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Will Wearing Your Bra Inside-Out Avoid Itch?

Turning the bra inside-out was the solution to one reader's under-breast rash. Another found that wearing a thin cotton tank under the bra can help.
Will Wearing Your Bra Inside-Out Avoid Itch?
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Under-breast itch is a nagging problem for many women. Some find it especially troublesome during summer weather, when skin fungus find a hospitable home in the warm, dark, moist folds under the breasts. But one reader came up with a different explanation, and solved it by turning her bra inside-out.

Should You Wear Your Bra Inside-Out?

Q. I finally figured out that the itch that follows sweating along my bra line is actually a latex allergy. Finding a latex-free bra has proved challenging, so now I wear all my bras inside-out (outside-in). Usually the latex is on the inside, and the outer covering is a smooth satiny fabric. This has made a wonderful difference!

A. We never thought of wearing a bra inside out, but it seems like a simple solution to your problem. Latex-free bras are available online.

Many women experience under-breast rash in hot weather. In some cases, the irritation may be caused by a fungal infection similar to jock itch.

Other Readers Offer Remedies:

Numerous readers have shared their remedies for this situation.

One wrote:

“I had a terrible rash last summer (both under my breasts and in the fold under my stomach). Someone told me to try Dr. Bronner’s tea tree liquid soap and Gold Bond medicated powder. Twice a day (morning and before bed) I wash the areas with the tea tree soap, rinse and dry well and then use the medicated powder on the areas. It has cleared up the rash completely, though I do not like the medicated aroma.”

Tea tree oil has antifungal activity, and so does Gold Bond medicated powder. We suspect that this reader, like many others, has trouble with fungal overgrowth when the weather gets warm. Here are some recommendations readers have found helpful for fighting fungus:

Ruth in Seattle found that putting an extra layer between the irritated skin and the bottom of the bra helped a lot:

“I have had a problem with under-breast rash for many years, especially in the summer. I had tried dandruff shampoos, but they were way too harsh on my very sensitive skin. What I found that worked was wearing a thin cotton tank top under my bra or shirts. I found that it keeps my skin dry and keeps the rash under control. I also found that bathing or washing the area often helps along with the thin cotton tank top. I only use mild soap and water, no baby wipes, they made the rash worst.”

If you have come up with a different approach to ease this irritating problem, please let us know by putting your story in the comment section below.

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