more comfortable than bulkier bars, and smells lovely

    Jean McKnight
    Greenville SC

    Bought this out of desperation. Seems to actually work! These smell lovely and don’t make as big of a lump under the sheets so they’re more comfortable. My “restless leg” is actually “restless arm” too, so I broke one and put half at wrist level and half at knee. I have stopped taking the gabapentin I sometimes took for restless leg, and am very pleased, since the medicine seemed to have something of a depressant effect, which sometimes held over into the day. Wish it wasn’t so expensive and hope it will keep working a while. (I’m on week three now with the first bar.) Shipping is awfully high. If you offered a bulk option with lower cost and a single shipping charge (or free shipping?) I’d bite and send to all my similarly afflicted friends…

  20. Helen
    Denton, TX


    I purchased this soap a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t used it yet. The lavender scent is so strong that it permeates throughout the house. You can even smell it from the utility room before I get into the house. I don’t think I’m going to use it, but will continue to use the Ivory soap because this seems to do the trick. I’m glad, though, to see that many other people have used it and have had good results with it.

  21. Happy with the soap

    North Carolina

    I’ve used Ivory soup for years with success. Purchased this soap out of curiosity. I think the simple box with disclaimer is great packaging (simple, funny). I was surprised upon opening the box that it was three, thin bars rather than one thick bar, which made me even happier (perhaps I did not read the description well!). I immediately starting using it and whatever the blend is (plus lavender is great), thus far only one night of leg cramps (that could have easily been related to something else and wasn’t bad). I’ve always put it on the fitted sheet as I like the feel of the soap, if I even find it at night. The thin piece did break, even better to have two pieces somewhere in the sheets. I would recommend this to friends……anything but drugs.

  22. Great start with SOAP

    Dick L

    Still a little early to be sure, but the initial reaction (2 weeks) is positive.
    I play lots of tennis and have become accustomed to shin, calf, ankle and foot pain occurring early each morning; often the reason I wake and start the day.
    Since the soap arrived, the pain is almost non-existent.
    Very good start!

  23. Okay, but expensive shipping

    Stephen Odo
    Honolulu, Hawaii

    A bit pricey. And shipping was expensive. I’ve already had good results from regular bath soap; but thought I would support People’s Pharmacy

  24. No More Nightmares

    Delafield, WI

    I purchased the soap, placed it under my sheet and forgot about it. I have been experiencing occasional twitching in my feet lately when I sit down to relax at night and then severe cramps in the middle of the night. The other night I got into bed feeling this twitching, and within about 15 minutes I could feel the twitching subside. Then I remembered the soap! I also no longer have nightmares that I am being tortured by someone who is tearing my feet open.

  25. within minutes the cramps were gone

    Schenectady, NY USA

    I put your soap under the fitted sheet and did not have any leg cramps. Two nights ago I woke up with such bad cramps that I wanted to scream. Where’s my soap? It had scooted itself over to the other side of the bed so I pushed it back where it belonged and within minutes the cramps were gone.


    Janet Meyer

    Oh my gosh, I love this soap! From the first night that I put it under the sheets, I have slept better and I no longer have leg/ankle/foot cramps. My husband swears he is sleeping better than he has in years. He had periodic limb movement and it has completely gone away. I am buying this soap for everyone for Christmas!!!!!!!

  27. A big improvement

    Gwynedd, PA

    I’m not willing to say for sure—but so far, I have had leg cramps only when I lay down for a rest during the day (on top of the blankets). A big improvement.

    Perhaps I will review the soap again, after I have used this remedy for a longer time.

  28. I'm a believer!

    Land O Lakes FL

    I have been putting soap under my sheets for over a year now. My ankle cramps have completely subsided. I can tell when the soap is getting old because the cramps start coming back. I was using Irish Spring or Dove soap before; I have just recently started using The People’s Pharmacy soap. So far, so good.

    I like the flat shape of the new soap and it is more fragrant than the Irish Spring or Dove. It’s all about the scent. I don’t have a problem with the soap falling out of the bed because the sheets are tucked in OVER the soap. Mattress pad, then soap, then sheets. Everything stays in place.

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