Best Choices from The People's Pharmacy
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Best Choices From The People’s Pharmacy

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Best Choices from The People's Pharmacy
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This special 524-page edition is not available in bookstores. Natural healing approaches for scores of common conditions. Learn how one reader lowered her LDL cholesterol 44 points in five weeks without drugs!

Product Description

This special edition of Best Choices from The People’s Pharmacy  is filled with natural healing approaches for scores of common conditions including:

  • Arthritis
  • High blood pressure
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Diabetes
  • Leg cramps
  • Headaches
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Heartburn
  • Nail fungus
  • High cholesterol
  • Osteoporosis

We evaluate prescription drugs so you can get the best buys for your money. Best Choices is packed with remedies that will surprise you, statistics that will shock you, ratings to help assess your treatment options and drug information that could save your life.

Purchases on the web site receive a 23% discount off the publisher’s list price of $34.95. This special edition (524 pages) is not available in any bookstore or elsewhere on the Internet. It contains an expansion of our People’s Pharmacy Favorite Picks (home remedies) and a chapter on Desert Island Drugs and Dietary Supplements. Some of the country’s leading experts have contributed their insights on the best treatments for what ails you.

This information is only available from Rodale Books and The People’s Pharmacy. Click here for more information.

Product Reviews

  1. A Bigger, Better Read


    I find this collection of remedies much more interesting than your other book. My husband is reading it as I write. Well done. I want to say thank you for including my notice of allergic reaction and the relief offered by my pharmacist in my local newspaper two weeks ago re the use of cinnamon capsules to help regulate blood sugars. The “magic mouth wash” healed the blisters, but it took a full week before I could begin to feel normal and I wouldn’t want others to experience such pain.

  2. Notes re the book "the Best of The Peoples'Pharmacy."

    Nancy S. Nelson
    Dallas, TX

    I bought this book as a present for my daughter for her birthday. She has been on your mailing list for several years & really likes your business. I have also looked at some of your information & have found it interesting. Before she left my house with it, she looked up a.couple of questions to help me make a decision about a skin treatment, & we found what I needed. It seems to be a very useful ref book to have’ & was easy to use. We are both pleased with the book. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Nancy S. Nelson

  3. Best Choices from The People's Pharmacy

    Marcia W.
    Skokie, IL

    Since I have been reading the People’s Pharmacy emails for the past months, I realized that I had missed much of the information which they have uncovered and learned over the years, so purchased Best Choices from the People’s Pharmacy.

    I was very pleased to see that they carefully researched every question that they had, and included detailed information about the professional whom they contacted and the information that they had learned. I was also pleased that they changed their general recommendation for generic drugs as they researched changes in the field over time. The book is also very understandable and clear, and well-organized. I highly recommend the book.

  4. Best Choices from The Peoples Pharmacy


    When I read that this was a recent edition, and ordered it as a reference book, I thought it would be a current publication. I have a number of your other books and was anticipating this one would be updated to reflect current medical knowledge. I hope reading this book will be informative, anyway.

  5. Professor of Anthropology

    Elena E.
    Nesconset, Long Island, New York, United States

    This book should be MANDATORY reading and be available in every library, sr. center, vitamin shop and organic supermarket. Please consider doing an update utilizing more recently available products. I’m constantly referring to it.

  6. Best Choices from The Peoples Pharmacy

    Janet Y
    Sulphur Springs, Tx

    I have had the 2006 edition of Best Choices from The People’s Pharmacy for many years and found it very informative and helpful. I guess I was expecting more up-to-date information with some of the newer medications and diagnoses when I ordered the more recent edition. I was disappointed that it was only reprinted in 2007 and not as current as I expected. Because of my disappointment I would just as soon return it. I do look forward to the weekly column in the Dallas Morning News with more current issues and medications available.

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