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Will Testosterone Shots Overcome Your Low Libido?

A reader reports that testosterone shots solved his problems with sex drive and improved his moods. But FDA disapproves of such testosterone treatment.

Some men report reduced interest in sex as they grow older. For a while, the most popular explanation was “low T.” This made doctors nervous, since they feared that men who wouldn’t actually benefit were getting testosterone shots. One reader describes his experience below:

Do Testosterone Shots Help Boost Sex Drive?

Q. I have been getting testosterone shots for years based on my wife’s complaint about my low libido. Yes, they do help. They help a lot!

My doctor didn’t think I needed them; he thought I was depressed. I objected loudly to that diagnosis, and I demanded a blood test before he cooked my noodle. Sure enough, I had low testosterone, like pre-teen levels of low.

The shots have not only helped with libido but also have gone a long way towards leveling my moods. My wife believes I’m calmer, more patient and much more focused.

A word of caution about getting the shots. It takes a while to figure out the dosage for each guy to get into a therapeutic level. Some men respond to low doses. I worked with the doctor as we determined my body simply needed to exist at the higher end of the normal range in order to get the benefits. Monitor your levels with blood tests.

Controversy Over Testosterone Shots:

A. The FDA does not approve of using testosterone shots for low libido linked to aging. The agency states that testosterone products of any sort are to be used only by men with medical conditions that interfere with their own natural production of the hormone. 

That said, the American College of Physicians has issued guidelines recommending testosterone shots “to improve sexual function in men with age-related low testosterone” (Annals of Internal Medicine, Jan. 21, 2020). We wouldn’t blame you for feeling confused. Making decisions is far easier when recommendations are aligned rather than at cross purposes.

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  • Qaseem A et al, "Testosterone treatment in adult men with age-related low testosterone: A clinical guideline from the American College of Physicians." Annals of Internal Medicine, Jan. 21, 2020. DOI: 10.7326/M19-0882
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